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[Music] the couples yoga challenge is really excited to do it can you tell I don’t usually shoot videos on my friend Cooper apartment but excitingly I have been very very busy on Riverdale so I haven’t had time to go back to our house and shoot some videos so we had to improvise here so without further ado let’s do some yoga as with any exercise in general the first step is to always give yourself a good stretch [Music] all right one two three we’re doing it right are we doing it oh okay so I just do this yeah then I for this one great I think I can do this crack these ones if I’m gonna be limber for yoga [Music] okay put that booty in that a shaking that you just don’t care am i doing it so I have to get up on your bum and then touch my weight no my legs gone the other way so haha you’re so high up okay all right six out of seven poses were successful seven was a bit of a safety hazard so we decided to quit that one Travis is a solid foot taller than me and do some kind of scorpion thing on top of him would have resulted in me hitting my counter so we exceed that but if you liked this video give it a big ol thumbs up subscribe for weekly videos I put a new video every single Wednesday don’t forget to watch Riverdale new episodes every Wednesday 8/7 central on the CW bye

31 thoughts on “YOGA CHALLENGE | Madelaine Petsch

  1. Great tv show, still watching, your show Riverdale, "You are so beautiful😍 and I respect that 😉🖒. God bless you Madelaine, and my real name is, Austin Hooper, so you will know that it is me ☺ 👌,love ya ✌ peace.

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