Workout, New Gym Floor, Formcheck & much more || GYM VLOG 2

we have finally, light everywhere this wall is painted, this one too the new floor arrived one of these is around 80kg I am curious how we manage to lay it down because this room is… not parallel at all nor do we have right angles here also we have a new fuse box new heaters are ready bathroom… I just through the whole stuff into here because I now need to spread the floor to make it ready for tomorrow so it can flatten a little for an easier montage once the floor is ready the equipment can be shipped because this is basically the gym than of course some minor adjustments and a big surprise somewhere in February So this is it basically. Stay tuned about the upcoming changes! We put a lot of work in this room also a lot of the small stuff you guys can’t see If you want to support the gym you have several options you can become a member of the members area in the KOW shop or you can get a KOW-Program and this money will be used for the gym! So we can create epic content in here I am trying to get my hips under control this time I have no control maybe it’s because you are ugly this is probably the reasons XD AD AD AD AD Get this equipment through the link in the bio or in mine! get it from @raymon.adler_ on instagram! So he gets a commission and can finally wear a roli and get a benz this counts as one looked easy no I show you a video where 80s were easy. From 2 days ago from next week on I will train with a plan again now we are just playing and later with a plan in my own gym now 18 reps with 40 the camera master is back can you cut it? better than I thought We just measured this small edge to cut it out so the first lane fits perfectly Micha tries not to cut his fingers off DON’T TELLME WHAT TO DO sorry now work doesn’t look professional what you are doing Miles is also back again can you do a trick? sit! This is our mascot So don’t visit the gym if you are afraid of dogs I am pretty happy that this thigh rubber can be cut easily this is micha’s little home if he wants to have a quick nap he fits in there now some details this angle is a little sketchy but you don’t see it we just close the gaps with some silicone we need to think about a solution for this one anyway so it doesn’t look ugly off to the next lane happy? let’s leave it like this and just work out on this piece of floor Small update to show you how far we have come Looks very nice to me we just cut a new piece Let’s see if it fits Fits The ‘curvy line’ here is no one anyway in this corner Satisfied? Yes, I am happy. What do you guys think? just write in the comments if we did a good job or if there is more potential for improvements no don’t comment the potential Just tell us we did a good job comments about improvements will be deleted So please only positive feedback. / Better get a king of weighted program! So we can afford more floor and you can also get a champion first workout ‘workout’ this one was too much nice man first the in the new gym no equipment here and better not film this area but I am happy next week strengthshop will deliver and then we can start! I think he is happy too he needs some love looking so sad I don’t know who has more fun of you two Floor is almost ready the jerks deliverd 10m2 too less So we need to wait for them and finish this corner some small changes and some details that need to be cut like this one here we need some edge molding So we can close the small gaps Now the light works in both rooms now we can flex every time we want show us if the light is nice without pump I am always pumped and from this place we will deliver you epic content in the future

14 thoughts on “Workout, New Gym Floor, Formcheck & much more || GYM VLOG 2

  1. So looking forward to seeing the new gym bro! Although I'm gonna miss those iconic orange weight plates 😂😂😂

  2. Great job done by you guys 👍🏽❤ best thing ever to see the effort you've put into something coming to its success and start to give you gains , soon enough i wish ❤

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