You Have To Check Out Cricut Snap Mat – Use up all your scraps!

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow
today I want you to answer a viewer question
so I’ve recently be talking a lot about the spat map feature on your cricket
and lots of you said to me so what is snap map how do I use it all of those
good questions if you ever have a question in one of my videos or there’s
a feature you want to know about you can always drop them in the comments we’re
more than happy to add them to our video list and we’ll try to answer them in a
future videos so what is snap map snapmare is all about using up your
scraps or ensuring that your projects gonna fit on the piece of material that
you have so here I have a piece of the holographic sparkle vinyl that was using
in a previous project I’m going to pop it onto my cricket map now for the sake
of doing it with this piece here we’re gonna ensure that we pop it in the
middle of our map because we just want to make sure that it’s going to fit so
here I have my iPad and you’re gonna see in a second that I have loaded in amadee
I did this for a previous project but I’m going to show you that this is gonna
fit on my scrap and so I’m gonna prep this snap map button down here so it’s
going to say position close to frame and has a couple of things I need you to
know first you want this hanger tag up here to be facing away from you because
on your screen you will see that there is a hanger tag on your iPad or your
tablet whatever you’re using you’re gonna lift this up and your iPad tablet
whatever it is it’s gonna have to have a camera in it so it’s not gonna work with
a laptop it’s going to recognize that there is a tag up there now you’ll
notice I’m not the tallest so it takes me a little while to just kind of make
sure that it’s in the right place and I just kind of go around you see there how
it just snapped into place well that’s what it will do when it’s in the right
place then we go use and now I can take my design
tap on it and I drag it onto my scrap did you see how easy that was tap and
drag that’s all you have to do you hit the continue button it’s gonna
just do some thinking it’s got to think about it
and now you just go as normal so you’re ready to go so now you just go into set
material all materials can’t spell today but we’re going to go for that
holographic Sparkle vinyl because that’s what we’re using we pop it up here and
I’m going to prove to you how easy this is so as always it’s telling me what to
do we’re going to line everything up hit insert on that and of course you know
what comes next flashing see buttons ready to go and now
it’s going to cut our mat my scrap my project is gonna fit perfectly in the
right place on my mount it’s a really quick cut to it so it’s
gonna cut out a Madi and you can do this on any size scrap it can be on any other
map so it can be on the fabric mat it can be on the light tap mat you can be
on any of those so it doesn’t have to be that it can also be on the large map
small mat I believe you can also do it on that too I haven’t tried it on the
large ones I’ve only ever tried on the 12 by 12 but this works pretty well and
I like the fact I can use up my scraps of course I can position things as I
need them to so if I’ve got a quirky piece of fabric and I just want to use
up that scrap that’s what your snap mat is for you have a quirky piece of vinyl
and you just want to use it up and I might want to just cut out my Hedgehog
here on my apron I can do that it’s done already so action complete I’m gonna
eject and again as always you peel your map
away from your material this behind me I’m just going to grab something to weed
with just use these tweezers I’m gonna just grab the edge of this material
because I want to show you that it really did get it exactly right and this
is a super easy design to weed just one piece to put there you go see
so it cut it absolutely perfectly on my scrap wasn’t that amazing so next time
you have a scrap and what you want to cut something absolutely perfectly use
that snap mat feature used on your tablet your phone use the Cricut access
app I think it’s absolutely amazing as always links to everything I’ve used
including the Cricut maker is in the description below do check those out of
course hit that subscribe button and ring the bell and hit the join button
for all of those amazing hedgehog Hollow perks thank you for joining me give us a
thumbs up I’ll see you again tomorrow with another tip trick tutorial or maybe
something a little bit different happy crafting everyone and I’ll see you again
soon bye you

29 thoughts on “You Have To Check Out Cricut Snap Mat – Use up all your scraps!

  1. This is amazing! I can not wait to try this! Can you do this to address an envelope? Like put an envelope on the mat and snap mat that? Using a pen of course 😀

  2. I thought you had to have a tablet for this and couldn't do this on your phone…especially an Android

  3. I just love my cricut no matter what machine comes out I always end up back on my cricut. I have a Silhouette Cameo, and Brother SNC but use only my cricut, it's just so simple and easy to use.

  4. Rarely use my phone with my Cricut but this feature really opens new possibilities. Thanks for showing how to use this feature. PS love your hair!

  5. Good feature 😊. Thanks for sharing ☺️. Do you know if Cricut is thinking on adding offset option and a knife ( instead of sliding with basic shapes) to Cricut design space?.

  6. Oh my goodness! I just tried to use Snap Mat this morning for the first time and I could NOT get it to work. 😖 Then this popped up on my YouTube feed. I know now what I was doing wrong and will use it in the future. Thank you!!!

    Follow up question: When you want to cut the same image more than once on the same piece of paper, do you have to duplicate it or tell it to cut multiples in Design Space?

    Love your videos. There’s always something I didn’t know.

  7. Hello Alexandra! I know snap mat has been available from Cricut for a long while, but I always forget that it’s available! Thank you so much for this simple reminder! You’re the best! ~😺Katz

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