YOGA FOR BOW LEGS – 5 Ways To Minimize Your Bow Legs Naturally in 2020

Let’s face it, many of you will never get
straight legs. But are you wondering if there’s something you can do to minimize
your bow legs? Then keep watching because in this video we’re going to explore
what you can do in order to minimize your bow legs naturally. My name is Chi and you’re welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here we work in, not out. What we’re all about here at The Body Conditioner is working in. And that means all the work-ins, the exercises I give you are work-ins that
I have tested. I’ve tested them with my private clients day in day out working
one-on-one with them and I know what works and what does not. So here on this channel you only get the ones that work. There’s no trial and
error, so just go for it. Get the best of many years of private practice and
working with clients one-on-one. So let’s take a closer look at what you can do in
order to at least minimize your bow legs naturally. And we will go down the
line, starting at the hip, looking at the thigh muscles, looking at the knee and
then also the calf muscles, and the ankles and the feet. Stay tuned! So let’s
take a closer look at the hips and the pelvis. So if perhaps your pelvis is tilted or one hip bone bigger than the other or
you have more of an anterior pelvic tilt or a posterior pelvic tilt that means
you have more of an hyper-extended lumbar spine or you have more of a flat
back, flat lower back, then this can have an impact on the shape of your legs. So
taking a closer look at what’s going on along the hip really makes a difference.
So let’s take a look at the femur, your thigh bones and perhaps they’re bowed and the shape of your femur impacts the shape of your legs. However at the thigh
bone we have a lot of muscle groups that come together. You have the hip abductors, the external hip rotators here at the outer side. We talk about them a lot. So here is one of the videos in the cards that you can click on and listen to and watch
to understand a bit more about the function of those muscles. And then you
have the muscles at the inner thighs, your hip adductors and then you have the muscles at the front of the thigh, your quads. And then you have the muscles at the back of your thighs, your hamstrings. So these are very big and broad muscle groups and they have a fantastic function and a
fantastic impact on your body. So perhaps your bones, the femur, is bowed, however
you have all these muscles that come together and as you work those muscles
effectively you can reshape the shape of your legs, obviously. So you cannot
completely get straight legs but by working your muscles and working the
imbalances in the legs and minimizing those imbalances in your legs in the
thigh bones you can also minimize the way your legs appear. And that is your
bow legs. Does that make sense? So let’s take a look at the knees. What we
typically see with people who have bow legs is that the knee is internally
rotated. So in order to fix that you need to do surgery. And let me warn you: I have
a client with two complete knee replacements and in the process of
replacing the knees they also straightened the knees because he has bow legs or he
had bow legs in the past. Now he has straight legs. However his muscles and
the whole body has not adapted to the new shape. If you have missed one of my
videos that explains exactly what happens there, then here you’ll find it in the cards
or further below in the description. And today almost three years after his first
knee surgery he’s still suffering of swelling in the knees and joint challenges and tightness and inflexibility of the legs and knees. So be
aware that healing of surgery takes a long time. So let’s move further down the
line to the shin bones, to the tibia and the fibula. So those bones can also be bowed and the muscles we have are at the front of the
shin bones and at the back. And especially the ones at the back, the calf
muscles gastrocnemius and soleus, can make an impact on the way your legs
appear. However they are not going to reshape your bones. So if you work on
your calf muscles and I see a lot of you talking about or asking questions about
calf raises and strengthening your calf muscles. Yes, if your calf muscles are a bit more bulgy and you have fatter calf muscles clearly that will help make
your legs appear straighter. However it will not change the shape of your shin
bones, right? So go for it if you want to straighten your calf muscles, and it
helps in weight bearing because the calf muscles really carry the whole
weight of the body. However know that this is not going to change the shape of
your bones but just for your legs to appear a little bit straighter. The same
applies to the front of the shins, tibialis anterior and friends. Let’s move
further down the line to the ankles and the feet and we’ve talked a lot about
supination and pronation. If you missed that video on three exercises for your bow legs, then please click here on the cards. So if you have an ankle imbalance
and perhaps you are supinated or you are pronated in whatever regard it doesn’t
matter. We can definitely do something about that. And that has a lot to do with
the foot alignment, it has to do with how you place your feet on the ground, it has
a lot to do with developing the arch. But it also has to do with everything that
goes on further up the line. So don’t think there are different compartments
in the body. The body is one! So if we shape the hips and the thigh muscles, we
actually also do shape the feet and the ankles. And I’ve seen it so many times in
my private practice with my clients that they tell me: Wow! We haven’t even worked on the arch of my feet but because we did XY and Z for the
hips, my feet feel better, I don’t feel flat footed, I don’t feel so
tired in my feet and all the things that come with it. Or maybe don’t have
that much pressure in my ankles.So rest assured that everything we do up and
down the line has an effect on the other parts of the body. If you want to get my
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only one size fit all, that there is only one shape of legs. Bow legs, as well as straight legs as well as knock knees are shapes of legs and every one of you is
absolutely unique.

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