Your Pre Workout Motivation for 2017 | Gym Motivation

Athleticism, aesthetics, strength, motivation, power 2017 gotta go down, we ain’t accepting nothing but success and progress Everybody wants to change, but no one wants to worrkout Everyone wants muscle, but nobody wants to train See, one of the changes that we have in our life is We don’t realize that the process of training ourselves, the process on conditioning ourselves Actually feels incredible once you get that initial momentum Most people don’t Put up your fucking weight boy

8 thoughts on “Your Pre Workout Motivation for 2017 | Gym Motivation

  1. First video of the year on this channel. Crush 2017, make dreams become reality, put it all the effort you possibly can.

  2. I didn't felt like going to the gym today. after I clicked this video I stood up dress up and gone on my way to gym to smash my arms. thanks buddy

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