Yoga Chakras | Painting for Beginners | Step by Step Tutorial using Acrylic Colours

hello everyone welcome to my channel I’m Riaana
as this is going to be the first video of my channel so I decided to do this special
painting that is yoga chakras of a meditating lady I’ll try to cover and explain the procedure and the concept behind this painting so please
stay tuned to the end so this is my mini setup to do paintings with
a customized pallet handful of brushes etc. besides the necessary brushes you should always
keep some extra brushes handy for soaking excess water or managing some mistakes
firstly I am going to use this white fevicryl acrylic color all over my paper
earlier I have already applied some homemade gesso on the paper as you can see I have already secured my paper with used paper tape just by changing the
sides my this painting is going to be mostly black
so as long as the color of the paper tape is not distracting that much you can sometimes save some this way after drying of color here I am putting a
sketchbook and a diary over the paper to straighten the paper a bit
as honesty the paper quality is not that much good so I manage this way now after all the initial procedures I’m coming to the exact work
you can see the waviness of the paper is not entirely fixed but it is much better than
earlier with the help of a scale I have already marked
seven points in equal distance though this distance may vary later due to the look and subject of the painting then with the help of a compass I am drawing
seven half circles so here’s the golden yellow color and one
of the flat brushes which have not any number but the quality of these brushes are really
good for a beginner if you want to buy any of these products that
I have used in this painting I have given all the links in the description I am using a separate dry brush for the blending in acrylic painting blending is usually done
from lighter color to the darker color but sometimes such mistakes may happen but the
advantage of acrylic paint is you can always reapply your color which I’ll do here later since I don’t have the violet color so here I am mixing the maroon with marine blue here I have taken all these colors around the black to create shades in the edges of
each half circles before that I am applying the black here and
I thought it would be a good idea if I mix the black with more water to create blooms
or cauliflower effects which might look good but I quickly realized that it was not a good
idea so I repainted again with solid black here I’m creating the shades and while creating
the shades I had to blend almost all over again until it became okay for me to certain
extent here I’m painting some tree leaves with a
bianno artist brush of number four with round uneven tip and now I’ll talk about the concept the colors I have blended here are entirely
on the basis of the colors of chakras I wanted to portray each color as one layer
of nature I also want to say it specifically that I
didn’t read anywhere about this concept it’s just my thinking actually I wanted to show through yoga chakras of meditation how one can connect completely
with the nature almost like converting everything into one soulful and peaceful here I’ve done a rough sketch of the meditating
lady on my practice paper then have traced the half part to do another
symmetrical tracing on the other side and here’s the complete one that I’ll trace
on my painting this is entirely for the beginner process
if you’re confident enough you can directly trace your sketching on the painting I wanted to portray maroon color as land orange and yellow colors as sunset sky or
a part of the day sky green color as the layer of trees
blue color as the night sky purple color as the part of the universe
and for white color in the end of the painting I’ll paint a white ray above the lady in this section I’m painting a small part of the earth here I’ll be using some liner brushes for smaller detailing now for the stars I’m using a small flat brush with white color on its tip and will be spraying
like this I’ll create a milky way with the help of my
fingertips firstly I’ll be pasting some white and then
black I’m not using the mixture of white and black
or purple because in this way there’ll be a nice foggy effect as I have to use the white again so here I’m washing my fingertips now painting a galaxy and it’s actually a wet on dry method now I’ll be painting some planets and here’s the moon of our night sky after using the tissue there’s still a foggy effect but I think it’s okay for the universe first day I did up to this and then next day I started by adding two
more planets and then proceeded with the meditating lady here’s all the pearl colors I got that I’ll be using for painting chakras firstly maroon (or red) denotes the root chakra for which I’m using poppy red pearl color for blending you can either use a dry thinner brush or can use wet on dry technique
since I don’t have any orange color so I’ll mix poppy red and golden yellow to get the
orange here’s the yellow chakra denotes the solar
plexus chakra orange chakra denotes the sacral chakra
then green which denotes the heart chakra blue that denotes the throat chakra
now I don’t have any violet color as well for that I’m mixing the red and the blue
violet denotes the third eye chakra now for the crown chakra I was going to use
pearl white but I thought silver pearl color will be more brighter and nicer
here I’m using white color for the crown chakra but it is denoted by pink color as well while the pearl colors are drying I’m adding and modifying more details here’s the complete painting explanations of the procedures concept and
techniques I hope you have enjoyed this and if you have loved this first video on my channel please kindly give it a like and
share thank you so much for watching

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