Yoga for Strength | Create Shoulder Strength | 10 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel pick their
yoga my name is Rachel today is workout Wednesday so we are gonna be targeting
the upper body however you’re probably gonna get a nice full body workout with
this one just a little bit of extra love for the upper body so find some space
that you can move in let’s get started and don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t already okay you guys let’s start and downward
facing dog so bringing your hands about shoulder-width apart lift your knees off
the mat hips nice and high take a second here to just pedal the feet a little bit
if you’d like let your head be nice and heavy starting to feel your breath just
getting a little comfy and your downward-facing dog oh yeah so we’re
gonna keep our hips nice and high and just bring our forearms down to the mat
so this is dolphin just so everybody knows what dolphin is basically downward
facing dog but on the forums instead of the wrists so we’re gonna kind of
transition between the two a little quickly
so again go at your own pace this is your practice we’re gonna work our
shoulders today so you’re just gonna lift your elbows back off the mat and as
we lower the forearms down you don’t actually have to touch them completely
down to the mat but that’s kind of the idea you’re trying to drop the forearms
come into your dolphin and then pop right back up into downward facing dog
so find your groove start to bend those elbows lower the forearms down and I
want you still sending your shoulders back towards the bottom of your mat like
you’re in downward facing dog breathe even adding in some core strength here
by drawing the belly button back towards your spine awesome you guys let’s do a
few more here down dog dolphin down dog dolphin really warming up those
shoulders awesome you guys to do one more lower those forms and then come
back up downward-facing dog start to walk your feet all the way up to the top
of your mat take a second hanging out in your forward forward forward forward
forward full just take a quick break let your arms just dangle you can wiggle
them around wiggle them around we’re gonna walk on back downward
chasing dog awesome you guys from here using inhale find a plank so you can
come onto your forearms or you can stay on your hands hold your plank nice and
steady breathe awesome job you guys so stay as
you are maybe give a little bit of height a little bit of a hover to that
right foot awesome you guys drop that right foot down try the left foot just
hover it a little bit above the floor breathe awesome lower that left foot
down take a breath in and exhale lower halfway chaturanga inhale upward dog or
Cobra exhale downward facing dog awesome you guys so we’re gonna inhale back into
our plank this time coming into a side plank so you can walk your feet together
feel free to woo drop your bottom knee lift on up side plank oh some job you
guys feeling this for those shoulders your entire body those obliques breathe
take another breath in and exhale bring that left hand down
switch sides roll over onto the other side reach up maybe look up finding your
balance lifting your hips breathe awesome work you guys take one more
inhale and exhale bring that right hand down flip over onto both of your feet
both thiet balls your feet exhale lower inhale up dog exhale downward facing dog alrighty walking your big toes together
inhale lift your right foot up towards the ceiling and exhale float to high
plank as you bring your knee towards your chest
inhale three-legged dog that right foots coming up and exhale try and tap your
knee to your right arm he’ll send that leg back up and exhale
this time twist bring your right knee to your left arm inhale send it back up
exhale that knee comes down the middle inhale send it up exhale right knee to
right elbow or tricep inhale send it up exhale over to that left arm awesome
inhale send it up and exhale lower that right foot down
shake it out if you need to shake it oh when you’re ready inhale that left foot
up exhale knee comes down the middle inhale up exhale left knee left elbow or
tricep inhale exhale right side twist inhale send it up exhale send that knee
down the middle inhale lift it up exhale left arm awesome are you guys inhale
send it up and exhale twist inhale send that foot back up exhale lower down next
to the right foot you can keep the feet together just scooch them a little bit
wider take a moment here downward facing dog all righty you guys we’re gonna come
back into our side plank so use an inhale come forward walk your legs
together your knees together roll to that right side so we’re going to start
on the right and you’re gonna bring that left foot in front so this left foot
that left leg is gonna help support us that left arm is gonna reach for the
front of the room and then you’re gonna send it back towards your hip as you
lower the hips down to the floor so you can reach back for that bottom leg
bottom foot but an inhale lift the hips sweep the arm reach for the front of the
room exhale lower the hips inhale reach up exhale lower two more inhale and
exhale awesome you guys inhale reach and exhale lower down hold
it here take a quick little stretch for that side body and then bring your left
hand to the mat stepping that left leg back as well find your plank rolling on
to the outside that left leg or foot bringing your
right foot in front for that support taking your fingertips reaching for the
front of the room and then lowering the hips as you bring your hand to your back
leg as well inhale pop it up exhale lower inhale
lift exhale inhale exhale two more inhale exhale so strong you guys you got
this inhale reach up and exhale lower relax for a breath so it and then you
can bring that right hand to the mat spinning back step all the way down
we’re facing dog awesome work you guys so we’re gonna go
out with a nice bang as we tend to do on Wednesday so just follow along with me
for the first few sets and then I’ll leave you to move with your own breath
but we’re gonna flow through vinyasa and add on a little something special to it
so inhale into your plank exhale chaturanga all the way down inhale up
dog or Cobra exhale downward facing dog dropping your elbows to the mat dolphin
inhale up exhale inhale high plank exhale lower inhale up dog exhale
downward dog drop your elbows lift them up inhale into your plank exhale inhale
up dog exhale downward dog drop those elbows lift it up inhale high
plank exhale inhale up dog exhale downward dog that’s before you guys drop
those elbows moving on to five you can start to move at your own pace move with
your breath and inhale back exhale lower exhale back awesome you guys drop the
elbows lift it up one more exhale down dog drop those elbows lift
it up lower your knees all the way down to the mat sit back take Child’s Pose
hmm just completely relax your arms on the mat you can do a few little wrist
circles or this saw is your wrists a little bit oh I just slowed down your
breath breathing in through the nose out through the mouth awesome work you guys to stay here as
long as you would like or walk your way back up if you’re ready for it have a
great rest of your day you guys until we see each other again and by see I mean
just practice together again have a really great
day namaste

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  1. In just ten minutes your entire body will be warm and refreshed with this shoulder burn practice! Make sure to stay until the end to try the challenge I have for you. Lets find our breath and get started 🙏

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