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hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we’ve got a bum and tongue workouts so we’re
actually gonna be laying down for the entire practice today so that sounds
amazing to me so find a little bit of space for you to lie down and let’s get
started and just remember to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already so as mentioned just a second ago we are
going to lay on down so come down lay on your back start by just planting your
feet and keeping your knees bent so our feet are gonna be hip-width apart to
start you’re gonna place your arms beside you on the mat and we’re just
gonna start with bridge pose bridge pose pulses so use an inhale lift your hips
into the air and squeeze squeeze squeeze your gluts as you exhale relax there
your hips all the way down inhale lift it up squeeze at the top exhale lower
inhale lift exhale lower keep going lift squeeze and lower really driving those
hips up for the ceiling pushing into the feet into those heels and squeezing
those glutes at the top I can already feel this from all those other workouts
we’ve been doing the past few days my glutes are already sore or still sore
maybe I should say so a few more here squeeze those glutes at the top breathe
inhale lift exhale lower and exit one more inhale lift exhale lower down
awesome work you guys all right we’re gonna be lifting our feet into the air
so you can hang on to the back of your legs to start but just bring as much
length into your legs as you can so the straight of the legs the better but if
you’ve got a big bend in those knees that is completely 100% fine if you are
able to let go of your legs even better if you’re not there yet hang on to those
legs give them all the help that you need to keep them into the air I do want
you to check in with what’s happening in the tummy though so draw the belly
button back towards your spine we’s that core and then you guys we’re
gonna pick our shoulders up off of the mat so again you can hang on to the legs
or you don’t have to hang on to the legs whatever works better so our legs are in
the air whether your legs are straight or your legs are bent we’re just gonna
be lowering the left foot or the left leg down to the floor a little hover if
you can and then pull it back up switch sides right leg down pull it up squeeze
that core relax the shoulders and breathe switching sides a little
scissors again maybe your legs are bent and it’s more like a heel tap crooked
scissors I actually have a pair of scissors there to cut dog hair and they
kind of have their like if your knees were bent scissors they’re shaped like
this anyway you guys let’s keep going a few
more here breathe pick it up if you want to pick it up some job you guys slowly
slowly bring the shoulders and the head back down relax the neck relax your jaw
shake it out wiggle it out a little bit give that low back a nice massage
our feet are gonna come back onto the floor except this time you guys we’re
just gonna keep building and building on what we’re doing today
so we’re doing bridge pose again and we’re doing hip lifts again but you can
have both feet on the floor or you can have one foot on the floor so arms at
your sides if you want to have one foot in the air lift it on up if you want
both feet on the floor have both feet on the floor use an inhale lift the hips
squeeze the gluts lower down as you exhale inhale exhale it’s what our own
pace you know as slow or as fast as you like all I ask is you really squeeze the
good at the top and use an exhale to bring it back down nice job you guys
these are not easy so if you’ve got a leg in the air foot in the air we’re
gonna do three more and then we’re gonna switch sides however if you have two
feet on the floor you gonna keep going yes you how to keep
going through one more and then let’s switch sides bring your other foot in
the air or keep going inhale lift squeeze in exhale
awesome work you guys just find that rhythm move with your breath some job you guys
a few more work it booty gains this is actually working the cores well even
though you might not know join up belly button in three more on this side or
three more got both feet down one more inhale and exhale whew feel that burn
little windshield wiper movement we rock those knees those legs I decided whoo
awesome work you guys all right our legs are coming back up into the air
toes are reaching for the ceiling as best you can
so we’re legs are gonna be staying up the whole time I’ll be moving our
shoulders and our chest so you can have your legs bent or straight we’re gonna
be reaching up either for the toes or for the ceiling if your legs are bent so
lift up those shoulders squeeze the core tap your shins lower down breathe inhale
and exhale squeeze that core inhales you lower exhale as you lift
breathe just those shoulders and the head are moving up and down squeeze so
good awesome job you guys a few more three more exhales II lift two more and
last one whew nice work you guys bring your knees into your chest rock it out
rock it out and then our feet are gonna come all the way down all right we’re
gonna be bringing our knees Oh wide so making a diamond shape with
the legs continuing to build and get a little bit crazy alright so this may be
super weird if you’ve never done it before so bear with me our legs are in a
diamond shape our arms are going to come beside us and what are we doing we’re
doing our hip lifts so inhale lift those hips squeeze the gluts
notice how this feels would you feel good you should feel that work if you
feel good hold up those hips take an inhale and exhale lower gently inhale
lift up squeeze exhale lower and I love these ones so good working
the legs the glutes especially those inner thighs everything we want to work
inhale lift the hips exhale inhale squeeze lift exhale look few more nice
job you guys awesome work three more three more
squeeze draw the belly button in breathe nice job you guys whoo okay just relax
for a moment you can keep your knees out wide or bring them in a few brother but
just relax everything for a moment take a quick break slow down the breath relax your glutes
those hips and then we’re gonna get back into our core but we’re gonna keep our
legs out in that diamond shape so if you brought your legs together let those
knees fall back out make that diamond shape and then we’re gonna be lifting
our shoulders off the mat so you can bring your arms reach them reaching them
for the ceiling or whatever is above you bombs can come together you can even
interlace your fingers maybe keep the first thing your in the thumb free get a
little crazy with those hands and then take an inhale and exhale crunch lift
those shoulders inhale as you lower exhale lift
keep crunching pulsing awesome job you guys just little movements weren’t
coming all the way up we could maybe next week I let those upper abs fat
upper core just below the chest squeeze that belly button in few more nice work
you guys three more here exhales you lift in
health you low in one more and come down rest your arms above your head pull your
legs your knees together and do a little rock from the side-to-side you can pull
your knees all the way into your chest if you’d like I continue to rock side to
side if that feels good and if you want to come all the way into happy baby you
might get a nice glute stretch or leg stretch quad stretch while you’re here
so good awesome job today you guys I hope that you’re feeling some burn going
on in the vomit Tom the glutes in the core so stay here shake it out do
whatever you got to do whatever feels best right now and whenever you feel
like coming on up you can I’m just gonna hang out on my back for a little bit so
have a great weekend you guys until we meet again

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  1. This one is short! Add it on to another practice if you have the time or just have fun with this one. Regardless, enjoy!

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