hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we have a really awesome six minute ab blast so I
don’t need to explain anything about what that means I think you can figure
it out so let’s not wasting time and get right
into things but just remember to like this video if you enjoy it and subscribe
to my channel if you haven’t already all right guys let’s lay on them down
and bring your legs up into the air and your hands beside you on the mat you can
either sit on your hands or have them just beside you however much you want to
work for these leg lifts and then just let the feet fall towards the mat and
pop them back up drawing the belly button back towards the spine and just
start to feel the breath activating that core hmm I’m just lifting those legs up
and down just a few more leg lifts here really sucking the low back into your
matter into the ground all about that low tummy right now let’s do three more one more when those legs come up into
the air keep them there bring the hands to the
ears and we’re just gonna do a little scissor so drop the right leg down and
twist bring it up and switch sides so you can take out that pause at the top
and just continue to bring one leg up and one leg down but bringing the
opposite elbow towards the knee twist breathe nice work you guys a few more of
these breathe if your legs are bending that’s all good just get that twist there just two more on each side awesome you guys so bring your feet to
the floor about hip width apart and you’re just gonna lift your shoulders
off the mat and then reach for your heels and we’re just gonna do a little
penguin movement here so getting again into that lower tummy and those obliques
just tapping your heels if you can switch in side to side awesome work you
guys just a few more here is squeeze the core really breathe that’s three more on
each side tap tap yeah one more awesome you guys
bring yourself back down rest the head rest the shoulders the
knees are gonna come into the chest hands are coming back towards your ears
and we’re gonna do a little bicycle so bent legs this time let’s same little
twisting movement that we just did before when we were doing those scissor
legs awesome work you guys breathe and three more on each side one more each set some work you guys lay
on down just hug your knees into your chest for a moment rock it out a little
bit when you’re ready to go again just extending those feet back up towards the
ceiling hands beside you on the matter just under your hips and let’s go for
those leg lifts squeezing the low back into the mat breathing nice work you guys let’s do three more
there they drawing the belly button back towards the spine and once you get to
the top hands are gonna find the ears and go for those scissor twists and
again bending those knees if you need it but if you can keep a leg straight go
for it breathing wherever you are twisting
opposite elbow to knee awesome work you guys three morning each side one more
nice job you guys bring yourself back through Center rock it out quickly and
then those feet are gonna find the mat lifting the shoulders up and then go in
for those little heel taps penguin penguin whatever you want to call it just rock in side to side you’re feeling
that all feel at low tummy and those obliques awesome work you guys so you
three more on each side tap yep and then bring yourself back
through Center lay on down hands are gonna find the ears again pick those
feet off of the map but the knees are gonna stay nice and bent for our
bicycles so again twisting switching sides mmm opposite elbow to me nice work
you guys a short six minute a blast guess who
doesn’t want a strong core nice job you guys three more on each side and release who rest your head rest your
shoulders we are just about done you guys are going out with a bang
so bring those feet up into the air and instead of sacking them really high as
high as you can we’re gonna lower them to about a 45
degree angle and you’re just gonna hold it so I don’t he’s sucking the low back
into your mat breathe draw that belly button in I don’t care where you place
your arms but just feel that through the load tummy so if you need more you just
bring the legs lower nice job you guys hold it steady Oh some weren’t just 10
more seconds beautiful you guys start to bend those knees
I’ll give them into your just rock it out massage that low back hmm
take a nice big breath here and then you can rock yourself up or roll to the side
or just stay on your back but that is it for today you guys I didn’t even say
that it was workout Wednesday but I think you knew that I think you gathered
that from our ab workout today so have an awesome day you guys remember to
subscribe to my channel and like this video if you haven’t already have a
really a great day namaste

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