Yoga for Absolute Beginners | 7 Days of Yoga – Day 1

hey everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today is a very exciting day because it is a first of
our seven days of yoga challenge I have created a week long program for new
Yogi’s so if it’s your first time ever practicing yoga or if you’re fairly new
and you want to come back to the basics a little bit this seven day program is
gonna be perfect for you all you’re gonna need is some space you don’t even
really need a mat you just need a little bit of room to move so if that sounds
good for you guys we’re gonna get started so just finding a comfortable seated
position to get started so sitting cross-legged or maybe on your knees and
just resting your hands in your lap or on your legs whenever it feels right for
you to let the eyes close you can close your eyes and we’re just going to take a
few shoulder rolls to start so I want you to roll your shoulders up back and
down and again roll your shoulders up back and down and just keep rolling your
shoulders nice and slowly just starting to loosen things up and as we sit here
getting a little bit more relaxed rolling our shoulders around I just want
you to start to notice your breath feel your breath moving in maybe for your
nose and you can exhale out your mouths and if you’re still sticking with those
shoulder rolls I want you to do one more shoulder all nice big up back and down
shoulder roll and then coming back and just sitting up a little bit taller
lengthening through your spine a little bit more I’m still coming back to that
breath feel the inhale through the nose then maybe an exhale out the mouth settling into your mat or into the
ground wherever you happen to be sitting I’m just taking these next few breath to
slow things down slow all the thoughts that are coming in and out of your mind
just noticing them but not thinking about any specific thought any more than
you need to I’m just relaxing the shoulders away
from the ears maybe growing a little bit more taller through the spine awesome
you guys we’re gonna move into a few stretches for our neck so you can just
drop your chin all the way down towards your collarbone letting your head hang
heavy your chin might actually touch your collarbone but it doesn’t have to
just going as far as your body lets you go without any help or assistance
without forcing anything and then we’re just gonna let our whole or our whole
head roll over to the right side so just let your right ear come towards your
right shoulder so your head is leaning to the side and you’re feeling some
length through them left side of your neck relaxing those shoulders a little
bit more still breathing slowly here and then very slow that you can start to let
your head your chin come back down towards your collarbone and then roll
your head over to the left side bringing that left ear towards your shoulder
relaxing into it feeling that stretch the neck I’m just letting that head lean
over as much as your body lets you know seem you guys gently bring your chin
back down towards your collarbone let your head roll over to the right side
and then bring that chin back down and go over to the left slowly drop your
head back down through Center use an inhale lift your chin back up to a
neutral position breathe take a nice deep inhale and exhale relax those
shoulders awesome work we’re gonna start to lift
the chin keep the eyes closed if you can lift the chin a little bit starting to
lengthen through the front of the neck you can keep lifting that chin if it
feels okay for you again only going as far as your body allows you to go just
one more inhale here the chin lifting up and exhale nice and slowly drop that
chin back to a neutral position take a nice big shoulder roll roll those
shoulders back and down awesome work you guys you’re gonna place
our hands on the floor beside us feel free to keep your eyes closed if you’re
following along but with your hands on the floor beside us or beside you you’re
gonna keep that left hand on the floor and with an inhale you’re gonna reach
that right arm up towards the ceiling and then over to the left side feeling a
length through your side body a nice stretch so we’re reaching up and over feeling the length to the side body feel
it shoulder maybe even your tricep then with an inhale you can start to lift
yourself all the way back up sitting tall place that right hand back down on
the floor inhale left arm up and over reaching up and reaching over
lengthening through the side body reaching with those fingertips so
reaching up and then over breathing into it leaning only as far as you need to to
feel that stretch with a nice deep inhale start to lift yourself all the
way back up sitting tall take one more shoulder roll roll your shoulders back
and down awesome you guys if your eyes are still closed feel free to open them
up now we’re just gonna come forward onto our hands and onto our knees finding tabletop position so you just
checking that you bring your wrist right under your shoulders and I want you to
spread your fingers nice and wide spreading those fingers as wide as you
possibly can pushing your palms into the mat and your knees are
about hip-width apart here you can tuck your toes you could find the top of your
feet it really is up to you and just checking in with a few things here while
we’re in tabletop we’re not really just hanging out we’re actively pushing into
the palms opening up between the shoulder blades starting to engage your
core just a little bit take a nice deep inhale here and with an exhale draw your
belly button back towards your spine keep pushing in through the palms breathing I’m just starting to feel your
body here feeling the breath helping to energize you nice you guys so from our
tabletop with our next inhale we’re gonna start to arch the back a little
bit and you can start to shift that gaze forwards to the top of your mats maybe
to the front of the room you can arch your back a little bit more so sticking
the butt out still pushing into the palms here lifting the chest breathing
here feeling this through the back maybe a stretch through your abdominals we’re
gonna take one more inhale and exhale start to round your spine pull your
belly button back towards your spine push into your palms even more so we’re
really separating through your shoulder blades I’m drawing your chin towards
your collarbone breathing here just feeling those shoulders rounding the
spine squeeze your belly button back towards your spine so you guys take one
more inhale and start to bring that chest back down flatten through your
back and keep inhaling as you start to gaze forward lifting the chest rounding
through the spine this is cow pose sticking the butt out arching through
the back raising the chest the chin I’m just
warming up through the spine let’s take one more inhale and exhale rounding that
spine and really squeezing your belly button pushing
your palms to the to the ground to the mat tuck your chin to your collarbone
this is our cat stretch breathing here nice work you guys with your next inhale
start to come back to a flat back so neutral spine here
let it go breathe if you need to relax if you need to take some weight out of
those hands or those wrists feel free to do so we go out however you need to
wiggle out we’re gonna keep on moving so from your tabletop you’re gonna start to
extend that left leg behind you and push the ball of the foot and the toes into
the mat so as you push the ball of the foot into the mat and trying to
encourage your heel to the back of the room you can start to feel a stretch
through that calf that ankle and you can just gently shift your weight forwards
and backwards here just to feel that length feel that stretch to the back of
the calf breathing wherever you’re at and then we’re gonna draw that knee back
into our tabletop and then try the other side so that left leg and extend behind
you place the ball of that foot your toes are tucking under and you’re just
encouraging that heel to the back wall just shifting your weight forwards and
backwards a little bit very small movements here to feel that stretch of
the calf that stretch of the back of the ankle nice work you guys slowly start to bring
that me back in towards to your tabletop and then from here we’re gonna keep our
hips stacking above our knees and we’re gonna move into a puppy dog stretch or
puppy dog pose so you’re just gonna reach your arms out in front and start
to drop your chest and then maybe your forehead can actually touch down onto
the mat or onto the ground keeping those hips nice and high this is preparing us
for our downward facing dogs we’re just opening up the shoulders here if you
feel like you need a little bit less in this one you could always walk your
hands further apart you could bend your elbows a little bit whatever feels good I’m just letting that forehead rest awesome work you guys use an inhale
start to lift your head lift your chest back up slide your hands so that they’re
underneath your shoulders again so making sure checking that those fingers
are spread nice and wide alright so going from our tabletop into our
downward facing dog you’re just gonna start to tuck your toes underneath take
a nice deep inhale and an exhale start to lift your knees off the mat lifting
the hips nice and high and I don’t want you to keep your legs really straight
here I want you to start to bend one knee and straighten the other and then
switch sides taking your dog for a little walk
breathing into it that’s straight leg whatever leg happens to be straight just
trying to drop that heel towards the mat feeling the length of the back of that
straight leg but really bending a nice generous bend in that bent leg and we’re
just gonna switch sides peddling the feet our fingers are still spread nice
and wide but those of you that might be staring at your fingertips I want you to
let your head relax here keep everything soft in the neck maybe you can look at
your toes or your feet we’re still breathing feeling our bodies feeling the
breath some work you guys take one more inhale and our downward dog
and then an exhale start to drop your knees back down onto your mat just take
a second if you want to take some pressure out of the hands out of the
wrists do a little wiggle around a little massage
go for it taking your time we are gonna be going back up into a downward dog
once more so whenever you’re ready for it
finding your tabletop so checking that the wrists are right under those
shoulders spreading your fingers wide here tuck your toes underneath take an
inhale and then exhale to lift the knees and
the hips just a few breath here so pedal those feet a little bit feel those
shoulders checking that your head is relaxing your neck is soft I’m just
taking your dog for a little walk nice job you guys so if you’re still peddling
your feet I want you just to take a moment to find stillness in your
downward-facing dog so your feet can be about hip-width apart here our fingers
are still spread nice and wide and I want you not to worry about
straightening your legs but keep those knees bent to start and just turning
your toes so they’re facing in a little bit and your heels are facing out
breathing here nice bend in those knees thinking about lengthening the spine
instead of lengthening through the legs just lengthen through the spine lengthen
through the arms I’m just relaxing your head and your neck awesome you guys with
an inhale we’re gonna start to look shift our gaze to the top of our mat or
towards your fingertips as you exhale we’re just gonna very slowly walk our
feet up to the top of our mat so find those fingertips whenever you need it
bring your big toes to touch or maybe have your feet hip width apart sup to
you but again we’re gonna bend our knees here a lot so we’re folding forward
bending those knees letting the head be nice and heavy your arms can just dangle
or you could hang on to opposite elbows and we’re just folding for an option to
rock your hips from side to side folding forward so if you do have your elbows you can
start to release your hands back down towards the mat and keeping that nice
deep bend in your knees if you’re rocking from side to side to start to
come back to Center and we’re all gonna bring our hands to our hips so with an
inhale you’re gonna start to lift your head and lift your chest all the way up
into a standing position Tadasana or Mountain Pose
so still at the top of our mat again your feet can be hip-width apart here I
just want you to relax your hands your arms butters by your sides take a nice
big shoulder roll roll your shoulders back and down
breathe maybe close the eyes if that feels good for you and with your hands
at your sides I’m gonna spread those fingers wide turning your palms to face
the front of the room I’m just gonna turn so that you guys can see me breathing here just standing tall and
relaxing your shoulders away from your ears nice job you guys using an inhale
we’re gonna start to reach our arms out really wide keeping your fingers spread
wide you can lift your chin you can look up and as your palms come together use
an exhale to bring them through heart center pausing here Tadasana Mountain
Pose feeling the breath still standing nice and tall just relax your shoulders
away from your ears somewhere you guys you have made it through day one of our
seven day challenge or seven days of yoga congratulations
have a great rest of your day I’ll see you guys tomorrow
namaste you

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  1. Thank you! I like your gentle pace. All the positions where I have to apply pressure on my wrists are challenging for me. Any tips on how to relieve the pressure?

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