Yoga And Pilates Poses HOW TO Guide PYRAMID POSE

[Music] welcome to yoga how to section so whether you’ve done yoga or pilates before it doesn’t really matter this section is for everybody it’s going to tell you how to practice particular postures or Pilates exercises accurately and perfectly as best you can to get best out of each posture or exercise so you look and feel great after every practice also it’s really key to avoid any injuries now it’s super unlikely that you’re going to injure yourself in your group Pilates because the essence of the exercise is that they’re controlled and steady but to avoid any injuries it’s best for you to watch all the classes through and then you’ve got all the tools that you need you to have a perfect experience in my yoga and Pilates classes so watch all the how-to section through and then you can intertwine all of your experience into my yoga and Pilates classes if you only see please subscribe to Tabitha yoga and I’ll see you on a mat and today I’m going to take you through part opt and a snap also another posture that’s done in a barrel you do vary in different ways but it’s always the same mistakes actually so come to the front of your mat let’s get this perfect come to the front of your mat and you’re going to step your foot back so that your feet look like C they look like the Egyptian legs they’re not it’s not a warrior so your feet aren’t really wide white cotton or snow your feet are quite narrow because both hip bones want to be facing forward so it’s you’re not open in any way both hip bones car traffic lights facing forward now hands important asana are in reverse namaste ideally like this now if that’s just not happening hold your elbows or hold your wrists nice narrow stance choosing your hand position draw your chin chest to lengthen out the back of their neck and your folding from the hips now come halfway you draw your chin in lengthen a little bit more and fold completely now watch those elbows don’t slug down you want to keep them up keep them lifted like they’re being pulled to the ceiling take a breath in and come up breath in supports you and keeps you strong as you drive yourself out of these postures okay parting us now other side breath in lengthen out fold creasing the hips come forward half away lengthen through the spine and again watch these elbows are dripping down keep the post strong spine straight out with a little deeper in breath strengthens you to bring yourself back up [Music]

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  1. In this the 9th video in the series I focus on PYRAMID POSE. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced student, my Yoga and Pilates Poses How To Guide will help you perfect your postures and get the very best out of all the classes you do, try and watch all of them as I add to the series. I'd love it if you would tell me which other postures you would like me to include in the guide πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΈπŸ’•

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