– Hello, my friends, and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, today we
have Yoga for Loneliness. So this is a
wonderful full-body practice, but it’s hands-free and
we’re off the knees today, so it’s nice and
low to the ground. We’re gonna open
up through the hips, find an expansion
through the belly and the heart, connect to the big picture. We even have a
little core work in here, I feel like no matter what
state of loneliness you are, or have been in, this is gonna
be a good one for everyone. So hop into something comfy,
and let’s get started. (gentle upbeat music) Hi, alright, let’s begin today’s practice laying down, shall we? So take your time
getting there, there’s no rush. The self love starts now. We come to flat back, as
you’re ready, get situated. Feet are gonna
come as wide as the mat, or wider than hip width apart if you’re practicing not on a mat, and you’re gonna
allow the knees to fall in so that the whole
belly area and the groin and the pelvis
can soften and relax. So do whatever you have to
do to get comfortable here. And again, we’re
wanting this place of the body where we carry a lot
of emotion in the hips, in the groin,
the pelvis, the belly to soften, so
there’s a soft bowl here. And you can even take
your right hand to that area, and then as you’re ready,
we’ll bring the left hand just over the heart
space here, the left side. And then I invite you, my dear
friend, to close your eyes, and tuck the chin just slightly to lengthen the
back of the neck. And then maybe one at a
time, one shoulder at a time, just snuggle the shoulder blade really underneath
your heart space so you start to feel an
opening in the chest. And you can
feel as best you can, kind of grounded
through the upper back body just as it
sinks and grows heavy, melts into the earth. And then a softness,
again, a lightness, in the lower belly
and the groin, the hips. Alright, so again, if
you haven’t closed your eyes, I invite you to
close your eyes here. And I’d like for you to consider the fact, not even the idea, the fact that there are, I’m delighted
just even saying it, there are so many
human beings around the world that are doing
this with you right now. There are so many people doing this with you right now. Start to notice your breath, and just meditate on that fact. This connection, and hopefully
maybe eventually this feeling that you are not alone. As you slowly bring more
awareness to your breath, see if you can
elongate your inhalations, just take a couple
big old deep breaths. And in tandem with
those big inhalations, see if you can
extend your exhales, just make them a little longer. And then notice where you
might be gripping, holding. If you’re feeling particularly
destitute and lonely, (laughs) I’m with you my
friend, we’ve all been there. See if you can soften through
your toes and your fingers. And then allow that softening
to travel up through the limbs and then as you breathe in,
feel the belly rise, the heart expand and lift,
and then as you exhale, notice how it softens
and falls like a wave. And then naturally,
some emotion’s gonna come up. If you’re
particularly sad today, see if you can lean into it,
just observe, embrace it, and then return to
the breath each time. Remember that you are
not alone, and in fact, with this
particular shared practice, there are so many
people around the entire globe doing this with you,
connecting, right now. Alright, slowly we’ll
begin to open the eyes, and take the
hands off the torso, and then bring them to
the backs of the thighs as you slowly walk the feet in, and then just
guide your knees up really nice and
slow and gentle like so that you can give
yourself a big hug here. Then continue to
deepen the breath, and maybe rock
gently side to side, and feel your spine
supported by the earth here as you kind of
scoop the tailbone up, and then maybe if
it feels right today, you peel the nose up
just toward the knees, creating more
spaciousness in the back body. You can grab the
outer edges of the feet. You can really
make this your own here. What we’re wanting to
do today is to hopefully move the flow of
energy up and down the spine, and how that translates
into the rest of the body. Because often when we feel anxiety from loneliness, or maybe it’s a deep
sadness, or depression, it often is because there’s
stagnant energy in the body that is getting kind of caught and the flow isn’t healthy, and we can get hung
up on things more easily. And so yoga’s such a great tool. Just continue to squeeze your
knees into your chest here, and find
movement that feels good. Yoga is just
such a wonderful tool for moving the
energy or the chi, right, as some people call it, so that you can find a
lightness and a freshness, and a happiness
that you deserve. And sometimes yoga’s a good tool as opposed to other methods. To each his own, though. Okay, from here we’re actually gonna go into a Happy Baby Pose, but we’re not
gonna grab the feet, so we’re just
gonna grab the ankles. So you’ll reach
in today and grab the ankles right on the top, and then use your
thumb right where the arch and the heel kinda come together to really, pressure point here, press the thumb into that space, and then if it feels right,
you can start to open up, sending the soles of
the feet towards the sky, and then from there, same thing, you can find little soft,
easy movement that feels good. If you wanna grab the
outer arches from here, outer edges of
the feet, you can. And we’re just gonna really take a moment to
consider the hip socket, so don’t get
stuck in the pose here, see if you can find
little movement that creates a little lube, lubing effect
(laughs) in the hip socket. And then of course keep up
with your deep, loving breath. So we kind of come into
this vulnerable posture, but it’s Happy Baby, so connect
to a little innocence here, take a couple more
breaths to just find any movement that feels good. And continue to bring your focus back to the breath
time and time again, acknowledging the thoughts
and feelings that come up and then returning to the
inhale, the exhale, the cycle. So nothing’s permanent. We’re all gonna
have those low points, and we’re all going to
feel alone, it’s part of life. But through our breath
practice and our yoga practice we can be more conscious of
the fact that it’s a cycle. What goes up must come down. Alright, after
you feel good here, we’re gonna bring the soles
of the feet to the ground, knees over the heels,
or somewhere, so. Bring the heels in line with
the hips, how about that. And then we’re gonna
bring the palms to the earth, and snuggle the shoulder blades underneath the
heart space even more, and then press into all
four corners of the feet as you inhale, lift the hips. Think about your
sits bones going towards the backs of the knees here. So you’re creating
lots of spaciousness in the front of the hips. Press your hands
into the earth firmly, and then, squeezing
your thighs together without moving the feet, and
lift your chest to your chin, and then your
chin towards the sky. Take a deep breath in here. Maybe lift the
hips a little higher, and then exhale as
slow as you can go, really rolling down
articulately through the spine. Come all the way back
down, as slow as you can go. Beautiful. Lift the toes,
dig into the heels, spread the toes super wide, and then release the
feet back to the ground. And one more time, press
the palms into the earth, Bridge Pose, slowly,
starting with the tail, lifting up, seeing
if you can really press into each vertebra,
get a little massage here. The knees stay
stacked over the heels, or at least try to
find that sensation as you press the
palms into the earth. And again, lift
the chest to the chin, and then the
chin towards the sky. Should feel amazing
in the upper back body. Breathing deep here, inhale,
lift the hips a little more, imagine you have a
block between your legs here. And then exhale,
slowly and articulately lowering down. Wonderful, open the palms. Bring the feet together,
soles of the feet kiss as you bring
the knees super wide. Have to adjust
my harem pants here. And we’re gonna come to
a Reclined Cobbler’s Pose. So see if you can really
feel your feet connect here, your sweet feet. Again, palms open,
close your eyes, take a deep breath
in and as you exhale, just allow what is,
allow gravity to do the work. Again, acknowledging
any thoughts or feelings that are coming up,
and then knowing that you’re quite honestly and truly held in a safe space here. The earth has your back,
your yoga mat has your back. And the diverse,
beautiful group of humans who are doing this at the
very exact moment as you are are connected to you here, somehow, some way, with you. Thanks, technology. And then use your breath to
just connect to that life force. And again, notice where you
might be holding or gripping. See if you can
begin to listen more carefully to the
sound of the breath. That may change the
quality of the breath. And then slowly
bring the fingertips to the outer edge of the thighs, blink the eyelashes open, and then press the feet together so you can slowly
bring the knees up. And then once again, we’ll
guide the legs all the way up, and you’ll give
yourself a great big hug here. Find what feels good,
rock gently side to side. Keep listening to
the sound of your breath. And then keep the
right knee hugging in, and send the left leg
up high towards the sky. Point and flex the left foot,
squeeze the right knee in, and then try to draw your left
toes towards your forehead, feel that big stretch in the
back of the leg, the hamstring. You can always bend that knee
as generously as you need. Take one more
deep breath in again, really flex your
left toes towards your third eye,
towards your face, and then have some fun
as you slow this move down. Squeeze the right
knee in, and think about carving a line
with your left heel. So don’t just drop
your left foot down, but again, consider
that left hip socket as you slowly lower
the left heel down to hover just above your yoga mat. We open up through the front
of the left hip crease here, we squeeze the right knee in, and then option,
Head to Knee Pose to lift the nose
towards the right knee. Again, left knee’s hovering, and we start to
just activate the core, scoop the tailbone up a lot, and squeeze and lift. Shoulders are relaxed,
we’re breathing here. And then to take
it a step further, there’s an option to
send the fingertips forward, open the palms, and again,
we’re scooping the tailbone up, engaging the abdominal wall,
spreading the toes, breathing here. Maybe you notice a shake,
a tremble, that’s awesome, that’s that prana,
stirring it up in the body. Moving the energy. Inhale and again,
and exhale to release everything down. Left heel comes to the earth,
head and neck, soft landing. And then big twist,
right knee over towards the left side of your yoga mat, open the right fingertips
towards the right side. And you can kind of
snuggle your shoulder blades so that your right
shoulder comes to the ground, and we take five
super big, buoyant, beautiful, loving breaths here. Breathe into your lower
belly, so good for the spine. Detoxifying,
massaging the internal organs. Literally helping to purify, which absolutely
affects your mood. And then continue
to remember that there’s so many
people doing this with you, you’re not alone. Feel supported by the earth. And after your five breaths,
slowly guide it back to center, and we’ll send the left knee up, in towards the chest, hug
both knees into your heart, scoop the tailbone up. And then when you’re ready, right leg up
high towards the sky. Squeeze the left
knee in even more. Point and flex here, letting the blood flow opposite direction, letting that hip socket
really get heavy, drop in. Spine supported by the earth. And then squeeze the left knee in towards your
upper left shoulder, and here we go,
really flex the right foot so that the
right toes are really pointing towards your face. You feel this length
from the sit bone to the heel. And we inhale in, and
exhale, slowly lower it down. And connect to your
center as you do this. Feel that breaking point where you have to engage in the belly. Let the right heel hover. And then keep a
stability in the shoulders here, or you’ll slowly peel the
noes up towards the left knee, Head to Knee Pose, so good. Scooping the
tailbone up, keeping the shoulders relaxed,
breathing deep. And you can stay here,
or send the fingertips out, then open the palms,
elbow creases towards the sky, and really scoop
your tailbone up, we’re engaging the
full abdominal wall here. You should feel a
little shake, a little tremble. Breathe deep. And take one more big breath in. And release, right
heel to the ground, spine, soft landing to the mat. Here we go, big twist. Left knee over
towards the right side. Recline Twist,
snuggle your shoulder blade so that you can start to
guide the left shoulder down, and five cycles of breath. Inhaling lots of love in, and exhaling lots of love out. Close your eyes here,
go inward, trust. And then after
your five breaths, slowly bring it back to
the midline, to the middle. Hug both knees
up into the chest. Scoop the tailbone up. Awesome. Cross the ankles,
we’re gonna grab the outer edges of
the feet, or the big toes. You can also just grab
the backs of the thighs. And in your own time, so
you don’t have to rush this, or go into panic mode,
you wanna actually bring a little
playfulness if you can to this rock and
roll move all the way up. So take your time, we’re
gonna rock up to Sukhasana. Take your time, try to
enjoy this little transition. So you don’t have to
nail it on the first try, or the second, maybe
you take a couple swinging motions to massage up
and down the spine. And be humbled by this
move, whatever comes up, just accept it, embrace it. And then eventually we’ll come
up to a cross-legged seat. And draw the hands
together at the heart. Anjali mudra. Sit up nice and tall. Then again,
remember you are not alone. For one, I’m here with you. But in yoga, we close out the practice by saying namaste, and namaste is
really the acknowledgment that we are one. And so it might
sound kind of cheesy, but whenever I’m
feeling blue or sad or alone, or I feel like I’m
lacking connection, I try to remember that truth that we are one. Inhale deeply, bringing
the thumbs to the third eye. And exhale, bow
your head to your heart. Take a deep breath in,
and today we’ll whisper, namaste. (gentle upbeat music)

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