Young Girls Build Confidence, Strength Through Running

Catch them if you can. Girls on the Run gives young
woman a chance to cross the finish line over and over
again. Literally and in life. Tristan Xiong shows us it’s
not about the competition. 3…2…1… (Xiong) Girls on the Run
encourages young girls to look
inside themselves. We’re not giving them
something that they don’t have. We’re just helping them
activate their own potential. (Xiong) The organization not
only promotes physical health, it also builds self esteem. Confidence peaks at the age of
nine in girls, so we catch
them young. (Xiong) How do they achieve
these goals? The girls are not competing
against each other. It’s, uh, we set a mastery
climate so that they can, um, set their own longterm
goals and build on them. But it’s so much more than
running, building life skills around
confidence and connection to
the community, giving back. (Xiong) Uran says it’s not
just for the kids, but the
parents too. So giving, uh, maybe a parent
a new way to connect with
their daughter. Maybe they’re out on a
run talking to each other. That just builds new ways to
connect, especially as girls are
gaining their independence. Girls in this program find
the strength to move forward. Reporting for ThreeSixty
Journalism and Blue Cross, my name is Tristan

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