Yoga Alliance Proposal 15

(wind chime) (music) (wind chime) The first thing I would like to do is thank everyone for coming down. And listen to what we have to say here. I try to explain that Yoga is a broad topic today. Under the heading
of yoga on one side you can have somebody who goes for a weekend
intensive comes back a certified yoga teacher here and then the other side of
that is you have people who have systems for attaining enlightenment I think one
of the biggest things is a lot of people really don’t understand what younger is
and yoga was explained to me very simplistically many many years ago by
Swami Rama Honesdale Pennsylvania and explained it to me in about six minutes
and it took me about twenty years to figure it out but you said you train
your mind to look for spirit and you train your body to receive the image
pretty simple yoga is Union Union of the individual with the divine now there’s a
big I don’t know debate about is yoga religion and my whole thing is is that
yoga comes out of Hinduism the word religion means to relink and yoga means
Union I think it’s two ways of saying the same thing but the problem is is
that we don’t know what either one of them are supposed to do anymore that the
institutions that have taken over our religions have failed so badly that we
don’t have a good model anymore and even say for example the whole yoga community
today I mean people think you over is putting your foot on you ahead and we’re missing the important
part of the whole thing is it’s the union of the individual with the divine
and with this concept comes I don’t know if you’re familiar with this term is
called apotheosis of you ever heard that word apotheosis but i think is really
interesting is if you’ve ever been to the Capitol building in washingtonDC
that the fresco that covers the dome is called the apotheosis of Washington and
apotheosis is the process of the individual becoming divine and that
process does have in evidence procedure and it parallels the metamorphosis of a
butterfly see butterflies are born butterflies they’re born caterpillars
caterpillars are insects in the lobby state they do nothing but indulge the
characteristics of the human in the lobby state were careless were emotional
wherein del gym where excitable will that pretty much defines life in America
now caterpillar doesn’t wake up one morning and say where do these winds
come from caterpillar’s going to a chrysalis in
the chrysalis the caterpillar shuts off the instincts in the appetites of the
body the characteristics of human in the
chrysalis state you’re careful you’re intelligent you’re ambitious but you’re
abstinent you’re struggling with the things you were craving in the lobby
state now if my choices were caterpillar or chrysalis I would use caterpillar
every time who wants to go through the dark night
of the soul who wants to undertake the labors in the task in the hero for Wat
but from the chrysalis the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly now the butterfly
has options that the caterpillar doesn’t butterflies if they want they can crawl
around on the grass round but if they want they can fly they
can access another medium another dimension of reality and navigate
through it the characteristics of the human in the adult stage where carefree
we’re wise we’re liberated we’re enthusiastic now on the surface careless
emotional indulge in an excitable can be mistaken for carefree wise liberated and
enthusiastic because we don’t sprout wings with regard to the actual
experience though there’s no comparison but the unfortunate thing is is that you
can’t go from careless emotional indulge in an excitable to carefree wise
liberated and enthusiastic without this middle piece now yellow is the middle
piece when it was codified when it was written down it was done so in eight
essential stages now what we’re going to do here today is what they call a sign
which is a module it’s one of these eight stages but it’s not yoga and these
eight essential stages are what make up yo the physical exercise the whole
intention here it’s not about getting your hand to the floor it’s not about
getting your foot on your head it’s all about getting this image in your body
that your body will now receive what it really does need your number one need as
a symbol that will now produced the feeling in it that I’m happy I’m special
good enough because when you do that matter in mind who come together with
new information now the biggest barrier to this whole process is is it like
attracts like and two things can occupy the same space at the same time time now because our bodies have a
pattern we look for food mother in approval we have to purify the body you
have to purge the body of his dependency on this external source of sustenance
that’s why

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