100 thoughts on “WORLD’S LARGEST Gymnastics Fort! (Hide and Seek w/ RZ Twin ) Rebecca Zamolo

  1. Behind Daniel when he is wanted at the box but then he didn't realise but I saw her and yes so keep an eye out for the best

  2. she snuck out of the gym 9 minutes and 11 sec into the vid! oh yeah and GYMNASTICS SQUAD! And i love you and your channel soo much like this if u saw her to are if you love her channel as much as i do! โค๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

  3. RC twin was behind me back at when she was getting the Mat or something RC twin is there RC twin is there sneaking around trust me I've seen her in a black hoodie

  4. Ok I think remember when they were escaping the headquarters the guys said RZ2 I think that it another clone whoโ€™s learning still andRZ twin swapped places with her because think about she changed her voice she knows about the gm

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