hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel we are on week 2 of our Yoga for flexibility series so we
are getting into the lower body this week so starting off today with a yoga
flow that will help us create some flexibility within the lower body so
let’s find a little bit of space to move and get started let’s begin in Child’s Pose today’s so
find your knees and bring them out nice and wide on the mass you can sit back
towards the heels and then start to drop your forehead and your chest all the
weight M M so right from the start here just let your eyes close take a few nice
big breath in through the nose and out your mouth this brings softness into
those shoulders and then to the judge when you exhale open your mouth I’m just taking this time to settle in
let go your day I go if you’re weak or weakened then just I’ll be right here
right now we’ll see you your breath let’s stay for
one more big inhale through the nose exhale out the mouth awesome you guys
slowly starting to lift all the way up finding your hands and knees tabletop
position so we’re gonna be extending our right leg out behind us so just tuck
your toes and push the ball of the foot into the mat and then send the heel to
the back walls when you feel this for your calves so just send the heel back
push them to the foot you can rock forwards and backwards a little bit or
maybe you don’t have to move too much to get that calf stretch nice to have you
guys so with that foot out behind keep that right foot out behind but move it
over to the left so it’s gonna come behind you probably off of your mat so
kind of like you’re almost twisting the body a little bit so that leg is coming
behind you and then you’re just gonna try and send the hips to the right so
it’s gonna be a very small movement but as you push into that foot and send the
hips to the right just a little bit you should feel this through that that hip
that IT band maybe even the outside of the quad and to the side of the body and
then you can start to take that right leg all the way back in just drop your
knee down and let’s switch side so that left foot tuck those toes send the heel
to the back wall and then when you’re ready you can start
to move that foot it’s just gonna come over to the right side creating some
length oh yeah there’s that stretch so feeling this all through I feel it
through the side of my body that left side and I have not even send me my hips
over to the left yet so once I send the hips a bit over I’m
starting to feel that through the hip still the side body so good nice work
you guys let’s bring that left leg back in drop
your knee down and take a second if you need to come off of those wrists for a
moment you can but we’ll be finding our way into downward facing dog so your
hands can come down spread your fingers wide tuck your toes under and lift on up
into downward facing dog so last week we were moving a bunch to warm up the
shoulders to create some flexibility in the shoulders but today we are thinking
about the legs of the lower body so not so much worrying about where those
shoulders are we’re only gonna stay for a few moments in our downward dog but I
want you to really bend that left knee and then try and straighten that right
leg your hips can kind of rock I don’t care where your shoulders are be
nice to your wrist though so bend that right knee now and try and straighten
that left leg and then let’s switch sides so left knee bends right leg
straightens and switch sides again right knee bends left leg straightens awesome
you guys start to come back to really bent knees inhale look between your
hands exhale let’s walk our feet up to the top of the mat feet can be together
or hip-width apart knees are gonna be bent you’re gonna take an inhale and
lift your upper body halfway your hands are gonna start to find the shins
because you can’t touch the floor anymore
because your back is trying to be parallel to the mat to the floor so that
chest is up inhale exhale stay here inhale start to
stick your butt out a little bit like you want to straighten the legs but
you’re going to keep them bent exhale one more inhale straighten those legs
stick your butt out just a little bit more again the knees are actually still
bent and accent let’s fold bend your knees even more inhale lift that upper
body back up hands are coming to those ends start to stick your butt out maybe
finding some more length through the legs exhale stay lifted inhale and
exhale one more inhale stick that butt out and exhale let’s fold drop your
hands we’re gonna take the left foot and step it all the way to the back of the
mat you’re going to drop your back knee and then I want you to send that front
foot forward a little bit more sinking into the hips here so send those hips
forward if you brought your front foot forward too much just slide it back a
little bit like I did so hands are gonna find the mat on either side of that
front foot so feeling this through that left hip sending those hips forward take
another inhale as you exhale we’re gonna send the hips back keep everything the
same but trying to straighten the front leg inhale bend the front knees sink
into the lunge and exhale half splits hamstring inhale send that weight
forward feel that hip exhale push it back straighten the front leg if you
want more you can flex the foot inhale back into the lunge nice you guys and
exhale send it back half splits straight in that front leg let’s do a few more
inhale and exhale just moving with your breath let’s do
one more inhale into lunge and exhale sand those hips back just enough to
straighten that front leg and then come back forwards we’re gonna plant our
hands you’re gonna bring that back foot up to the top of the mat so however you
can get that back foot all the way up we’re gonna take the right foot back
find that lunge dropping the back knee so one of my favorite moves are two
moves to flow in below in between between is the lunge this low lunge
getting that hip flexor and the half splits send those hips back straighten
the front leg inhale shift forward lunge exhale so this is a great prep for our
full split so we’re not gonna do full splits don’t worry but if it is a goal
of yours do this a lot mmm so just finding the breath with each inhale
shift the weight forward the hips forward lunge and as you exhale send the
hips back maybe flexing the foot if you want more mm nice work you guys a few
more rocking forward and rocking back awesome job you guys let’s do one more and then coming on back into the lunge
plant your hands bringing your front foot all the way up inhale take a
halfway lift stick that butt out each time you lift up halfway I want you to
feel that hamstring stretch exhale fold one more inhale halfway lift and exhale
plant your hands and step your feet all the way back into downward facing dog
take a second to pedal those feet a little bit bending one knee and
straightening the other then we’re gonna bring our feet together inhale your
right foot up into the air start to look at the top of your mats into your hands
we’re gonna send that right foot to the outside of the right hand and then
you’re just gonna drop that back knee lizard so take a second sink your hips
nice and low getting into those hips maybe rocking your body from side to
side a little bit you’re gonna find your forearms we’re gonna stay for just a few
breath or you could take that left hand and just place it on the side of your
mat and add a little quad stretch or a twist let’s start with the twist take
your right hand find your knee maybe looking behind you
still dropping the hips nice and low and then if you wanted to reach back for
your foot you can try that as well getting a quad stretch not too long here
so maybe another breath or two and I’m starting to let go of that foot if you
do have a defeater if you are in the twist bring your hands back to the mat
let’s step into our downward facing dog feet are gonna come together inhale your
left foot up and exhale send that foot to the outside of the left hand dropping
the knee lizard lololo into those hips maybe your
rocking a little bit maybe and if you want to come for that twist
right hand can stay planted maybe put the hand on the knee or try and reach
back for that foot for that quad stretch mmm
I’m noticing that their rights my right leg is a lot tighter today than my left
hmm so take another breath wherever you are
notice how this side feels compared to the last side and then you can let it on
go bring your hands back to the mat and let’s take that front foot and step back
into downward facing dog awesome job you guys
with an inhale looking forward exhale walk your feet up to the top of your mat
inhale halfway lift exhale to fold inhale halfway exhale plant your hands
stepping back downward facing dog with your next inhale looking between your
hands exhale Walker step all the way back up to the top of your mat inhale
lifting up halfway exhale fold one more inhale halfway exhale fold awesome you
guys let’s come all the way up to standing we’re going to bring that left
foot back and take a really wide stance a really wide squat so toes are gonna
point out to the corners of the room you’re gonna bend the knees take your
hands place on your knees and just go for a nice little rock from side to side
so getting into those hips into those inner thighs even no awesome work you
guys mmm so just rocking from side to side a
little bit more we’re gonna be bringing our hands to the floor or if you can’t
quite get your hands to the floor grab a book or
hello or block or something but have your hands down and then start to turn
your toes to point forwards or even in a little bit so standing wide legged
forward fold so your hands are gonna be down we’re gonna take an inhale to lift
that chest a bit and as you exhale start to drop start to fold and as you inhale
lift back up push into your hands exhale folding forward inhale upper bodies
coming up exhale fold really feeling that stretch the back of the legs one
more inhale halfway and X folding for an awesome you guys start to take some
weight into the hands again we’re gonna be bringing the feet
together so however you want to gracefully bring those feet together and
then chest have a seat on your heels or you can sit cross-legged placing your
hands in your lap or on your knees and let your eyes close mmm
finding your breath one last time and let’s stay for one last inhale
through the nose and exhale out the mouth awesome job today you guys have a
great rest of your day I will see you on Wednesday

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