Yoga For Splits ♥ Release Tight Hips & Increase Leg Flexibility

hey guys welcome to the most beautiful little island we have ever been on its literally just a beautiful chunk of sand in the middle of the ocean this is called the gassoon island just off the coast of flores in indonesia and today i have a yoga practice for you thats going to focus on helping you achieve the splits your front splits and your middle splits and remember guys to achieve your splits takes a lot of hard work dedication and patience with your body its not going to happen overnight so don’t set those expectations for yourself just do your best and always listen to your body if its starts to hurt then of course don’t push it too much just do your best and little by little you will get easier every single day so if you’re ready grab a mat and join me

100 thoughts on “Yoga For Splits ♥ Release Tight Hips & Increase Leg Flexibility

  1. I've been doing this every day to achieve the splits. Almost there! thank you for your beautiful videos and spirit

  2. I'm so in love with this video. Thanks u so much. I also love the outfit. Where did you buy those tights . I would love to know thanks.

  3. Hi Julianna ! I just started yoga and pilates with your videos, and I absolutely love it ! Thank you so much ! Being the complete opposite of flexible (especially my legs), which one of your videos would you recommend for a start to increase (or in my case I should even say "create"?) flexibility ? As some of your flexibility videos seem to require being at least a bit flexible already ? Thanks ! 🙂

  4. You are amazing,
    but what does your boyfriend do for money besides taking you here and there…?

  5. Thank you for these amazing videos! I'm only 9 and I loved yoga right after I saw your videos! I am already great at this because of you. Also I only started yeterday!😉

  6. You habe yelped me so much! I have been doing your yoga for about 4 months because my mom showed be you and so far I am about an inch off the ground in my forwards splits and my core has become much stronger! I am 12 and I am training to he a contortionist so thank you so much!

  7. <3 I am now joyning your courses for 1 year and i have to tell you (both) that i cant do no other class anymore 🙂 I am always so delighted by your beautiful storys, backgrounds, music and .. of course Yoga whith this supergood (and crazy) mixture of fitness, that changes everything within 1 week for me. Its my deep breath whenever i feel to free myself a bitty and so very inspiring. I whish you all the best and that this journey will last a loooooong time. Happy to found you both here !!! Kisses to wherever you are <3

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  9. I love this one! It's my favorite! I love these stretches & your reassuring words, but I also love your workout outfit and the beautiful beach. Great job!🌴🌞💓

  10. Amazing as always. Lots of love. But just an observation on the location. It looks beautiful and remote and despite this there are several plastic water bottles on the beach in the background. It's such a shame.

  11. is that a exercise that you invented ? are you a teacher in yoga ? is it possible to replace a hip that bascule ? that you

  12. What a marvelous place!!! Thank you guys for showing us how beautiful is world! Also thank you for creating amazing, very inspiring channel, which help me start a day with good mood 😊 Namaste 😘

  13. Oh my goodness! I loved this! My whole body feels so much more relaxed!! Definitely store a lot of stress in my hips! Thank you for your channel! <3 xx


  15. It is Underrated, ignored and unaccounted for. By alot of people. But as a girl. The amount of negative energy in our hips is crazy. This is so very important and beneficial. Thank You! ♡ Tauney

  16. Hello, awesome video! I am just wondering if other people find it a bit hard to balance while keeping hands in front of your body during the side lunch at 6.30 mins and 14.20 mins. I seem to be tilting backward…any tips or should I just reach my hands further forward to counteract my body? Thanks x

  17. This was fantastic! Does height make a difference when doing stretches such as extended triangle pose because when I do it I go deeper than what yogis do. Im 5’2” ish

  18. Wahh so happy! Been doing your videos for around 6 months now. Did my first splits today! Thank you both so much. You are a beautiful couple xox <3

  19. Hey Julianna!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration! I already discovered you two years ago, but at this time I wasn't mature enough to appreciate your content, I was just searching for a workout to make my body look perfect which I found in your brazilian butt workout. I had a pretty hard time doing it and even cursed at you because you were doing every exercise with such an ease and I was struggling.
    Half a year ago I discovered your videos again because of a splits challenge a friend and I started. I started to do your split videos regulargly and then I was finally able to higly appreciate all of your content.
    I am currently doing one or even two of your videos daily, depending on my mood and how I feel. Everything on your channel is inspiring and I am looking forward to trying every video of you until I know them by heart and also know myself.
    Sometimes following your routines is hard, especially when I see you compared to me. I know I shouldn't do this and I also try not to but it's not always easy to accept your current state. It would be really motivating to see pictures and hear stories of you, how you started, when and why.
    I lately hurt myself when I was trying eagerly to finally reach my full splits and had to pause these streches for a short period. Now I am really longing to start again, do you think it is a good idea to start with gently streching? This time I will of course try to listen to my body more carefully..
    Thanks for bringing so much light and (self)love into my life, have a lovely day!
    Namaste <3

  20. Just found this video and I’m so glad I did I’m going to keep watching and trying till I get my splits, thank you X

  21. Thank you for making this video! My legs just feel better! I am looking to learn to be able to do the splits but my legs have been so tense lately and this helped so much thank you

  22. I love your videos so much you are so amazing! Thank you! Also I love these white leggings so much what brands are they??

  23. I was an all American sprinter in college and I'm realizing my flexibility has been a huge limiting factor then and now. Yoga has been incredibly challenging for me because I'm competitive and want to be good but my body won't let me! It's forcing me to exercise patience and it's been cool to have to grapple with that idea. Thanks for all you do!

  24. I MADE IT!! ♥
    Thank you so much it's a dream come true!! Took me quite a while and I combined it with your yin yoga classes but it was worth it 🙂 Such a great feeling to suddenly be able to sit down haha – so keep practicing guys!!
    I "just" achieved the front splits though – any tipps for the middle one? 🙂

  25. I did it! I managed to do all the poses she told me to! Not with such grace as her, more clumsy with heavy breathing from time to time but I did it! Yaataaaaa

  26. I love this video and your yoga practice also … You did very nice and given a good lesson for open hip joints and muscles …. ))))

  27. I practice your yoga everyday…. And I am now doing advanced level… Thank you.. I had achieved my standing split and split etc thankuu

  28. Thank you for this video. As I turn 40 in a little over a month, my goal is to eventually be able to do a split. I have always practiced yoga, but something recently has been in my heart to eat more plant-based, less meat if not any, and work on connecting my mind with my body. Thanks again!

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