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– Hey welcome back to Go Tim. A couple of weeks ago we did
a Yoga for Weight Loss video and you guys seemed to really dig it. We’re gonna do another Yoga
for Weight Loss video today. And today we’re gonna
do a bunch of exercises and we’ll hold some stretches at the end. Should be fun, great
at the end this video. So let’s get started. Start off on your back. Lie down in Supta Baddha Konasana. So we’ll just take a few moments here to shift the focus of our breathing. When we breathe throughout
the day normally we breathe real shallow. So as you relax on your back and let your inner legs start to open, start to visualize your breath going all the way down towards your belly. Keep the chest passive until
the very top of the inhalation. And when you exhale just
watch all of the air go out. Just a couple more rounds
of mindful breathing. Breathe all the way down into your belly. And one more slow, steady breath. Alright then bring your knees together and gently hug your right
knee in towards your chest as you stretch your left
leg out along the floor. And change legs. Hug your left knee in towards your chest as you stretch your right
leg out along the floor. Then put your arms down at your side, take your left leg up into Table Top, lengthen your tailbone
outta your lower back. Bring your right leg up to meet your left. Then open up your arms
to your side, chest open, stretch your right leg
forward and lower it slowly. Low abs in, spine long. Grow through the core of your spine. Bring that leg back up. Change legs. Stretch your left leg
forward and slowly lower. Bring the leg back up. Feel your abs turn on
as you extend the leg. And as you slowly lower,
keep drawing your low abs in, pulling your spine long. Back up. Change legs. So feel your abs. You can just swing your leg around without using any muscles. Make sure that you’re using your core. Bring your leg up. Now let’s make it a little trickier. Arms straight up to the ceiling and stretch your right leg forward as you slowly reach the left arm back towards the wall behind you. Grow your spine longer, that’ll make sure that you
turn on your spine muscles. And bring it back up. And stretch the left
leg and the right arm. And reach even longer through
your tail, through your crown. Low abs on and back up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, back up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, back up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, back up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, back up. Last round, inhale, reach out. Exhale, back up. Inhale, reach out. And exhale, back up. Then put your hands at your side, put your feet down onto the floor. As you exhale scoop the buttocks towards the back of the
knees and lift your hips up, and slowly lower down. Exhale, squeeze the backs of the legs, scoop the buttocks, keep
the neck free, long. And slowly lower down. Let’s do eight more like that. Exhale, squeeze the backs of the legs, firm the buttocks in. Slowly lower. And seven. And six. And five. And four. Three. Two. One, now bring the feet
a little closer together and raise your right leg
up into Table Top position, and slowly lower. Then change legs. Left leg up as you lift. And slowly lower. Change legs. And lower slow. Change legs. Lower slow. Change legs, but use just as
much focus as you’re coming up. Squeeze the buttock. Lower slow. Change legs. Lower slow, last round. Change legs, and lower. Hug your knees into your chest and roll yourself up to seated. Alright, then come onto
your hands and your knees and let’s just warm up
the spine a little bit. A little bit of Cat the Cow. So as you exhale round your
back, look back at your navel. Inhale, arch your back,
lower your chest here. Exhale, round your back,
look back at your navel. Inhale, arch through. Then exhale, come into neutral. Stretch your right arm forward and your left leg back behind you. Keep your spine long
when you’re on the floor. Reach past your heel, past your fingers. Change sides. Right leg, left arm. Lengthen through your tail,
lengthen through your crown, pull your belly up. Release and change sides. Release and change sides. Good, then lower your
hand and your knee down and stretch back into Plank Pose. So open up your middle
three knuckles into the mat. Keep your chest open. Turn on your abs. And now pull your right
knee up to your chest. Use your belly, stretch it back. Pull your left knee up to your chest. Use your belly. Stretch it back. And then let’s start to pick
up the pace a little bit, but keep feeling that
you’re abs are turning on to pull your knee up instead of just swinging
and using momentum. And see if you can pick up
the pace a little bit more. Keep using the abs to pull the leg up. Every time you bring your
knee up you can exhale to help to engage your core. Ollie’s trippin’ out. Ollie are you okay? Relax yourself. Okay then hold in Plank. And set your knees down. Open up for Side Plank with
the left hand, left knee down. Then if you wanna make it
a little more challenging you could stretch the
left leg straight out, bear all your weight onto your hand. If it’s too much on your
wrist or your shoulder, no worries just keep your knee down. Then set your hand back down. Right knee, right hand down. Open up. I’ll turn my back so you could see what
it looks like the back. Make sure that you unlock your elbow, you can keep a little
micro-bend if it helps, and then maybe extend the leg out. Then come back down. Last part of this Plank series, come into Plank on your forearms. This is gonna be awful,
I’m just warning you. ‘Kay, here we go. So in Plank on your
forearms, I want you to dome your back, squeeze your abs up, and them come into Neutral Spine. Dome your back, squeeze your abs up, and then Neutral Spine. Three more. And them neutral. Two more. Neutral. Last one. Neutral. Hold! Good, then left knee, left forearm down. And you can hangout there
or stretch both legs out. Ollie’s makin’ a guest
appearance this week, but he is not on his best
behavior this week apparently. Okay, set your right knee down. Ollie, it’s okay. And then come back in the
Plank on your forearms and hold for the last five, four, three, two, lower your hips down for a moment and start to open up your chest. Sinks Pose. Alright, then stretch
back to Child’s Pose. Good job. Let your head rest for a moment. And then stretch into Down Dog. Walk your feet up to
the front of your mat. Little bend in your knees. Let your head drop. And then roll yourself up to stand. Head and neck last thing to come up. Stand up tall, shoulders back, chest open. Then with a little bend in your knees slide your hands down towards you shins maintaining a flat back. Draw your belly in. Come back up. Roll your shoulders back. And as you inhale, slide your hands down, keeping a flat back. Exhale, press into your
feet, come back up, roll your shoulders back, chest open. Just trying to warm up your hamstrings. Inhale, slide down. Exhale, come back up. Roll your shoulders back, chest open, and inhale, slide your hands down. Navel in, head all the way down. Let your head drop. Good, one more time with the knees bent. Roll up into a flat back,
or into a rounded back. Roll yourself all the way
up and then stand tall. Okay, now stretch your arms
straight out in front of you and take your feet out
at hips distance apart. Make sure that the ankles are upright, you’re not gonna let the ankles
twist one way or the other. And lift up onto your
toe mounds for a moment and lower your heels down. Lift up onto your toe mounds. Lower your heels down. Lift up and lower down. Now keep the lifted quality
when you’re lifting you heels as you slowly start to sit back. Inhale from your pelvic floor all the way up to the crown of your head and feel the whole spine lengthen. And as you exhale stand tall. So this is actually a really
good movement for your spine, for your back muscles, for
your core, if it’s done well. So as you inhale slowly sit back. And you start to alleviate
a lot of back problems by being able to work
into a squat position. It’s something that we lose
as a functional movement from all the sitting. Come back up as you exhale. And we’re just gonna do 10. Inhale, slowly sit back. Exhale, stand. And make sure your waist stays even, you’re not swinging right to left. Inhale, slowly sit back. The weight is more in the heels now, but make sure you don’t
favor one heel or the other. As you exhale, stand. Seven more. Inhale, slowly sit back. And grow even taller like you’re making your
posture better as you sit back. Exhale, come back up. Inhale, slowly sit back. Exhale, come back up. Inhale, slowly sit back. Exhale, come back up. Inhale, slowly sit back
and hold down there. Exhale, come back up. I think last one? I stopped counting. My bad. Inhale, slowly sit back and hold. And then come all the way up to stand. Raise your arms up, and bring your arms down at your side. Okay, we’re gonna do one last
little lungey thing here. And this is really good
to work your hip muscles which all affect your core. Sometimes people just think, “If I wanna get a strong core
I should just do crunches.” Well your hips and your gluts, they all affect how your core works, so we wanna have strong legs too. If you wanna have a strong
core for our yoga practice it’s important. Okay, so this lunge sequence
is gonna be a little tricky. We’ve never done a
lunge sequence like this and I think it’s called
an Around the World Lunge. So you’re gonna step
your right foot forward and lower your left knee. And you wanna keep the good posture even if you can’t lower as low. And then you’ll step back. Then you’ll step your
right leg out to the side and do a lunge, and then come back up. Then you’ll step your right foot back, lunge, and stay tall through your spine, and then step up. ‘Kay let’s do it with the left foot now. Left foot forward. Back up. Left foot to the side. Back up. Left foot back, and
keep your good posture, like your balancing a
book on top of your head. And stand up. Good, right foot. To the side. And right foot back. Step up. Left foot. To the side. And back. Okay let’s pick up the
pace just a little bit now, now that you got the movement and you’re doing it with good posture. If you lose the posture then
you can start to slow it down. Then left foot. Side. Back. Right foot. Side. Back. Left foot. Side. Back. Last round, right foot. Side. Back. And left foot. Side. Back. Good job. Last thing that we’re
gonna do for our hips is these little Sumo
wrestler looking squats, and these are good for external rotators. Bring your hands here to the iliac crest, top of your pelvis. And as you inhale start to bend
your knees out to the side, like both both legs are doing Warrior II. Now in this position stretch
from your inner legs, groins short as your knees, and pull from your outer
knees into your hips pockets so feel your outer butt
start to squeeze, hold there, and then come back up. Just do eight of these. Inhale. Exhale. More about feeling your outer butt squeeze and inner legs lengthen
than how deep you go. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale to slowly lower
and turn your thighs out. Exhale. Last five. Four. Three. Two. And one. Good, step up to the top of your mat. Take your arms out to the side. Externally rotate your upper arms. Turn the palms, lift your
chest, look up, inhale. Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, flat back, lengthen your spine. And step back one leg
at a time into Down Dog. Good, holding your dog, open up your hands evenly into the mat. Then from Down Dog look
in between your hands and hop to seated. Put your hands back behind you. Turn your shoulder blades onto your back and lift your chest. Good, so this is kinda like a modified version of Reverse Plank, just designed to get your
back muscles working. Alright. Then come into Bow Pose. Bring your knees up,
feet up, grip your abs. And then lower slowly into Low Bow Pose. Both legs extended, abs turn on. Then bend your knees, put
your hands behind your head, inhale, lower your head. Exhale, crunch up towards your right knee and stretch your left leg forward. Then change legs. Change legs. And keep goin’ side to side. (deep mouth exhalation) Remember, we wanna make sure that we’re using our
muscles instead of momentum. Anybody can just fling
themselves side to side without really engaging
the muscle or making sure that the work is being done. So go slow enough so you can feel that your abs are working
as you change sides. (deep mouth exhalation) You’ll notice that I’m using
an exhalation through my mouth and that’s fine when you do ab work. It’s different from when you’re
holding a static yoga pose where you just wanna
breath through your nose. (deep mouth exhalation) And then hold up here. Come back to center. Crunch up a little higher. Take both legs up. Lift your butt up. And lower your hips and your head. One more like that. Crunch up. Lift your hips. And lower your head. I lied, we’re just gonna do one more. Exhale, crunch up. Lift your butt. And lower it down. Lower your legs down too. Oh my gosh, okay! Check it out. There’s just one more part where we’re just gonna work our hips and then our back muscles, and then we’re gonna do some stretches just to stretch it out. So for this part you’re going to lie onto your side and you can support your
head with your hand. And so you’re glut meds, these are your side butt muscles and these are really
important to balance you when you’re trying to stand and balance. For most people these muscles spend most of their time turned off so that when you walk
they’re not really working, when you’re trying to
stand for a balancing pose they’re not really working, that’s what I see most as a yoga teacher. So a way that we can get
these things to fire and work is with some of these little
side kick things, actions. So first with your left foot you’re gonna turn the big toe down and internally rotate the thigh. And already you’ll feel your
muscle dent when you do that, that means it’s turned on. Now lengthen through your
spine and turn on your low abs As you exhale squeeze your
butt towards your heel, draw your belly up, and see if you can raise
the leg a little higher without the buttock coming up, and then lower, exhale. And we’ll just do eight like that. (deep mouth exhalation) Five. Keep the big toe turned down,
keep squeezing the butt down, out of your back. Three. Two. One, hold the leg up. Now swing it forward halfway, pause. And we’ll do six. Five. Four. Keep your buttock down, lower back long. Three. Two. One, hold. And release. Okay roll onto the other side, or I’m just gonna flip so
I’m still looking at you. Okay, here we go. Hand under your ear. Feet come forward just a little. Turn the big toe down. You’ll feel your butt
turn on when you do that. One. (deep mouth breathing) Hold your leg up. Then bring it forward, halfway. And six. Five. Four. Keep your hips reaching
out of your lower back. Three. Two. One, hold it up. And release. Lie on your back. And we’ll do a quick hip stretch before we go into our backbend series. So cross your right
ankle over your left knee and hug your left knee
in towards your chest. Doesn’t that feel so
good after doing that. Oh my gosh. And then change legs. Cross your left ankle over
your right knee, hug it in. Okay, good. Uncross your legs, lie on your belly, and then stretch your arms
straight out in front of you. Press the tops of the feet
down and watch the knees, lift the inner knees so your legs are active. But also my thighs are in neutral so my knees point straight down. I don’t have my thighs turned out at all. Scoop your belly up towards your chest and without your belly sinking
raise your right leg an inch. Try to make yourself even longer. That’s important that you can activate
the muscles like that. So right leg is up, now
lift the left hand an inch. Keep getting longer. Change sides. Left leg up an inch, lengthen your tail, right arm up an inch. Change sides. Change sides. Change sides. Change sides. Then put your hands under your forehead, bend your knees, bring your heels towards you buttock as you inhale. And as you exhale stretch the legs out, lift your head, chest up. Inhale, lower your head, bend your knees. (deep nasal inhalation) And exhale, come up. (deep mouth exhalation) Inhale, lower your head, bend your knees, heels towards your butt. (deep nasal inhalation) And exhale.
(deep mouth exhalation) Firm the buttocks outta your
lower back, scoop your belly. Inhale.
(deep nasal inhalation) And exhale.
(deep mouth exhalation) Then stretch your arms
straight out to the side. Broaden across your collarbones,
increase your wingspan. And arms straight back behind you. Turn the shoulder blades onto the back, spread across your chest. Then keep your fingers pointing back, slide your hands next to your side ribs. Open up the front of the chest,
the front of the shoulders, all those sticky muscles in there. Really good for your posture
to hold this stretch. Don’t pinch the elbows, do bring the blades onto the back. Then turn the fingers around so it’s like more classic position. And then roll all the way up into Up Dog. And stretch back, Child’s Pose. (deep mouth exhalation) (deep nasal breathing) Okay, cool. We’re gonna do a few seated stretches now. Just to stretch out what
we worked, et cetera. So take your legs wide
apart, Upavistha Konasana, and sit up straight and tall. Then twist to your left, put your right hand in the
middle, left hand behind you. Sit up tall as you turn. Try to keep your toes upright so they’re not twisting in or out. Change sides, twist to your right. ‘Kay, and keep the toes
upright, grow the spine upright so your working your core muscles. Come back to center. Then bring your right heel
towards the left inner thigh for Janu Sirsasana. Turn and face your left inner leg and then start to fold forward. Maybe you can grab a hold of your foot and then start to make the spine long as you let the thighs release
down and away from each other. If you’re super flexible, you might wanna fold farther,
put your head on your ankle, otherwise just work on
your length like I am. Come back up and stretch
your right leg out. Bring your left heel in. Turn to face your right inner leg and maybe fold forward and
grab a hold of your foot. It’s possible. Just breath in to where
you feel the sensation and keep letting the thighs drop down and away from each other. Okay, good. Come back up. Both legs go wide apart. Put your hands in front of you and keep the thighs turned
into neutral, toes upright. And maybe you can slide your
hands a little bit further. Alright. Then come up to seated and cross your legs at
the middle of the shins, and twist to your right, left hand at the outside of your knee, right hand behind you. Come back to center
and twist to your left. Back to center. Change the cross of your legs. We’ll do one more round of twisting. Twist to your right. And twist to your left. Alright, then lie down onto
your back for Bree Savasana. Let your feet go slightly
wider than hip distance, let the feet fall open. Take the hands out at your
side, a foot away from your body and let the palms turn out. So just relax completely now. Let the body melt into the mat. And just take a moment here to notice the shift that comes
at the end of your practice. When we practice yoga we’re
cultivating our prana, our experience of prana, our
body’s ability to process, to harness prana, to
move prana through it. Prana is life force energy. So before you practice
you might have felt stale, or I don’t know how you felt, tired, but now you might feel that, you feel life force energy moving, pulsing through your body. You feel energized yet calm, and light like your body was able to
throw off a load of tension. We transform the tension into energy. So just take a moment to be grateful that you have the ability to do that. You did that for yourself
today by doing your practice. How cool it that? Bend your knees now. Roll over to your right side and press up to seated. Alright, so thanks so much
for practicing with me today. I know it was a little unusual. We did more exercises than yoga, but I wanna know what you think. I’m thinking of starting to incorporate more of these little
cross training exercises. These are things that I
use to help with my surfing to keep my hips and my legs strong. And also I’ve found that they
help me with my yoga practice. They help me to be more
steady in my balancing poses. They help me to get flat back easier ’cause I work my back muscles, et cetera. So let me know in the Comment section if today’s video is something
that you’ve found helpful, you wanna see it more on
the channel, let me know. If you didn’t like it, let me know too. I wanna know. Okay, cool. So thanks for watching. Hit the Like button if
you liked the video. Subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you next time.

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