Workout Wednesday: Pull ups

Hi, I’m Patrick Delisle-Houde, strength and conditioning coach for the Montreal Canadiens. Today, we’re going to talk about chin ups, pulls ups, and neutral grip pull ups. So, the different versions are all about targeting different muscles. If you’re a hockey player, a good example
is neutral grip are excellent because they’re targeting more your brachialis, which are your forearm muscles. If you’re an Olympic lifter, a good example would be a pull up because you require a lot more of your latissimus dorsi. And if you just want to look good in your arms, a chin up can be a very good exercise because you’re going to target your biceps. As you’re setting up for chin ups, your palms should be in supination, which means facing you. From there, you’re going to point your feet
forward, engage your core pull up pause control all the way back down. Repeat. Breathing in. Pause. Breathing out. Another possibility how to set up yourself, you can bring your legs crossed, bending your knees. Obviously you’re going to have less core engagement but it’s still a great way of doing it. During a pull up, your hands should be facing away from you, which means in pronation. From here, slightly wider than your shoulders. Drive your shoulders back, squeeze your scaps, bring your feet forward. Pull up. Come back down. Repeat. During a neutral grip pull up, your hands should be facing each other. You’re going to bring your hands to the inside facing each other. Bring your feet forward. Engage your core. Pull yourself up. Come back down. Repeat. If you’re having trouble with any of those variations you can start using a band. Adding a band is going to decrease your body weight and it’s going to make it easier to pull yourself up. You’re going to bring the band around one or two knees. From there, you’re going to decide on your grip. Bring this leg forward, pull yourself up. Come back down under control. Same principle, pause on top, come back down in two. If you’re thinking, “Oh I can do a lot more
pull ups or chin ups,” you should add weight on yourself. You can use either a belt or squeeze a dumbbell between your feet or between your thighs. By adding weight, it’s going to make your body weight heavier. Same principle: pulling yourself up, pause,
pulling yourself back down. You’re going to add the dumbbell by squeezing it as much as you can and lifting up with the upper part. You’re going to pull up, and come back down under control. If you’re looking to build your maximal strength, you’re going to look between one to five reps. If you’re looking to gain hypertrophy, you
should be more between eight to 12 reps, or even more if you’re looking to build muscular endurance.

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