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Hi it’s Parris from Epic Reviews Tech channel and it was about three weeks ago that I got my Yoga 2 Pro. I am loving this computer it is almost perfect, the one flaw is the WiFi. It’s wireless N and sort of a spotty N at that, but I had read that for $30, you can pick out a wireless card to put into this that will give you wireless AC, great range, strong connection, all you have to do is be willing to open this up. Now, this is the WiFi card that you need to get for the wireless AC upgrade. The BIOS in the Yoga 2 pro is very picky and it won’t take just any card, so make sure this is the one that you get. I’ll put a link to it down below this video so you can see the exact model. Once you have your WiFi card, you need a 5mm torque screwdriver. There are 11 screws on the bottom of the Yoga 2 Pro you’ll need to remove. You need to have a device to do a little prying to get that cover to pop off and then I’ll show you inside the cables you need to disconnect, what you need to pull out, plug this in, put it all back together and see if it really works. And before opening the system up or even opening the package with the new network card, make sure you’re not carrying a static charge. Touch some large metal object to drain that static electricity out so you don’t give an electric shock to anything, any of the circuitry in here or in the new network card. Now you need a T5 torque screwdriver head and this is smaller than what comes in most kits, so if you don’t have that, here’s the cheapest way I found to pick this up. This pick quick teeny turner is $5 and you can pick it up at Frys, if you’re not near one, I’ll put a link to it down below. You can order it online, it comes with a number of bit heads and it seems to be well-made. But mainly, it gives you that T5 that you’re going to need to take out this screws. This guys are tiny and easy to lose, it’s helpful that this comes with a magnetic tip. Down to the last screw, just wanted to mention here that you may be voiding your warranty doing this, so do that at your own risk. Also, before opening up any electronic device, you want to remove power so of course, unplug it from the wall, shut it down. Ordinarily on a laptop, you’d also pop the battery out, but in this case, it’s an internal battery so I have to deal with that when we get to it. Okay, all the screws are out, now it’s supposed to be a matter of flexing it and popping this back cover off. And get a thumb nail under there, poking around and pulling on the edges, I found that if you start here where the hinges are, get a fingernail underneath and pull, it feels like it will come off pretty easily. There we go. Now we’re inside. Here we got the battery, you can see that it takes up most of the innards of this system. Couple of exhaust fans, the ram that’s soldered in place, so no memory upgrades. Over here is the solid- state drive and I believe that’s a standard connector, but again, I don’t know with the BIOS how picky it’s going to be if you put a different brand of solid-state drive in and our target for today is right here. There’s the WiFi card, now I’m going to unplug the battery before going on, that way that I can be sure there won’t be any electricity running through here and I won’t short-circuit anything. Unplugging the battery is a matter of pulling the cable out from the connector right here. It’s tiny, my fingers are fat, may need another instrument for this. Requires a great deal of pulling to get it out. Alright, it’s diffused, now the manual for the Yoga 2 Pro says after taking off the back cover, you need to remove the battery pack, the LCD unit and the system board before removing the WiFi card, but I’m going to see if I can just jump ahead and do it. It looks like everything I need is right here, so let’s see if we can just unscrew this, remove the antenna leads an pull it out. So we got 2, what they call, wireless LAN cables, I assume that they’re the antenna leads, black and white right here, one screw, some tape holding it down in both sides, and then here at this end, is where it actually slides into the slot and the little metal contacts takes place, and they tell you to start by removing the black and white cables. I’m thinking it’s just a matter of pulling them straight back, again everything is super tiny and miniature though. It’s actually more like a snap. Yeah, kind of like a on a 9-volt battery, that little caps that snaps over the top, so that’s different, I did not expect that. So it’s just a matter of pulling it up gently and then the cover will pop off the top of it. Okay, question is how easily will it go back on with those cables pulled back out of the way at this point, you need a very small Phillips heads screwdriver, not a torque. Right there. Then we got the tape, I guess you either have to pry it up or just slice it along each edge to let the card come out, tape is loose, I should now be able to gently lift it a little and pull it out of that slot. Okay, it’s got to come up over the screw hole and then pull back gently. There’s the old wireless card, now it’s a matter of reversing everything. So I’ve got the wireless card, the first thing is to slide it most of the way to flat and then push it down as it goes past the screw hole and slides and makes contact. It is in place, next is the tiny Phillips head screw. Now we need to re- attach the antennas, this is the tricky part. But it does say in the manual that the black cable goes to the little connector labelled MAIN and the white cable goes to AUX and very tiny print on the label here on the WiFi card right next to this little button, it says, “MAIN” and the one here on the end it says, “AUX”. I’m going to try to fit this over the little old button and if I can push it on by hand or if I need a tool. Finally got my snap, Okay. White one is on, snap number 2, alright. I think we’re reassembled. Don’t forget to plug the battery back in. At this point, you cross your fingers, put the cover back on. Now there were snaps along each edge, so they’ll have to re-engage. You had much practice taking the cover off the back of your cell phone, it kind of feels the same. Actually the torque screwdriver and so glad that it is magnetized. Here’s the last screw. Okay, question number 1, does it still turn on? I’ve got lights and no smoke yet. And here you can see under network adapters, Intel Dual-Band Wireless AC 7260 and here’s my current WiFi status on my 5GHz AC network. What I’m seeing is it’s obviously found the new card and installed the driver. It’s showing me my local networks plus a new one that I didn’t see before. Guadalupe Peak, my 5GHz network which means the new card is working. Looks fine, everything else on the computer still seems to work, so I’m guessing I didn’t break anything. I’ll give the new network card a workout over the next few days, you have the ranges and the top speed and if after a while, it tends to drop connection like the old card did, I’m hoping that this is going to resolve all those issues and it was a successful transplant, but if it disappoints at all, I’ll post another video and let you know.

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  1. Hi I cannot change the card because Bios tell me it is forbiden and I have to reboot with the legacy one. Could you help me. The video is just amazing !!!

  2. Did you run into any issues with the bluetooth driver being unrecognizable after this replacement? If so how did you fix it?

  3. Thanks for this informational video.  I have a  Lenovo B50 70 which also came with the 2.4 Qualcomm wifi card with bluetooth 4.0.  I bought the same model Intel wifi card shown here, except I got it on eBay from China as its the only one I could find with the Lenovo "fru" number on it and the auction stated it was "blessed" for Lenovo.  My wifi speeds were slower than ever and I had a shop put the card in.  They tried my card on one of their computers and said the card is fine and that it is a motherboard issue.  I'm going to order a new laptop next week.  Do you think my wifi card is bad?  The one you referenced on Amazon is the same model number but doesn't have the "fru" number on it that Lenovo lists all of their parts with.  Should I maybe order the Amazon one and install it myself if it works in your computer?  Please advise, I'm really hating this laptop right now, and if I had the money I'd run it over with my car, but this computer was a lot of money for me and I've only had it 6 weeks.

  4. Would this work if my Y2P were running ubuntu linux? I'm having a lot of dropped wifi connections and the P/N starts with 593, which supposedly means it is the 'old' network card which might be the cause (?)

  5. hello, I want to ask that does a new driver need to be installed to make the new card function or the old driver also support the dual band card?

  6. Easy to crack the case and get inside.  I have already changed the SSD and bumped it up to a 500GB Samsung mSATA drive.  But this wifi card is really tuff.  It is easy to remove the old card.  Easy to install the new card.  One screw holds it in.  But re-attaching the tiny wires is damn near impossible.  I have been working on it for about 2 days on and off and cannot get the wires to snap back onto the posts.  I am probably going to return the card as I cannot get the wires to attach securely.  Thought I had them on one time but I think the contacts were iffy.  Although I could connect to my router the connection was tenuous at best.  And, after about 60 seconds it dropped off completely.  I fear that I will have to go to a USB 3.0 wireless dongle.  I can't get the wires to snap onto the original card either.  I am worried that if I manipulate the wires any more I will break them in half.  So a word of caution.  Your experience may vary but I found that while removing and replacing the card is super easy – re-attaching the black and white wires is REALLY difficult.  I am guessing that I tried so many times to snap them on that perhaps I have bent or slightly damaged the connectors on the ends of the two wires.  Your video makes it look like…well like a snap.  But I am guessing that you edited out your numerous attempts to get the wires back on the posts.  

  7. Thank you very much for this video. It really helped me out. I just switched the cards and everything went without a glitch. Thanks again!

  8. I am getting 130-144Mbps on my 7 yr old laptop with WiFi N card with N router. Maybe you router is far away or too much interference in your network. Thanks for the video

  9. I own a Lenovo Ideapad yoga 13

    will this upgrade work?

  10. I have bought this laptop and I also installed the 7260 NGW dual band wireless card (802.11 AC). But when i start my laptop this message come on the screen "Unauthorized Wireless network card is plugged in. Power off and remove it". I remove the new card and plugged the old one back and my y2p started normal. So I cant use the new wireless card. What did i do wrong? Can anybody help me?

  11. Just purchased a Yoga 2 Pro from Best Buy.  i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD.  It came with the 7260AC installed already.  No connection problems whatsoever.  The only bottleneck now is my pre-AC router.  Now I just need to scrape together $250 for the AC router…

  12. I just bought a Flex 2-15 and can't get it to go above 30 Mbps WIRED (let alone wireless). I can get 65 Mbps on my old Samsung R580.
    Any suggestions for that? Will this card work in a Flex 2 ?

  13. nice but not work under new bios

    after boot

    Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. Power off and remove it


  14. I followed this video exactly the way it suggested and my yoga 2 pro works perfectly with the new Wi-Fi card.  It was so simple to do, I was surprised that I was able to do it as I am not mechanically inclined.  The only thing I suggest is to remove the original card from the device manager before replacing, and go to Intel and download and install the most current drivers.  Thank you for posting such an easy video to follow.

  15. This is a side question. I tried using my yoga 2 pro on a couple different monitors, and noticed that the coloring wasn't displaying correct like it is on the yoga itself. Is there anything specific I have to do to correctly display it on a monitor?

  16. Having issue: replaced card with new ac card, booted up, and did not have a wireless signal. Put old card back in, and still no signal. Drivers were installed for both model cards, and connections look sound. Any idea why I am without wireless signal? It worked fine before I swith cards.

  17. Went to the link you provided and ordered the Intel AC wireless card. Easy Install, but when I powered it on, I got the message: "Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. Power off and remove it". Supposedly this was the card should work. What happen?

  18. Thank you for posting this helpful video.  As others have already said, the newer Y2Ps already come with this 7260 card making this just an issue for early models (such as mine purchased last April).  I just completed the replacement and everything is now working again.  It turned into more of an adventure for me when the snap fitting connector on the black wire came off; these connectors are only crimped onto the ends of the wires.  Be very gentle with them; fingers only is my recommendation.  The card itself was functioning immediately on startup, but the setting and passwords for configured networks needed to be reentered.  I downloaded an updated driver from the Intel website, but the driver details after reboot still show the older version number for some reason.  I do hope this solves my Bluetooth conflict problem.

  19. I watched the video, used the link and bought the new card.  I can't believe the difference in the wifi performance.  The WiFi card that came factory installed was giving me about 30 mb/s throughput on my lan.  The new card is giving me 264 mb/s throughput.  That's almost 10 times the performance, unreal.  The install went just as advertised, thank you for the video well done! 

  20. Hello. I installed the card and it works nicely. Great video instructions. However I see Battery indicator with big red 'x' on it. The message is 'No Battery is detected". I tried to push the batter connection once more to make sure if it is not loose. But did not do any thing.

    However I do not know what happened or what is the resolution. Any guidance is appreciated.


  21. My wife has had it with the wifi that came with this otherwise very nice computer. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the video and links!

  22. Hello,
    I have a problem
    I just upgrade my wifi card to Intel 7265 AC on Lenovo yoga 2 pro
    But when I turn my laptop it show my immediately this message:
    Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in, power off and remove it.

    What is the problem????


  23. Thanks for taking the time to put this video together! It was a cinch to follow and resolved my only frustration thus far with my Y2Pro. Appreciate it!

  24. @EpicReviewsTech please update this video as new boss locks the ability to install this card. No work arounds available locked bios.

  25. I wanted to upgrade my laptop wifi card from Wireless N to AC…
    Am i need to replace the antenna built in laptop??

    I need flexibility and i'm using my laptop for wifi troubleshooting and i need 5ghz wifi AC network


  26. 117Mbps on AC???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's not even near 300Mbps for "N" speed!!!
    Where is the 800Mbps+ that AC boast at spec?

  27. WARNING WARNING WARNING! The "push on" 9V battery like connectors are extremely tricky and made of very soft material. I just finished this WiFi card installation and while everything in this video is correct I was not able to remove the battery connection easily and was unwilling to force the connector loose. I proceeded anyway. The cables to the WiFi card came off easily but reconnecting them requires immense concentration and patience. Handle them with care or you will deform the male connectors on the card. Be sure to pay close attention to the routing of the cable or the cover will not close properly. Phew, after almost an hour I was able to get them on again. It was my fault for sure but please go slowly. No driver change needed. I'm up and running. Thanks.

  28. Followed your guide and I still have a laptop with wifi.  So thumbs up.  Hopefully this will improve the wifi performance which was abysmal before.  My one recommendation is to actually remove the battery before working on the wifi card.  It is easy to remove.  And trying to disconnect the batter lead without removing the battery is incredibly tough.

    As for reattaching the antenna…I had to call in my son with better eyesight.  

    Thanks for the guide.

  29. Hi guys, I tried a FRU:04W3806 wifi card from and it works perfectly as well! super fast wifi, Cheers.

  30. This video made it possible for me to take the step and get the non-working Wi-Fi card changed!
    The card reference did not work for me as non-US, but found another supplier of a card.
    So thanks!!!

  31. Thanks for the step by step video.  I haven't tried any upgraded drivers but so far, performance is the same or even slightly worse.  I've been doing speed tests on the same server and comparing my AC NIC phone to the yoga and it blows it away every time.  Any suggestions?

  32. I have a question. I don't live in the USA so the card can't be shipped to my home adress. But will this card also do?

  33. Like several others, I followed these fantastic instructions and got the Intel Wireless-AC 7260 card installed, only to have the BIOS tell me during boot "Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in, power off and remove it."  The FCC number on the card I bought is PD97260NG.  I saw a few suggestions that I need to find out what model card is whitelisted.  Where can I find that?  I have a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 100GB SSD model, 4GB RAM.  I did not download the drivers for the Wireless-AC card before changing out the card – could this be the problem?  Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

  34. I received an unauthorized network card message and had to reinstall the old wifi card. Any advice? Thanks so much.

  35. Parris, I can’t thank you enough for this GREAT video.
    I bought my Yoga 2 Pro in February 2014 and recently lost Wi-Fi connectivity altogether. Your guidance saved me a pretty penny and much waiting time which I would otherwise have spent on a repair service or Lenovo support.
    BTW, I DID have to remove the battery, because I couldn’t remove the battery plug without doing so. But it wasn’t a big deal – just had to remove another few screws.
    The card works perfectly. BTW – the card I purchased isn’t the one you recommended, but rather the following one:
    This is in view of a comment by a Lenovo support person on the forum (, who recommended purchasing only a card with the Lenovo brandname, due to compatibility issues. Maybe doing so will solve the problem of “unrecognized cards” that others here are encountering.

  36. Great video.  I just did this upgrade the other night on my wife's computer.  Same issues, dropped wireless, etc..  The upgrade went alot smoother than anticipated.  I had some troubles unplugging the battery.  I ended up removing the battery by taking out the 5 or so screws that held it in.  That made unplugging it much easier.  After the upgrade the laptop booted right up, recognized the card without an issue.  I've connected to my 5g network and all seems to be working really well.  Thanks again for the video.

  37. Hi, thanks for the video it helps a lot!

    I have a question, would you reckon this card will work on windows 10? I patched the Yoga2 Pro with it and I want to make sure the installation of this card would still be successful.

    Many thanks,


  38. My Lenovo Yogo 2 PRO 13" has a diff layout to yours and a diff shape card, more like this one: but reviews on various sites says it only works with HP.

  39. Very helpful video! Followed it easily and was able to change out the Wifi card without any problems. One point, I made sure the Yoga 2 Pro was turned off but I did not disconnect the battery as that looked like it could be a little difficult. Luckily, I had no problem switching out the card without removing the battery lead and all is up and running.

  40. My wife's Yoga 2 Pro suddenly "lost" the driver for the original wi-fi card. Best-Buy wanted $150 to diagnose and if a hardware problem was found, would charge a minimum of $30 extra plus parts. I was nervous since so many people reported that this upgrade did not work due to an "unauthorized card…" error. After watching this video and ordering a card….it took about 15 minutes to pop the back, pull the old card, put in the new one, close things up and reboot. I checked in device manager and it showed the card. I had to re-apply my network password but no other software issues and the card works fine. I figure I saved at least $180, got it fixed faster and with less hassle.

  41. The new droid Yoga 3 (Non-Pro version) 10.1 inch is the perfect tablet as well to me except this same issue but I looked at the Arm processor being the 212 snapdragon – it only will accept a 2.4ghz or solo band wifi although I have no issues and very snappy, it actually seems to go further outside my house them my dual Samsung tablets BUT it still bugs me that they do this, why do they do this, I suppose the WiFi in China is not so good. Putting great build quality, etc in with random lower end parts …

  42. Specified network card did not work. Error message read, "unauthorized network adapter installed." The computer would not boot until I put the original network card back in the computer.

  43. Brother, this upgrade is spot on! I purchased the recommended card from the video and the entire process is literally plug and play. My 5Ghz network was recognized immediately. No extra downloads, no fuss… Thank you so much for this!

  44. I just installed the new ac card into my YP2 but it does not detect wifi even after I confirmed the card is working properly. I reinstalled the old orginal, and now the same issue. I for sure heard the snaps of the antenna wires up reinstalling the old. I wonder if I somehow I busted the reception of the unit? Any thoughts. I had no issue with Bios rejection and all seems to work otherwise. Is there a way to test for what is the issue. Seems like a network card could be used if all else fails and prove the reception. I had some issues getting the black main on but does not seem busted.

  45. January 21, 2016
    I am now ready to upgrade my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 wi-fi card to the one you referenced (7260AC). I purchased my Yoga 2 Pro just a year ago January 2015.

    I am wondering if there is any technical changes since you posted the video last year?



  46. Double Awesome!! I got my order and installed on my Yoga 2 Pro. I can just seamlessly connect to Comcast's 5 Ghz Wifi access now! Thank you, Sir!

  47. I watched this video and went ahead and purchased the network card from Amazon. It took me 3 minutes to install after removing the notebook cover. The computer started right up without a glitch. I am supposed to have gigabit speed internet but, I can only get this computer to 292 MB/S. Meanwhile, my 6-year-old laptop is clocking speeds beyond 350 MB/S. How come this is happening to a fairly new computer? (Also, with the new card, I'm getting wi-fi clock speed over 200 MB/S.)

  48. So sad. I got the very exact card but it just comes up "unauthorised card". Gosh I hate companies selling stuff you can't do anything with.

  49. Hi, thanks for the video. Is that card still the best option, or are some of intel's newer cards also compatible?

  50. Nice video, but how do you get to see the BIOS whitelist?

    And is there a significant difference between Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 and the 7260NGW model linked above (the NGW version is not avilable in Denmark)

  51. Warning to those that like me purchased theirs at Best Buy for the special processor. The WiFi card is soldered to the board and is not serviceable. Super bummed.

  52. I bought the card with the same FCC number and IC number as the one shown in the video but was also met with the unauthorised card message. Any solution?

  53. Excellent. Liked the way you present info so clearly and lively. Going to change the wifi in my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro now. Thanks for the great video.

  54. Thanks for the link and the Video, I ordered the Wifi card from the link (You should get commision) and followed your instructions and it works great. I found that when installing the new wifi dingle it was easier to clip the black and white cables before inserting into the slot as they are a bit fiddly. Secondly I can confirm to any Linux people out there that it worked perfectly with my Manjaro installation, no drivers needed it simply asked for the 5G password and off it went. From useless to great in under $30 wish I had done it sooner!

  55. Thanks for your detailed instructions. I already tried an 7260NGW (Intel(R)Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 802.11ac, Dual Band, 2×2 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0)ordered from M-Factors without sucess. The Lenovo Yoga 2 doesn't accept it (unauthorized wireless card….)
    I contacted Lenovo technical support and they told me that for my Lenovo there is no official dual band WiFi supported for my machine type (80DM). I now ordered the WiFi mentioned in your link as a last hope….

  56. I only bought one of these because I felt sorry that it was ginger and it was sat in the shop for ages on display…I love it though and it definitely needs a new insert technology term so thanks for the video! And also I'll thank my parents for my little girly hands…😂

  57. Gotta tell you this video was right on the money. I purchased the card off of Amazon using the link you provided. When I first installed the card my Yoga did not recognize it at all – basically it didn't even try to find the card. I put the old one in and everything worked. I then put the new one in and, voila, it found it and worked straight away. Just had to reenter my WiFi password. My suggestion to anyone doing the install is to put the new card in and then flip the laptop over and start it up before putting the cover back on and installing all those little screws! That way you will know whether everything is working properly.

  58. I just try the replacement, but I got an Error Code 43 (device descriptor request failed) in Device Manager even with the original wireless card. Anyone knows what could be?

    Thank you very much!!

  59. the Intel 3160 in my Inspiron 5458 is causing me a lot problems and it's pissing me off. do I still need to check the Bios to switch it?

  60. Thank you EpicReviewsTech! I purchased the Wi-Fi card from Amazon as you suggested. I went to Home Depot and bought a small kit of Torx screwdrivers (Husky 8-in-1 set… Model# 70381H). Everything went swimmingly! I did not remove the battery or the battery connector–I was able to carefully replace the Wi-Fi board without removing the battery. I performed the swap-out on my bench which has a grounded anti-static mat. The longest part of the replacement process was trying to locate one of the small screws that I had misplaced. I was being SO careful to keep the screws in a little pile–I think that the slightly magnetic pair of needle-nose pliers may have been responsible for moving that screw from the pile. Powered up the Lenovo and Wi-Fi came right up… All of the Wi-Fi sites around my machine were displayed. I did need to re-enter my SSID (I have it hidden) and the Wi-Fi password. Now up and running with 50+ MBPS! Thanks again EpicReviewsTech!

  61. Thanks for your video! Also helped with my lenovo y50-70. I replace the stock wifi chip with an Intel(R) Dual Band WIreless-AC 7260

  62. Thanks for this tutorial, very comprehensive.

    I am wondering if you have a list of WiFi cards that are known to be compatible with the BIOS?
    Alternativly, do you know of a way to bypass the BIOS security and allow for another WiFi card to be installed?

  63. Yep, same message for me… I guess it's time to rollback the bios update.. Or these cards he links are fakes?

  64. Before you order this make sure you tell them your using it with a yoga 2 pro, I used his link provided and the card I received was not compatible with the updated bios. But not to worry, there is a specific card for this configuration that works perfectly. Send them a message first and they will email you a link to the correct card you need to buy. Didn't need to downgrade the bios, only thing is before you install it. Go into device manager and remove the current wifi device, [right click, select remove] and power down the laptop. Note, if your using the fast boot feature in windows 8, 10 disable that first or you will have to remove the battery when you do the installation. Now, some people will tell you to disconnect the battery anyway, but you really don't have too, guess it depends on your skill level. It took longer to take the screws out then to replace the wifi card. Once your finished, windows will automatically install the new software, just give it an extra 5 seconds at first boot. Performance is dramatically different, even on N type connections, let alone 5k and aac connections. I have 100 Mbps service and get around 75 Mbps wifi speed, you can check your performance levels buy going to Speedtest which is ok or better go to YouTube and view some 4K hdr videos. I had no video or audio stuttering whatsoever.. A Tip when reconnecting the 2 antennas on the card, your better off disconnecting and reconnecting them while it is disconnected from the board, just be sure and discharge yourself and read up on handling sensitive electronic devices… Have fun.. I replaced 3 of these for friends and they couldn't be happier, if you're happy with the existing card and just want to speed things up a bit, tone down the encryption in the router a bit and adjust the wifi card settings not to power down during normal power management cycles. Also the Yoga 2 pro, ships with windows 8, but you can install windows 10 home for free, the license is build into the bios. If you require the pro version they you're going to need to pay 20/30 bucks. But for normal use, it works just find and way better than 8.1.. Remember to keep your software updated and don't be afraid to update the bios. It does correct some dram performance optimization issues and well worth the upgrade.. This computer use uefi, so you need to use a USB drive configured for that, IF YOU PLAN ON INSTALLING WINDOWS 10. Not rocket science, just look around for rufus, it's a utility that allows you to create a bootable uefi window media via your USB drive, be sure and make sure that's turned on in the bios.
    Any questions, no problem..

  65. Can someone tell me what phillips screwdriver he is using exactly?i have many small star head screwdrivers and none of them work.

  66. R you required to instal the driver from intel prior changingthe physical wifi card ? and if so, do u run the driver thats installed after u have physically change the wifi card ? Thank you. Subscribed and Liked

  67. I was having a horrible time with my Yoga 2 Pro connecting wirelessly, and when it did connect it seemed like I was on a dialup connection. After watching the video I ordered the newly recommended Intel Dual Band Wireless AC card, and within 30 minutes I had blazing speed out of my Y2P. As a side note, I was also having a problem with the screen flashing intermittently and wouldn't stop until I restarted the computer. It seems it might have had something to do with the original wireless card because since making the change it has not acted up. Thanks for the great video!

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