Winter Solstice Self Care Practices

– So one thing that really
helps me as I move through my work and through family life is paying attention to
the cycles of nature and I’m always ware about the full moon and the new moon and kind of what’s coming and kind of the ebb and flow of nature and the ebb and flow of
my own personal energy and it helps me
tremendously, so as we look at the winter solstice and
we look at the time where we get to explore shadow
and we get to go inward and we get to slow and
kind of go into our cave and really look at deep
self-care and nurturing and what we need it can
be a really potent time. I think we’re, you know,
moving towards New Year’s and everyone’s saying
what are you gonna do and resolutions and jump out of the box, but this is a time where
I really slow down. So I clear my calendar,
I do a lot of writing, I do more meditation
and if that sounds crazy and you’re thinking there’s
no way I could do that I do it, I have two global businesses and I’ve kind of created my
schedule where I do that, because for me particularly that’s a time where I really like to go inward. So I think if you’ve always followed the pattern of oh my
gosh, New Year’s is coming and what are my new goals and vision and what am I gonna be
doing I would challenge you to do it different this
year and to maybe sit down and just write out three questions I love. How do I feel, what do
I need, what do I want, and give yourself permission
to tap into your own rhythms, you know, are you wanting to go inward, are you wanting to slow down,
are you wanting more rest, because that’s what’s natural for our bodies this time of year. So really giving yourself
permission to do that. (gentle instrumental music)

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