11 thoughts on “Would you TRY Rowing Like THIS?!

  1. First comment. 😁. Watch later and let ya know. You should interact with strava more my friend. R4CF team has a few rowers.. drop in and you could land more followers . I keep posting my workouts up . Love them !

  2. MY ANSWER: TBH dude when it comes to the rowing world for us laypeople your passion and (dare I say it?) obsession is unparalleled. Hands down. If you’re backing it, I’m all in & onboard. Ha. However, please consider that carefully before you endorse a shit product. It’s your rep! I’m taking time to this because I don’t think you would.
    IN SHORT: yeah.

  3. I think the rowing and not going backwards is a great innovation. Also thinking that adaptive rowers would like this and it could be safer for them. No turning around to see where you are going. You are right in that the bow needs more of a prow or maybe moving the slide, seat, rigger assembly to the stern or away from the bow depending on the mechanism being used. I am assuming they have skegs on the bottom to help them track and go straight.

  4. Maybe it would be easier to fit the ergometer on a boat, that would have a propeller on an axis with a flywheel propelled by an egometer's chain? It would be damped by water around the propeller? Probably it is a stupid idea, but it would be quite funny to have this kind of propulsion.
    But why this all water and cumbersome floating, since we have ergs?

  5. The idea is cool and I LOVE Decathalon out here in Italy. I buy all kinds of stuff from them because they have a wide selection of products at a great price. This prototype concept was very cool but looked clumsy in application. The oars appear to be very long and cumbersome for that frame but that may also just be related to, as you mention, the height they’re sitting at. The system just looked overall clumsy even for someone as proficient as you let alone an armature. Hopefully, with some modifications to the design, it’ll be a fun product!

  6. Shane – you need to try out an Oarboard. Its fixed seat, you can use Concept 2 oars – and see what design decisions they made, and see if it can be improved upon.

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