Yoga Camp – Day  27 – I Am Grateful

– Hello my friends, and welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It’s Day 27. Wowee, wowee, zowee. The mantra today is, “I Am Grateful,” and I am super grateful for
this experience with you, this journey with you thus far. Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) Okey, doke. Welcome, today we’re going to begin in a nice, comfortable seat. Right away draw your palms together, and as you’re getting settled in here, give yourself a nice
little rub in the hands. Create a little heat. Again, take your time getting there. Maybe you’re still getting on your mat. Catch up when you can by
bringing the palms together, owning this moment,
taking this time for you. Hopefully you’ve had a
nice journey thus far. I’m proud of us. We’re gonna take the
hands and we’re gonna move even faster, creating
more heat, more friction. Just building up some energy here. (swishing) And then we’re gonna
take it right to the tops of the shoulders here, right
where these thick muscles are, the traps. Nice and easy, and you can
relax the shoulders down. And you can begin to find some bend in the head and the neck. (breathing) And maybe this turns
into a little massage. (clicks tongue) (breathing) And then we’ll bring the– Oops, hit my mic. Heh-heh. And then we’ll bring the palms together once again and do the same thing. (swishing) Creating a little energy, a little friction boys and gals. And then to the heart or the
heart center, heart space. (inhaling and exhaling) Start to breathe, deeper breaths here. And just notice where you’re at today. (breathing) Accept where you are today. And one more time, palms together. We give it a rub. Last time here. Really get it going. Maybe it’s chilly where you are. Maybe you’re rubbing, maybe
it’s hot where you are so you’re hardcore. Keep it going even faster, even faster. And then right on your face. (breathing) Big breaths here. Awesome. Then slowly release. Palms come together. This time in stillness
right at your heart center. Press the elbows left to right. Sit up nice and tall. With a soft gaze here, go ahead and close your eyes. We’ll take a deep breath in. Deep breath out as you
just ground in this moment and we connect to our mantra today. The mantra or the affirmation today is, “I Am Grateful.” Need I say anything more? Repeat the mantra quietly to yourself. I am grateful. I am grateful. And one last time, take it with you, I am grateful. Then interlace the fingertips, press the palms forward, up, and all the way back. Take a second here to teeter totter, just stretching out through the side body. Maybe you continue the mantra to yourself. You’re rockin’ and rollin’ with it. I am grateful. Gratitude. Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm. The best medicine. After a couple teeter
totters left to right, checking in with the weight of the legs, finding your opposition here so not just stretching, but connecting to the
energetic body we know. After a little bit of time
here or when the arms feel like they’re about to fall off,
release fingertips down. Loop the shoulders, and
begin to walk the fingertips or the pinkies rather, all the way back towards each other here. So, using the earth to walk it back, and just noticing where you’re at today. So, it may be here for you. OK, in time I’ve been able
to walk my pinkies together. And then pressing up and away
so out of the fingertips, not collapsing, lift your heart. Close your eyes here again. Begin to deepen the breath even more. Mmmmm. (breathing) And slowly we’ll release. (exhaling breath) Flip the palms. Take a look at them. If you need to give your
wrists or your forearms a little massage here, tend to it. And then just I want you
to look at your hands just so that you take the
awareness of your hands, your palms, your fingers
with you as we dive forward onto all fours. When you arrive, tabletop
position nice and strong. Then here we go, looping the shoulders, press away from your yoga mat. Right away we’re gonna press
into the tops of the feet, and just for five seconds, hover. Lift the knees. Hover in this tabletop here, making sure the spine is organized from the crown of the head
to the tip of the tail. Press into all ten fingerprints. Press into all ten toes. Try. Deep breath in, and slowly release. Send it back, Child’s Pose. Mmmmmm, melt your heart. (inhaling) Feel this nice, soft opening
through the shoulders. (exhaling) Breathe. (inhaling and exhaling) And then pressing into
all ten fingerprints, pressing into the tops of the feet, slide through all the way onto the belly. Press into your foundation here. Pull the elbows back. Inhale, Cobra. (inhaling) Exhale, release. Great, curl the toes under. Press to all fours. Then curl the toes under if
they aren’t already here, and then send it up to Down Dog. Sorry that was redundant. Curl your toes under and
then curl your toes under. (laughing) Press into all ten knuckles. Try to enjoy this Downward Dog today so one thing about this
journey or sometimes when we take on a goal is we
get so focused on the goal that sometimes we slip into
that robot zone of like, “All right, as long as I’m doin’ it. “Right?” But don’t forget to enjoy. Remember that mantra. Hmmmm. (breathing) Checking in. And then slowly lowering
back to all fours. (exhaling) Great, press into the tops of the feet. Press away from your yoga mat. Inhale, hugging navel
up towards the spine, lower ribs in so we’re
not just collapsing here, but really connecting
to the center already. I’m gonna send my right
foot all the way up and out. Turn the right toes down. Level the hips. Then inhale, send the
left fingertips forward again, as if you were
shaking someone’s hand. Howdy do? And then pull the
shoulder back into socket. So we’re reaching and then pulling. (exhaling) Essentially we’re organizing everything, the abdominal wall, the spine. Hugging energy in towards the midline. So not collapsing into
my right wrist at all or at least I’m working to
really connect to my energy. It’s tough. Big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out. Release, switch. Start by lifting the left leg up high. Inhale. Go through your checklist. (exhaling and inhaling) Building strength from the inside out. Working on finding support from within. This stuff matters especially
if you want to grow your Asana practice and
do fun, silly things. But it’s really not about that. It’s about really being healthy and strong till you’re 90. Or beyond. Reach the right fingertips forward. Plug that shoulder in. Just explore here. (inhaling) Beginning to wake-up the
entire body, every cell. And then release, send
it back, Child’s Pose. (breathing) And allow that experience
to stimulate and inspire your breath. (breathing) So, the practice of yoga can be hard. There are hard times where
we have to find that support and build strength. But sometimes I find I
make it harder on myself, mostly because of my mind so that’s why I love Yoga Camp. We keep the mind and
body working together. Try to stay present in the practice. So take one moment here
to repeat the mantra. (inhaling) I am grateful. Notice how you feel there. Grateful for this experience. Can we even be grateful for the challenge? The things that are buggers. (laughing) Knowing that they can also teach us, guide us. Here we go, back to all fours. Strong foundation here. Press away from the earth. Here we go, sending the left leg, excuse me, right leg out, left fingertips forward. So working in opposition here, we inhale, expand. Exhale, nose to knee. And then something a
little bit different today, I’m gonna place that down, and then move to the other side. So we’re switching today. Inhale, extend. Exhale, nose to knee. And then release. And then we switch. Inhale, expansion. Expansion, nose to knee. Navel draws up. And then release. And then keep it going. (inhaling) Find your breath. (exhaling) So we’re switching. Talk about yoga for the brain. Right now if you feel like, “Mmuh,” then you’re not alone. (exhaling) (inhaling and exhaling) Keep it going. (breathing) Try to inhale as you extend. Exhale as you round it in, maybe retaining the breath as you switch. (breathing) And even it out. And after you even it out,
we’ll curl the toes under and send it up to Down Dog. That’s where we’ll meet
for five deep breaths in and out, in and out. (inhaling and exhaling) After your fifth breath… (exhaling) Take the feet all the way
up towards the front edge. Nice, slow walk or hop to the top. Take a nice Forward Fold here. (breathing) Clasping opposite elbows, rocking a little side to
side if it feels good. You know what to do here. (breathing) Then releasing the arms,
pressing into all four corners of your sweet feet here, engaging through the legs, tuck the chin into the
chest super actively today so really round through
the upper back body. And then when you’re ready, roll it up. Loop the shoulders. Big circles with the shoulders
today as you stand up nice and tall. Come into your Mountain Pose. Turn the pinkies forward. Give yourself a little
extra space here today so really take up some space. Allow the armpit chest to breather here. So, kind of like airplane arms here. Open, open. Then big breaths. As you ground down through the feet, draw down with the shoulder heads, ch-chhhhh. Down with the pinky. And then find lifts. So basically, find lifts
where you can and find places to ground where you can. (breathing) Then slowly draw the
pinkies in a little bit. Mountain Pose. Big breaths. (inhaling and exhaling) And then slowly draw
the palms to the heart and just a quick second here
to create a little space in the head, the neck. Mmmm-mm-mmmmm! Drawing circles with the nose. And then head back to center. We’ll interlace the fingertips
and press the palms forward, up, and back once again. Nice and easy, staying
connected to your feet, all four corners teeter totter. Fancy yoga term, teeter totter. A little left to right, stretching the skin of the side body but also maintaining that lift up thorough the center channel. So if you’re kind of spilling
all your guts out here, hug the navel in a little bit. Find places to just kind of hug in. Just play. (breathing) And then we’ll inhale to center. Carve a line with the nose. Look up. Exhale, release the fingertips. Rain everything down, Forward Fold. Nice. On your next breath in, halfway lift. See if you can find
something new today here. (inhaling) And then on an exhale, Forward Fold. (exhaling) Press into the feet. Inhale, reach for the sky. Full body stretch, full body experience. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Again, inhale. We reach. (inhaling) Exhale, we fold. Soft knees. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. Find something new. Extension. And on your exhale, slide it down. Again, reaching for the
sky, press into the earth. Big breath here. (inhaling) Exhale. Hands to heart. Namaste. (exhaling) Here we go. Inhale, adding on this time. Reach it up. (inhaling) Exhale, opening the shoulders
as you fold it down. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, Forward Fold. Plant the palms. Bend your knees. Step the right toes back, followed by the left, plank. Spread the palms super wide. Draw the shoulder heads
away from the ears, soft bend in the elbows. Really engage your core. Lift from the inner thighs here, and then spike your heels towards
the back edge of your mat. Big breath in as you grow
the neck even longer. And then exhale, bend the elbows, hug them into the side body, or at a nice 45 degree
angle here as you lower all the way to the ground. Flip onto the tops of the
feet and inhale, Cobra. (inhaling) Exhale, release. (exhaling) Inhale to all fours or up to plank so yogi’s choice here. If you want a little more
heat come up to that plank. If you want to cool it
down, keep it soft, knees. And then to Down Dog, everyone. (breathing) From Down Dog, drop the left heel. Inhale, lift the right leg up high. Exhale, squeeze nose to knee. And then step it up into
your nice, low lunge. Feel free to lower the back knee here. Take a couple moments to
explore the lower body today. Shine some light in the dark places. Linger in the places that
need you to linger in, sore spots. You’ve been working hard. (inhaling) Then maybe you come back to
that low lunge wherever you are. Everyone loop the shoulders. Inhale, let your heart shine forward. And then exhale, plant the palms. Step the right toes back. Slowly lower down, belly
to Cobra or Chatarunga to Upward Facing Dog. Take a deep breath in here. And then exhale, knees or to plank. And then to your Down Dog. (exhaling) Then drop the right heel. Lift the left leg up
high as you breathe in. Squeeze nose to knee. Connect to your strength. Then step it up. Explore this nice, low lunge. Opening up through the hip creases. Opening up through the hips and backs of the legs. Move nice and slow. Continue to deepen your breath. And then whether the back
knee is lowered or lifted, everyone loop your shoulders, grow light on your fingertips, and let your heart radiate forward. Whoa, radiate. (laughing) Radiate forward. (inhaling) Been talking a lot these days. Then plant the palms, step the left toes back
and move through your flow. You can always skip it, moving belly to Cobra
or Chatarunga to Up Dog. (exhaling) Start to have a little fun today. Give thanks for your limbs, for your body. I am grateful. (exhaling) Downward Facing Dog. (inhaling and exhaling) Bend the knees. Inhale, look forward. Walk it up to the top. Or hop it up to the top. Forward Fold. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. Inhale, reach for the sky. Big breath in. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. Namaste. (exhaling) Big breath in here. (inhaling) Big breath out. (exhaling) Big breath in to reach it up. (inhaling) Exhale, Forward Fold. Enjoy. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. Pull the shoulders back. Exhale, soften and release. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back to plank. (exhaling breaths) And slowly lower down, belly to Cobra or Chatarunga
to Upward Facing Dog. Everyone inhale, open your heart. Then exhale to your Down Dog. (exhaling) Send the hips up high. Send the heart towards your thighs. When you’re ready, drop the left heel. And we’ll inhale, lift
the left leg up high. Spread the right toes. Lift from the right inner thigh. Then when you’re ready, send that knee up towards your heart and
try to touch nose to knee. And then we’ll step it up into the lunge. Great, inhale. Heart radiates forward. Exhale, pivot on the back foot. And slowly we rise up, Warrior One. Strong legs. Press into the knife edge of
that back foot, super sharp, engaging the left inner
thigh, reach it up. Great, pull back through
the right hip crease, lifting up through the front body, grounding through the back body. Inhale in. Exhale, Warrior Two. (exhaling) Send the arms out wide. (inhaling) Keep going through your checklist. Stay curious. (exhaling) Then we’ll flip the right palm up, and reach the right fingertips forward. As you do this, sink into that front knee. So front knee over front ankle. And we reach forward. Keep the front knee over front ankle as you send it back, Peaceful Warrior. Stretch, inhale, open your heart. Exhale, extended side angle, your version. (breathing) Inhale in. Exhale, dial your heart back to center. Plant the palms, and we
move through a vinyasa or send it straight to Down Dog. (breathing) Then from Down Dog, drop the right heel. Lift the left leg up high. Inhale. (inhaling) Exhale, squeeze. Draw your knee up towards your heart. Try to touch your nose towards your knee. Good, then step it up. Find that low lunge first here today so stretching through the legs. (inhaling and exhaling) Then pivoting on the back foot. And rising up, Warrior One. So right toes turn in. We press into the outer edge of that foot. We sink deep so drop your center down, and bend that front knee. Then inhale, reach the arms up. (inhaling) Big breath in here. Exhale, open up, Warrior Two. (exhaling) Make it happen. Hmmmm, enjoy. As you flip the left palm up, we’re gonna reach left fingertips forward. Front knee over front ankle. Do your best. Reaching forward, up, and
back as I keep that bend in the front knee, Peaceful Warrior. Extension through the crown. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Doin’ awesome. Inhale. Exhale, slowly shifting
to extended side angle. Your version. So this idea of it’s not really
what we do but how we do it, so how you’re connecting the poses, and the way that you’re
embracing it today. One more breath here. (exhaling and inhaling) And then we’ll slowly dial it
back down to the low lunge. Yeah. Plant the palms and move through a vinyasa or feel free to skip it. We’ll meet Downward Facing Dog. You got it. Definitely pushing the boundary. If you’re new to the practice, take breaks when you need to, darlins. Even if you’re not new
to the practice, right? Stay present. And then we’ll walk it up to the top or hop, jump, float to the top. Then take a nice Forward Fold. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, bow. (exhaling) Inhale, reach for the sky my friends. Enjoy this move. (inhaling) And exhale, hands to your heart. (exhaling) Great, let’s keep it going. Inhale, reach for the sky. (inhaling) Big exhale as you send it down. (exhaling) Inhale, long spine. Halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, Forward Fold. (exhaling) Bend the knees, plant the palms. Step or hop it back. Option to cultivate strength
here by moving through the vinyasa or feel free
to save it for later. Send it straight to Down Dog. That’s where we’ll meet. (exhaling and inhaling) Then here we go again. Dropping the left heel, inhale, lift the right leg up high. Square the hips. Press into both palms evenly. Then slowly bending the
knee, cultivate strength, shifting forward. And then to your low lunge once again. Same little sequence here. We’ll add on one more thing. Inhale, open the heart. (inhaling) Exhale, keep it nice and low here. Challenge yourself as you
pivot on the back foot, and rise up, Warrior One. Pull the right hip crease back. (exhaling) Inhale in. (inhaling) Exhale, Warrior Two. (exhaling and inhaling) Stick with your breath as you
reach the right fingertips forward, up, and back, Peaceful Warrior. Find extension through the crown. Long, beautiful neck. Inhale. Exhale, extended side angle. Your version. (breathing) Then inhale in, this time on your exhale, dial your heart back to center. Pivot on your back foot. Then slowly we’re gonna step
that back foot in halfway. Fingertips walk in front of the foot. And we slowly shift
onto that standing leg, lifting the back leg for half splits. So this’ll be a little
different for everyone. Careful not to lock your standing leg. So a little soft bend in
that knee as you press away from your foundation. Careful not to grip in the toes. Then turn your left toes down. Lift from your left inner thigh. So if you’re here, see if
you can turn left toes down. And in time we’ll grow
this tall, tall, tall. For a fun little challenge, you can take the right hand, wrap it around the right calf. And then hold onto your
drishti or focal point as you try to do this while talking now as you wrap the left
hand to the calf as well. Just for fun, just as
a place to build to… (exhaling) Eventually we draw the nose,
the gaze towards the navel. Ha-ha-ha-ha. OK, here we go everyone. Big breath in here. (inhaling) And you just gotta trust. Don’t even look back. No lookin’ back, just soften through that standing leg, and come back to your nice, low lunge. Ye-yah. Plant the palms. Move through a vinyasa. We’ll meet in Child’s Pose. Great work. (inhaling) Send the hips back. Take a rest here. Close your eyes. Relax your jaw. (deep breathing) How ’bout some nice,
nourishing breaths here? (breathing) Chances are you could use them. Balance the system out. Get some fresh blood, fresh oxygen. (breathing) And we just take a second, really today with the
mantra to appreciate, appreciate our bodies,
appreciate this practice, appreciate this community. And then let’s press into the toes. Spread the palms. Press into all ten fingerprints. As you come back up, curl the toes under, and send the hips up high. Down Dog, here we go. We got this. Move with your breath. Drop the right heel. Inhale, lift the left leg up high. Lots of awareness in this
three-legged dog here. You got it. (inhaling) When you’re ready, on an exhale, shift your weight forward, nose to knee. (exhaling) And then step it up. Nice, low lunge. So today, establish the low
lunge just as another experiment for your standing postures. Keep it nice and low. Open the chest, open the heart. Then from here, pivot on the back foot. Drop your center down and lift it up. (exhaling) So keeping nice and low. Sometimes we come out of the standing leg and then it’s hard getting low so keep in nice and low today. Warrior One. Moving with your breath, here we go. Inhale, spread the fingertips. (inhaling) Exhale, Warrior Two. (exhaling) Strong legs, flip the left palm. Inhale, reach the left fingertips forward, up, and back, Peaceful Warrior. Draw the shoulders away. Big, beautiful breath here. Inhale. Exhale as you begin to find
your extended side angle. Nice and slow. Mindful. (exhaling and inhaling) After a little exploration here, inhale in big, and use
your exhale to dial it back to your low lunge. Pivot on the back foot, and we’re gonna step it up halfway. Find strong connection
with that standing foot. Careful not to lock the knee out here. It’s actually easier when
we keep the muscles engaged. It’s also safer. Walk the fingertips forward. Inhale in. Exhale. (exhaling) Lift the right leg up high. Three-leg– Three-legged splits, what? Standing splits. And just go with your checklist, everything we’ve learned here, apply it. Lifting up through the left hip crease. Hugging the lower ribs in. Not crashing down here,
but keeping an aliveness from the crown to the tail. Lift from your right inner
thigh so if you’re here, ladies and gents, draw
your right toes down. Square the hips and
start to lift from here. So it may mean that
you’re not as high today. But so you’re gonna backtrack a little. Maybe. (inhaling) But for the betterment
of mankind and womankind. Maybe you practice this
little balance here, wrapping the hands around the legs. Notice my shoulders
still tugging away here. Hold onto your drishti. Just give it a little playtime here. (breathing) And then wherever you are,
release the fingertips back to the mat. Send your gaze forward. Soften through the standing leg, and then just trust as you
shoot the right toes back. Nice, low lunge. Ye-yah. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, last vinyasa. Make it awesome. If you want to add to it, maybe sneak in some little
baby push-ups there. You’re welcome to. I won’t be doing that, but, just kidding. (laughing) Then everyone do send it up
to Down Dog for one breath. (inhaling and exhaling) And then slowly lower to your knees. Take the knees together. Feet together, hips back. Bring the fingertips towards
the outer edges of the feet, and come down, full Balasana. (breathing) Close your eyes. Relax your jaw, and maybe you feel comfortable enough to let the mouth open here. So a little, haaaah, a little mouth breather action here. Huuuuuhh, just let it go. It feels good. Then you don’t have to look up for this. I’m gonna try to guide you
through this next thing with my voice. So stay where you are here, heavy head. Shoulders heavy, mouth open. (laughing) And then slowly we’re gonna
reach the fingertips around, the shoulders will naturally lift, and we’re gonna reach the
fingertips behind to interlace. No need to bring the palms together here. In fact, we can kind of
square at the wrists here, and then lift the knuckles
up towards the sky. So peek at me if you need to. But otherwise, I’ll try
to just guide you here with my voice. So this might be a good
stretch for you in the wrists, in the forearms. Again, I’m not trying to
force my palms together here at all, that would be ouchie. I’m keeping the wrists nice and square. Then a couple shrugs. So I draw my shoulders away
from the ears, stretch. These are small, gentle moves, as if you’re shrugging,
the way we kind of shrug when we’re like, “Mm-mm-mmh? “I don’t know.” So gentle shrugging of the shoulders. It’s a little slide, back and forth. Back, ooh, and forth. Let’s do one more. And then slowly release the fingertips. Whoa. With control. That was impossible. And then slowly reach the fingertips up. That was funny. My body betrayed me. It happens. Slowly coming forward, and we’ll come back to all fours. (laughing) Great, walk the knees out wide. And then curl the right toes under, and stretch the backs of the legs here. Back, so one at a time though. So stretch the back of the right leg, spiking the right heel back. And then switch. Left toes curl under. Stretch the left leg. (breathing) Mmmmmmm. Great, and then we’ll take the legs, swing ’em to the right, and
come to sit on your bum. Bring the soles of the feet together here. Open the feet like a nice book here. (inhaling) Mmmmmm. Nothin’ like a nice book. What’s your favorite book? Leave in the comments below, but only if you’re serious like, “I love this book. “This book is my favorite go-to book. “I’ve read it more than once.” Or, “I would read it again.” Or just tell us what
you’re currently reading. I’m grateful for time to read. I’m trying to make more time. I get stuck on the computer. We all love our Netflix. OK, and then after you’re done. (laughing) Considering your book, here the feet, and in the comments, sorry. Grab the ankles and loop the shoulders, and again we’re gonna do
that shrugging motion. So, squeeze the shoulders up to the ears, and then drawing them down. Nice and slow, squeeze and lift. (inhaling) And draw ’em down. (exhaling) Activate through the legs
here so this feels better. So find support by grounding
the tops of the thighs down and lifting through
the center channel. And then just keep the
shrug going on here. A couple more times. (inhaling and exhaling) Mmmmm. Neck and shoulder hygiene. Can never have too much of that. Bring the knees together. Send the legs out long. Nice and easy, sliding the
hands down to try to touch the feet. You can bend the knees,
and then sliding it up. (exhaling) Maybe give your legs a little
massage, sliding it down. (inhaling) And then sliding it up. Touch your legs. Don’t be shy. Touch your legs. And then this time, Forward Fold. (breathing) Then gently release, and come to lie flat on your back. Hug the knees into the chest. (exhaling) And crawl the shoulder blades
underneath the heart space. Inhale in. (inhaling) Exhale, slowly lower
the feet to the ground. Send the fingertips out left to right. And we’ll slowly let the
knees melt to the left. (exhaling) See if you can actively
reach your right knee towards the front left corner of your mat. Mmmmmm. And then over to the right, same thing. See if you can actively
reach your left knee towards the front right
corner of your mat. (inhaling) Mmmmm. And then back to center. Slide the feet down. Dig into the heels. Inhale, reach the arms all
the way up and overhead. Full body stretch. Hook the thumbs. Let’s go a little Wu-Tang
yoga again here today. Big breath in. So tug the thumbs left to right. (inhaling) Yes, really resisting the
urge to sing some Wu-Tang. I think you know what line. So I don’t even get to say it. Big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out, break free. (exhaling) Come to Shavasana. Lick your lips. Make sure you’re not
gripping or holding anywhere. Take an inhale in, lots of gratitude in. (inhaling) And lots of gratitude out. Just take a second here
to connect to that mantra, “I Am Grateful.” Man. Gratitude’s the best medicine. If you’re goin’ through
some tough times my friend, maybe take this mantra
with you off the mat today. I Am Grateful. Taking care of yourself, but also seeing if you can just have appreciation
for even the challenging things, the things you don’t understand. I find it much healthier than fighting, fighting against it. There’s enough fighting in this damn world. OK, love you guys. Take good care, and I’ll stop rambling. I’ll let you continue
the journey on your mat and then off your mat and
into the rest of the day. Have a great one. See you tomorrow. Namaste. (lively, uplifting piano music)

100 thoughts on “Yoga Camp – Day 27 – I Am Grateful

  1. Adrienne, I am grateful for your fun loving nature, your generosity of spirit and your loving guidance through this 30 day journey. Sending love and gratitude xx

  2. Today's practice was tough for me. I've been doing a Kettlebell challenge in conjunction with the yoga challenge. But I accepted I was tired and where I was today. I enjoyed the journey and believed I am stronger because of 27 (haven't skipped a day) days of yoga. (I think I managed to include some of the mantras in) I am grateful that even though I'm unemployed at this moment, I have the time to cultivate a yoga home practice that I never thought I would enjoy this much. And, I'm grateful to find the time to figure out what this girl really wants! This yoga practice came into my life at the exact moment I needed it. As for my favorite book, "To Kill a Mockingbird" And recently, I read all of the Lousie Penny mysteries.

  3. I LOVE the mantra and theme of this practice. One of my favorite quotes from one of my greatest role models:
    "Everyone’s situation is different, and the details of each life are unique. Nevertheless, I have learned that there is something that would take away the bitterness that may come into our lives. There is one thing we can do to make life sweeter, more joyful, even glorious. We can be grateful!" -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

    My favorite book: The Book of Mormon

  4. Late to the party I know, but favourite book is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and current book is Solaris by Stanislaw Lem 🙏

  5. hello o/ i been doing the voga camp and i really need to say this…. i really didnt wanted to but.. i think you talk little too much….kinda gets hard when your never not talking.. sorry but hopefully your future videos are better

  6. Today was the first time I wanted to turn off and give up, was just not feeling it (legs & knees hurting like heck today) but I did not and am feeling much better now that I did it. Thank you

  7. I'm reading a great book now called "Unstrange Minds" by Richard Grinker. He explores autism through the eyes of an anthropologist – as well as the parent of a child with autism – to bring new insights into the history of the disorder and what it means in our society and different cultures around the world. I deleted my Facebook account last week, so I look forward to having more time to READ.

  8. i am grateful for you dear adriene!! the poisonwood bible is the book that has influenced me the most in life — highly recommend!!

  9. had to skip the standing split today 🙁 lots of child's pose today but grateful I made it to the mat 🙂 NOS4A2 by Joe Hill or the Dark Tower series by Stephen King for favorite book(s).

  10. So grateful… Thank you!

    Favourite book: 'Fuck It – The Ultimate Spiritual Way' by John C. Parkin

  11. Grateful for many things…God, my family and for me starting yoga with you 13 weeks ago. Best thing I ever did for myself! I feel so good after this practice today. So thank you, Namaste!

  12. I'm greatful for everyone and everything that makes these free yoga videos possible. They're truley life changing. Hugs xoxo

  13. I am grateful for finding YWA. My grown kids laugh at how I speak of you as if I actually know you. ❤️🙏🏼

  14. Bit late to join in but I’m reading, ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ by George Orwell. Fascinating book, recommend it to all. You learn about what life was and still is like for homeless people and the affects of extreme poverty and mistreatment of those with money and power.

  15. June 27, 2018. Day 27. I'm grateful for having a body, energy, time, space, and resources to do yoga everyday. I'm also grateful for my neck and shoulder pain that motivates me to exercise and meditate more.

  16. Currently reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. Very insightful and witty on how to let go. Been loving it so far 😀❤

  17. Really enjoying these yoga sessions, thanks Adriene for sharing. I love the Mitford series of books by Jan Karon. Currently re-reading "somewhere safe with somebody good"

  18. I am grateful for you, Adriene! Thank you for your time, generosity, and kind vibes 😊 My favorite book is 1984….if you haven't read it, READ IT!

  19. Sometimes the biggest achievements of the day are small things.
    Do yoga, prepare yourself a meal, pay the phone bill.
    😊 Be grateful no matter how small these things seem to you. You're doing great! ❤️

  20. Island by Aldous Huxley. He wrote his last book while he was dying. It is a story of an incredible utopian society on an island. Much different than the story he is famous for, "Brave New World.".. <3

  21. So , so grateful . It's hard to pick just one book , but I absolutely love the author Yogi Ramacharaka . Currently reading his "Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism" . He also does "Science of Breath" and "Hatha Yoga" , etc . So good ! xoxo

  22. Thank you Adriene , your videos have improved my quality of life and my relationships . your truly a beautiful person 🙂

  23. My favorite book is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I think everyone should read it. The Story of B is another favorite by the same author.
    I loved this practice! I got out of the habit of doing my daily yoga for a while and was feeling lethargic and less than pleased with my body. Today I remembered to feel grateful for the fact that I can change at any time. I can pick up habits and I can change my body or character if I find myself unhappy with either! I am grateful for the freedom and ability to change myself.

  24. The Catch Trap by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I've read it at least 5 times. She's typically a fantasy writer but this one is a historical fiction about the fall of the big top circus in the advent of television following two trapeze artists as they navigate life and identity.

  25. Back to the calendar today and FOCUS, feeling positive after yesterday, thank you Adriene ☺️. I am proud to achieve all but thowe last standing leg splits, I couldn’t quite make it so I was mindful and took care, but I know I need to rebuild my strength in body and mind and this practice although a little long was worth every moment. I’ll leave the calendar again tomorrow for a quickie, another challenging day but I’ll see you on the mat of course 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞💞💞

  26. I wasnt feeling that well before I started the practice today.. kinda gloomy, a little sad, not so happy and disconnected with myself. But its so important to feel yourself, your body, to controll your breath and movements. It brings you back to reality and pushes away the negative thoughts… I am grateful for you, Adriene, and for me, that I start using the gifts and tricks I got and learned from you, when Im feeling low. Thank you :*

  27. 23/365
    Grateful for this community. Grateful for you, Adriene. Grateful for my health, it allows me to practice yoga every single day.
    Namasté <3

  28. loved it
    always amazed with my body today i can yesterday i couldn't tomorrow maybe and life is just going on and our bodies and minds are changing, progressing or regressing, the most important thing is to keep up the good work and TRY because this is our true self that keeps on trying beyond the changes in our bodies and minds.
    Thank you I AM GRATEFUL

  29. I was gonna quit this practice at 17:00 but am so glad I stuck with it til the end. I really enjoyed it.
    If you're still looking for book recommendations, I highly recommend Indian Horse by Richard Wegamese.

  30. This day I am most grateful to you Adriene, for the wonderful gift of a guided, home yoga practice!
    Since I began this journey with you—three months ago, in three days—I've had no difficulty with consistency, and have enjoyed growth, challenge, and empowerment. And all through this kind and lovely gift of yours, to the world. Namaste

  31. Well being a serious Dead Head this practice lol!! This theme is my daily mantra! So much to be grateful for! Kicking cancers butt, my man, my mama, the chance to challenge myself with standing splits whew those were tough!! I am incredibly grateful for Adrienne!

  32. Just finished “leaving time“. Damn! She’s one of my favorite authors, incredible word Smith who does insane amount of research on her varied topics… For example, this one involves a psychic, elephant sanctuaries in the US and abroad, A disgruntled ex detective, a “missing” mother, and a searching teenage daughter… Insanely good. Don’t have time to look up the authors name right now, and for that I am very sorry! Actually I can’t do that. Hang on…okay… By Jodi Piccoult;)

  33. Hi Adriene, I’m having a difficult day and like a blessing your words came to me “what it feels like to be alive today!” from my heart to yours Namaste Adriene

  34. Thank you for this practice! I am currently reading a series called Medical Medium: Liver Rescue by Anthony William. I know the liver is never a topic of popular discussion and may even seem boring, but this book is so well written that anyone can understand the painstacking work our liver performs for us every day. It has a lot of metaphors and examples that make it relatable and a fun, informative read 🙂

  35. Grateful to you and your team Adriene! Thank you for your contribution – Yoga focused on the union of body and spirit

  36. I am truly grateful and blessed to be part of Ywa and the beloved beautiful Kula 🌞 Everyday I feel grateful for Adriene and the beautiful gift of Yoga 🌝 Namaste beloved sister and beautiful friend 🙏

  37. This was my favorite so far! I realized I love the movements that match breath. I loved that part most. Very flowy and yummy today 2019! Namaste to you beautiful yogi's near and far old and new beginner and advanced. Love to all.

  38. book: of all time: Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. Female survival story that changed who I want to be everyday since I read it at 13.

  39. I just hit 100 days in a row of Yoga with Adriene yesterday. This is one of my favorite videos thank you for all that you do Adriene. You are a wonderful guide!! Favorite book — The Kite Runner!! Sending lots of good vibes your way. Thank you again!

  40. I can’t even begin to explain what you have done for me, Adriene.

    *tears up*….You’ve just been here and been so amazing. Thank you for your support

    -sooo much love from Mississippi🌻♥️

  41. After about 5 months of yoga with Adriene, im finally able to lower myself into chaturanga without plopping straight down. Enjoyed the session on the mat today. Having gratitude is the key to happiness. I wish everyone a lovely day. Count your blessings 🙂

  42. Stephen King Cujo and the Stand. favorite two series is Women of the other world by Kelley Armstrong and Harry Potter.

  43. The Help by Kathryn Stockett is such a good book. I love tv too but this book keeps me reading. Grateful for books and reading glasses.

  44. My favourite book of now is The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera! I'm currently reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown – also a very good read. Namaste <3

  45. Awesome 👏 I am grateful for you and the community you have created! Thank you! Krishna Das’s book! Namaste 🙏

  46. I skipped this practice two days ago because I had finished my sociology essay at 10pm and I was exhausted. Yesterday evening I opened this video, but I wasn't actually enjoying the practice and focusing on it, so I decided to stop the video. Today I can say that I've completed day 27! It was a long practice, but I liked it and it was very needed, as my body is tired from today's global warming strike. Namaste🙏🏻

  47. Claire Weekes' book "Self Help For Your Nerves" really helped me come to terms with my anxiety. Anyone scared because they have anxiety, it's a small helpful book. I am grateful for my anxiety, inconvenient as it may be, for teaching me to be patient and kind especially to myself, but also to those I would have earlier deemed unworthy of my efforts, as you realise everyone is just trying. Of course, so grateful for Adriene 🙏

  48. I am going through a tough time, with lots of challenges that I need to face at the same time. So this morning, I thought I should remind myself to be grateful even for the challenges that strike. And when I hear you say the same thing to me, I felt relief, simply that. I am proud of my attitude when facing these difficult moments. Hope that I will be able to truly appreciate these moments. I am being challenged and feeling uncomfortable because I am out of my comfort zone! Way to go, Mei! I am strong! Thank you, Adriene, for reminding me of that!

  49. I got a job offer from one of my dream companies today and I am extremely grateful for the all the things/people that held me strong through my struggle and you are one of them. Yoga With Adriene has been a life changing experience.

    The highest in me bows to the highest in you !

  50. The entire Saxon chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, on which the netflix series The Last Kingdom is based. I'd recommend both for fans of historical fiction

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