Zyzz – The Bodybuilding Angel of Aesthetics

have you ever heard of an Internet angel
internet angels find their way online and they they impact a lot of people’s
lives they spread their message they help a lot of people they they create
this legacy and then the internet angels they leave the internet they leave they
leave this world they leave all of us but what remains behind is their message
and the lives that they affected for the better zees ladies and gentlemen was an
Internet angel and the legacy that he left behind will live on forever and
today we’re going to learn all about it let’s get started welcome back starship
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thank you thank you good to have you let’s get started my friends let’s get
started so we’re learning about ziz today ZZZ it’s ZZZ man I love ZZZ
without disease and his message and his motivation I never would have started
making my own games baby never would have started it had been for our boy
zzzz zzzz man because he took it to a new level he took it to a new level
he’s a good heart great heart and we’re gonna we’re gonna keep spreading the
message disease man let’s check it out big let’s check it out here Brandon
what’s that Brad let’s check it out let’s check it out let’s get started
baby so Z’s was the online handle of a Z
server Chien an Australian bodybuilder who frequented for Chan’s slash fit
health and fitness board and bodybuilding forums miscellaneous board
miss if you if you’re not familiar with slash fit in your Nasus familiar with
the miscellaneous forums on bodybuilding.com if you’re not familiar
with them do yourself a favor just stay away from them just stay away just stay
away it’s not worth it just stay away look affair you’ve been warned I watched
a bay shaman video talking about this place I wanted to come say hi don’t just
don’t all right um so Z’s promoted being aesthetic
aesthetic be aesthetic brah oh man this is so cool
gained through lifting and having a low body fat percentage
although Z’s was often criticized for being a shameless narcissist his
untimely death at age of 22 ultimately brought him iconic stature on the web
especially within body building communities Aziz was only 22 when he
passed away only 23 is so young so young but during that time during his time his
years that he was doing this he man he left behind a legacy man I can’t believe
it’s only 22 Jung man very young imagine there’s is was still around still in the
game oh there’s no telling how where he would
have got to I mean well he was already a legend nein
rest in peace disease so beginning in February 2010 2010 Z’s frequented
fortunes slash fit bored so he’d go on there he’d go on the miscellaneous bored
on bodybuilding.com where he posted links to his YouTube videos as well as
pictures of himself with the taunts you Maurin or you jelly it’s like just
suggesting that users were admiring or jealous of his physique they were that
the truth is that they were a lot of people work nice attention females
what do you honestly think about the bout guys with bodies this ripped statue
like nice nice is this one of his actual posts on there I mean I know it someone
took his picture right here but was that one of his actual posts it might have
been it probably was his alleged is a legend all right on April 4th 2010
zees was defined on urban dictionary as the epitome of aesthetics nice
he was often a mention on the Fitness website simply shredded and maintained
an active formspring page where he answered questions from his fans this
forum spring even still exists I remember forum spring hey come ask me
questions on my forum spring isn’t it funny how websites come and go MySpace
his a home page this intro was created on April 28 2011 as of April 26 2012
does this Facebook page has received over two hundred thirty three thousand
likes it deserves each and every one of those oh yeah September 2011 he was on
an episode of national road trip an Australian reality show oh well yeah
yeah nice he appeared in several videos on the TV shows YouTube channel before
being replaced by his brother shortly after his death yeah his reputation by
January 2011 he had become somewhat of a celebrity on the bodybuilding forums
where his catchphrases you Myron and you jelly quickly caught on with other forum
members nice hey leave me a comment right now that says you myron or you
jelly you myron brah I’ll cover your heart I’ll give you hard if you do not
Eve yeah again if you’re brand new and you don’t really know you’re kind of
confused drunk I don’t get it it’s just Z’s message was basically just
live life be shredded seek hunt night like just his message was just have fun
and just enjoy life and just and just it’s too short to not enjoy man a lot of
people live a long time being stressed out angry upset bitter depressed unhappy
not Z’s man Z’s lived a short life but he lived a happy life once he got the
hang of it he was happy and he just want to leave that behind for others to to
improve and be happy yeah and why did the good have to die
young man damn rested pcs brah let’s continue and he was funny and he was
really really funny it is all over the internet just beautifully man and not
taking things too serious disease was so cool man damn alright let’s continue on
April 29th 2011 Z’s shared several of his lifestyle philosophies and fitness
tips including his daily meal and workout plans in an interview with
simply shredded in the interview Z’s revealed that he loved to play up his
perceived stereotype and that he established his fan base because he
tried not to take himself too seriously that’s right a month after his death in
August of 2011 a compilation of Z’s lifestyle tips were compiled on
bodybuilding forums miscellaneous board covering everything from what types of
supplements he used to how he Styles his hair some highlights include he worked
out five times a week his favorite alcoholic drink was vodka
his favorite Jersey Shore character was the situation aesthetic the Alpha way to
say beautiful on ice his fears growing old and living out a boring life of
monotony how how to become alpha he said disregard of females and Inquirer
aesthetics his hair he said he showered let it dry straighten it Matt clay Hair
Spray nice Matt clay I’ve never even heard of that one Jesus is way he wasn’t
kidding brother let’s check this out notable examples this is had the subject
of a number of image macros he’s been the subject many of which
referenced his catchphrase you myron bra not his thank you jelly that’s right you
see guide to picture him there when he was younger before he started working
out and stuff he was a real real real real skinny start working out man he got
those gains and he just wasn’t kidding from then on out this was just never
kidding yeah yeah this is a something else man you
Myron Braam oh look at this you’ve Myron Braam Ottomans is awesome my personal
life according to hit the way at the website he graduated with a bachelor’s
degree in business from the University of Western Sydney after getting kicked
out of another another School in Sydney however he did not hold down a business
job and instead worked as a personal trainer and a male stripper nice easy
and kiddin brother he chose to pursue the bodybuilding lifestyle after seeing
his brother earn known online as chest bra become
shredded through similar techniques both iziz and his brother ended up taking
steroids over the course of their training cleaning two chest bras arrest
for steroid possession July 14th 2011 yeah you know this is a big part of
bodybuilding it’s such a huge part of bodybuilding and a lot of people don’t
talk about and for good reason I mean most people would get in a lot of
trouble if they talked about huge but it’s kind of have to keep it underground
but uh but yeah yeah but that doesn’t take away from the hard work and
dedication as this put in baby yeah hard work dedication brother so August 5th
2011 says passed away at age 22 it was found in a sauna in Bangkok Thailand
Thailand his autopsy revealed that he had suffered from an undiagnosed
congenital heart defect reflecting his online popularity news of his death
appeared on several Australian news sites including The Telegraph Australia
9 News and The Sydney Morning Herald as well as bodybuilding calm and 4chan
August 22nd The Daily Telegraph writer Catherine Danks revealed that she was
harassed on Twitter for covering his death followings as his death his
brother served as his replacement and the National Road Trip reality show hoax rumors hoax rumors there were
hoaxed rumors bodybuilding form user Sydney bra 1 3 submitted a post titled
just got real Z’s related he’s alive and in Miami
I’ll come on someone did that they posted that thing was a hoax which
included a lengthy report on several Facebook posts involved involving Miami
club promoter Monica lace ball yeah they should have done that and then they said
it was faked yeah chest bras tribute March 22nd 2012
chest bra uploaded a 19-minute video montage to youtube dedicated to his
brother titled disease a legacy which included various inspirational clips of
Z’s accompanied by a house music playlist the video received over 950
thousand views and over ten thousand comments within one month as I’ve got
the video right here look at zis look at the legend look at zis brow look at zis
bra look at zis you Margo and prop look at zis look at these Oh which loads
these rested pcs damn can’t believe man I still can’t believe it almost seven
years man you know search volume for zis began to rise in March 2010 about a
month after he began posting on fortune and the body building before UM’s
yeah and then a volume peaked in August 2011 the month he died well his rest in
peace this is zzz may no longer be on this planet but i’ll tell you what his
uh his legacy is okay and we’re all gonna we’re all gonna do it for zis
who’s ready who’s down who’s ready to get in insane shape coming twin nineteen
frizzies honor zis we have to honor these who’s ready are you ready if you
are take the challenge let me know in the comments we’re gonna do it we’re all
gonna honor these we’re gonna do it for zzzz zzzz man I’ll see you guys soon
let me know if you’re ready I’m ready and subscribe if you’re not subscribed
let’s all work on kind of door frizzies and we’re gonna get shredded sick on my charger

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  2. Yo I just wanna give some final insight on the abortion thing
    The baby died in the womb and was going to slowly kill my sister
    I saw her current situation with rent and barely being able to afford food for her son
    She didn't want to tell me what was going on and no one told me anything aside from "you're paying for this because we said to"
    I paid for them to remove the fetus and my sister told me she'd pay me back
    I hit her with "just take care of yourself ,that's all I need from you"

    Also I'm ready to take the challenge my guys

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    U know thats EXACTLY what Im gonna do now…

  5. Before I learned about zyzz a year ago, I have never heard of 'U mirin?' but like 5/6 years ago 'U jelly?' was everywhere with trollface etc

  6. Despite his apparent narcissistic nature, he is beloved because his catchphrases (after "U mirin" and "U jelly") were "we're all gonna make it" and "be a sick cunt, don't be a sad cunt" and of course "Zyzz isnt just me, I'm just the mascot, zyzz is in all of us".
    Definitely not humble, but sure as hell kind and helpful which made him have a heart of gold. RIP

  7. Oh shit! I was gonna watch the video long enough to give you a view because I don’t know who Zyzz is or care about body building, but seeing those ads now I’m gonna watch the whole damn thing (or let it play in the background lol).


  8. I remember that Elliot Rodger would once blank the Wikipedia page of Zyzz lol, guess he wasn’t a fan. But yeah I am in the same boat, zyzz was the one who inspired me to get the gains and hitting the gym as well.

  9. Happy new year! I am late to this video but those who made that thread or page forgot to put other cathphrases more iconic than "u jelly?" like "U MAD BRAH?" or "SICKUNT" and never forget about "FUARRRRRRRK" and "COME AT ME BRAH!". Also I mire you both stay strong and smart.May 2019 fill you all with gains and knowledge.

  10. OK as a devoted /f/itizen of numerous years I will tell you we are one of the least toxic boards out there…, crazy as fuck but not toxic R. I. P. ZYzz the ultimate sick cunt

  11. I did get tears at the end bro😓😍 loveyou zyzz fuark forever mirin forever. The reason we all started brahs, we all GONNA FUCKIJG MAKE IT BRAAAHS

  12. When you're on the "juice", it motivates you to hit the gym alot more often because your recovery is far better than natural. And you're going to lose fat and build muscle incredibly faster than doing it normal. It's really the mental aspect that pushes people to work out harder cause they know they'll get easy results while 'juicing". You can get a Super Hero body in 1 year.. .according to Boston Loyd's video. But is it really worth destroying your organs? ✅🤔

  13. zyzz saved my life, found out about him when i was 92lbs, 6'1.. thats 5 years ago and its only gone uphill from there

  14. This story about Zyzz is intriguing. I only got to learn about him and his journey through Based Shaman. What an amazing transformation. So sad that he passed away. love your videos! peace and love my brether. <3

  15. Were all gonna make it
    Zyzz son of Zeuz brother to hercules God of Aesthetics
    the Legacy continues it's all up to us niw.
    R.I.P Brother.

  16. Life Jeff Seid Home

    Life Zyzz Heart

    Legends never die
    We all gonna make it brah

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