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Namaskaram (Hello) I am Yogi Nitya. and today we will understand how to cure cancer, how to come out from this disease or how to remove this disease completely. how to get a new life again. To achieve this, we will understand the complete Yoga sequence. I don’t think, after watching this video you will be left with any more questions, or any doubts or any queries. I will explain everything in detail and in a very systematic manner so that nothing is left. The most important thing is that a cancer patient has to practice Yoga daily for a longer duration. If you are doing Yoga for 30 minutes in the morning then you cannot expect that you should get cured. It’s not possible. and it’s also not necessary to practice it for the full duration as suggested by me. You should practice it properly and twice a day i.e. morning and evening. then it’s impossible that you don’t get cured. Definitely, you will feel better. First, second, third stage even people who have crossed their third stage of cancer, Like, I have seen triple-negative cases or even worse condition in some people, Even if these kinds of patients, follow this Yoga sequence, it’s so effective and eases their condition & relaxes them so much that you can’t even imagine. and within a few days approx 2 weeks, person starts to heal. and in 16 weeks it cures cancer a lot. There are many more things to explain. But, we should start to practice our exercises now so that we can learn simultaneously. So what we have to do; All cancer patients, be it brain cancer, blood cancer, bone cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer or lung cancer, mouth cancer where mouth ulcer got converted to mouth cancer, be it any type of Cancer i.e. either of lumps or any organ is attacked by it. You should not get panicked in cancer. I will give you complete information. Apart from Yoga, will tell you about Ayurveda and also that by understanding this problem how to mold your life routine accordingly. so that you can get benefitted in all means. Let’s start. First thing first, don’t make the cancer patient practice yoga on the ground directly. because many times it’s not possible for him to get up from the ground due to extreme pain. When pain is very severe, the patient can’t sit on the ground also, so, he can sit on the chair. It’s recommended to do yoga in some garden or any other open area. If you do it indoor e.g. room, since in winters there is fog outside, so you can do it, keeping your windows open. But in summers or in clear weather if you’ll do it indoor, even though your windows are open, still, it will not benefit you that much. You need oxygen all over your surroundings. There should be trees all around. So, it’s better if you have a garden at home even small, it will work. You can plant some 10-20 holy basil plants on the roof then you can sit in between the holy basil plants by placing any chair, sofa or any other seat If you can’t fold your legs, sit with legs hanging down. If you hang your legs, you must place a mat on the ground, because there shouldn’t be earthing of legs with the ground. So, if you keep your legs down, either wear some slippers or place some woolen mat/quilt. So that your energy may not pass in the ground. and then the place where you sit, even if the seat is wooden even then lay down some woolen mat as I did. I believe in the woolen mat, you can bring the rubber mats from the market. That can also work. But a cotton sheet will not work, so don’t use that. So, it’s necessary to sit on the mat like this, otherwise whatever benefit you reaped, and all the energy generated in the body by oxygen will be earthed. So take care of this. Then after sitting, first of all, chant ‘Om’. For this, apply Meditation gesture in the beginning. Which gesture to apply later, I’ll tell you. So, apply Meditation gesture, take a deep breath ‘Om’ (Chanting) Do this ‘Omkar’ chanting 7 times. As of now, I showed it once. Once 7 times ‘omkar’ chanting is done then join your last two fingers (Ring Finger & Little Finger) with the thumb in such a way that your thumb’s tip should touch the tips of both the fingers. But don’t do it like this (touching finger pads) but tips should touch. and thumb should be placed in such a way that it should touch both fingers equally. Once this gesture is formed, place it on your knees. Neither too far nor too back, but on the knees and sit Don’t worry, even if you have become very weak, you will be cured. This is certain that once you start yoga, you don’t need to worry Just take care that if you are sitting on a chair and if your back feels tired then you can take the support of the chair. You can place a cushion also at the back, so that it becomes even more comfortable. There is no restriction on this. You can even open up your legs in the front and keep it on another chair. whatever way it is convenient. It was very important to mention these small things to reap the benefit of yoga. So you need to create an environment and bring your body in comfort zone Maharishi Patanjali (Indian Sage) said, “Sthiram Sukham Asanam” Means- you should do Yoga in a pose in which you can be stable and comfortable. Then after sitting straight or as you want, start breathing. Always remember one thing that in breathing exercises, regularity plays a vital role. For a few days, it may work if you take breaks in between again and again but let’s understand it with an example. when you put the milk for boiling on the stove and switch it off after 5-10 minutes Then again you heat the milk and switch off the stove again. If you keep doing this even 50 times, the milk will not boil in a whole day. What am I trying to make you understand is that in breathing exercises, it may take a few days to develop the body’s stamina But in 10-15 days, just make a habit to practice it for the time I mentioned without taking any breaks If you stop in between once or twice to grasp some air. That’s not a problem. Let me tell you one more thing that cancer cells exist in everyone’s body. But they get active in our body only when the oxygen level becomes very low. That’s why in Yoga you need to focus most on raising the oxygen level so much with the help of breathing exercises that cancer cells are not even able to survive and they die. Because cancer cells grow only where the oxygen level is low and when oxygen level raises very much, they automatically vanish from there. This is important to remember. So, this is the first breathing exercise. to take long and deep breaths, called Bhastrika Pranayam (Breath of fire) After this, you need to do Kapalbhati (Rapid Exhalation). If you feel then you can also take rest in between for a minute or two. So, just stop and sit quietly in peace. Then apply the same gesture again and if you want to increase the benefit then it’s better if you don’t remove the gesture while taking rest also. But if your hands feel tired then you can remove the gesture. If you don’t have strength at all to start next exercise then you can stretch your hands at the front and do some hand exercises. like pressing your fingers or making tight fists and if you are not even able to stretch your hands & do movements like moving in a circular direction, or up-down or any other micro exercises then you can also do these exercises by putting hands on knees. Put your hands on knees like this and move them easily by clutching the fists and moving hands up-down, hold one wrist and move your hand, you can give it some support. There is no harm in this also because you have taken deep breaths for 10 minutes after that you need to take 1-2 minutes rest. During this rest only f you’ll do these stretching, your body will be relaxed. So, this was your first Pranayam (Breathing Exercise) and then a few micro exercises. After that, you need to do Kapalbhati (Rapid Exhalation) and Anulom-Vilom (Alternate Breathing), one hour each. First, Kapalbhati (Rapid Exhalation) for an hour, followed by one hour of Anulom Vilom (Alternate Breathing). and what I told in the beginning about taking deep breaths for 10 minutes. You need to do it in the same sequence i.e. first long breathing, then 1 hour KapalBhati (Rapid Exhalation), then Anulom Vilom (Alternate Breathing). For any reason, if you are unable to do Kapal bhati for regular 1 hour, then do KapalBhati (Rapid Exhalation) & Anulom Vilom (Alternate Breathing) for half an hour each. After doing this much, take some refreshment like coconut water or marmalade etc. Then do some hands or legs exercises. There are many micro exercises for legs that I told many times. You will get the link of that videos in the description box below, that illustrates how to do leg exercises. You can do these exercises on a bench by stretching your legs. You can move your legs up and down or can even take 1-2 rounds if you feel tired. You can apply palm posture by standing straight. Do all this. Then sit again for half an hour each of KapalBhati (Rapid Exhalation) & Anulom Vilom (Alternate Breathing). If you cannot even do this, then do Kapalbhati (Rapid Exhalation) for 5-8 minutes or as per your capacity. Keep a clock by your side. Then do Anulom Vilom (Alternate Breathing) for 5-7 minutes. Then repeat both again for the same time in the same sequence. When you feel tired, drink coconut water and start again. Do it in slots of 5-7 minutes each till you give total 2 hours to both, dividing approximately equal time to both Pranayamas (Breathing exercises). Follow same routine morning and evening. That’s all you need to do. Besides this, its better if you do Bharamri asana. However,initially if you don’t do, that’s also fine. Main work is done by-Deep breathing, KapalBhati (Rapid Exhalation) & Anulom Vilom (Alternate Breathing). Now, you know about Kapalbhati (Rapid Exhalation), if you can’t do it fast, then you can do it slowly like this or even slower like this. If there is no strength left in body and back pains, then you can take back support Start it slowly and when it comes in practice then do it fast. Do it that much that you don’t feel breathless. This is enough for you. The value is of duration and not in applying extra pressure in these exercises. After practicing it for 10-20 days try to do minimum 20 minutes round each of KapalBhati (Rapid Exhalation) & Anulom Vilom (Alternate Breathing) So make sets of 20 minutes each then do some relaxing micro exercises or take refreshment, then repeat your sets of 20 minutes each. This is the morning routine. Do in same way in the evening. Let me explain Anulom-Vilom (Alternate Breathing) to you again Close your right nostril with right hand’s thumb. Many people keep changing hands. So, try to give support to your hand (Then practice anulom vilom (Alternate Breathing) You can take support from your leg or put 2-3 cushions on your lap to give support to your hand. Try to use only right hand for maximum time. and if you have to use left hand, then don’t place it like this (pressing left nostril), place it like this (Press right nostril with left thumb and left nostril with fingers) because it is very important to make a balance of energy in this. So you need to keep your thumb on the right side, whether it is right hand or left hand and keep two fingers on the left side. Still if you don’t understand how to do Anulom vilom (Alternate Breathing), I have already made a separate video on Anulom vilom (Alternate Breathing). You can find all video links in the description box below. If you can’t do Kapalbhati (Rapid Exhalation), there is a link below, you can watch and practice. If you don’t know the method of long breathing, I have made a video for that also. You watch all videos carefully and then start it. Many people feel back pain in this becasue of the tiredness, So, whenever you feel tired in between, lay down on the mat or you can lie on a hard wooden bed with light cushioning on it, and do ‘Markatasana’ (Spinal Twist) exercise If you don’t have any problem in lying on the ground then you can do it on the ground also. You need to do all this morning and evening. Approximately in 2 weeks you can see its results. You need to do it for 9 months continuously without any break daily morning and evening Remember, when you do it in the morning, your problem will not grow further and when you do it in evening also, then your problem will reverse one day each. This means if somebody has this disease from 6 months and if does yoga in the morning then the disease will stop there only. If he’ll do it in the evening also, then day by day he will recover in 6 months. This is the method of cure. It may be somewhat less or more, but approximately will take this much time only. If you do it daily then its very beneficial for you. Do hand and leg exercises in between and then these 3 main breathing exercises. You can do many more things, but for now, if you do this, you will observe that your any type of cancer will be cured right in front of your eyes. That’s all for today Namaskaram (Goodbye) “We ate fruit and threw away its seed, it was not a seed but was a responsibility given to us by our Lord Let’s plant trees!”

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