Yoga Wheel Pose For Beginners – Recline – #3 | Clever Yoga

hi everybody welcome back to clever yoga
it’s more in jadin here and today’s pose I’m super excited about we have posed number three on the
beginners pose for the clever yoga wheel which is just a reclined on this year we
land i love this because this is our introduction to back openers so we’re going to place the wheel down
on our mat or on the ground gently place it right here up against
the low of your back you’re gonna gently place your lower back there and
start to kind of unfold backing up against this wheel bring your arms down and out to the side
and gently look up in this recline you should feel a stretch in your spine maybe some compression in the lower back
it’s totally normal you can also feel free to roll the wheel
up so now touching at the mid-back you’re sort of in a crunch position here so placing on that mid back lower back
so that way you can get more of a backbend letting your head relaxed this feels so good yeah so you can hold this for as long as it
feels good and hold it for as little as it doesn’t use your intuition and feel
your body on this motion you don’t want to force yourself that should feel
really nice and relaxed if not just open it up for a few breaths
and then relax roll it all the way up and enjoy that stretch it’s absolutely amazing

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