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I’m Fabian Petrina WBFF Pro, and Team MuscleTech
athlete and this is Why I Lift. “‘Cause we’re taking over. ‘Cause we’re taking over, not just the fitness
industry, we’re taking over Vegas, we’re taking over the world, and we’re out. Appreciate you.” I grew up in Heidelberg, Germany, but I moved to Hawaii
when I was 14. Germany’s full of beautiful memories. My mom, she was a single mom, but I just had
an amazing childhood. Every time I think back on Germany, I just
smile. The Christmas market, the playgrounds, all
the friends I had. It was awesome. We’d do all kinds of crazy stuff like we’d
take our bicycles into the strawberry fields and we’d rid through the fields until the
farmers would come chase us in their tractors. We’d jump over the fence to these little sheep
houses, I guess, and we’d smack their butts and they’d chase us. The last person over the fence would be the
one getting attacked by the sheep, just crazy things like that. My mother, she grew up pretty rough. I don’t know much about her past. I know that her mom committed suicide when
she was very young and her father was very abusive, so she ended up kind of bouncing
around between families. But, I mean, from every memory I have of her,
it’s amazing. Whatever she could, she would do for me to
make sure I have the most beautiful, memorable childhood she could create for anyone. My mom and I moved to Hawaii because she fell
in love with an American soldier who was stationed in Germany at the time. She ended up getting pregnant with my little
brother and they got married, and the question became, “okay, do we leave Germany? Do we leave everything we know and move with
this man? Or do we stay here and play it safe?” But she did not want my little brother to
grow up without a father because she had seen that in me. So we decided to all pack up and move to Hawaii. I was really excited to move to Hawaii because,
first of all, it’s America, and even back then I had the dream to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger
bodybuilding. After we got there, it was a very very big
culture shock. I did not speak much English, I really stood
out because in Hawaii, everyone is tan, a surfer, and there I am – this super pale kid
from Germany with a hardcore accent that nobody understood. So I became that target for everyone. I’d go to school and I’d have apples thrown
at me. I’d have thirty kids just calling me names. It just became very very difficult. One time I did decide, “you know, I’m tired
of being picked on.” So I was like “all right, let’s fight after
school.” We met up, we fought, it was a bunch of guys
that showed up. They pulled my shirt over my head, kneed me
in the eye. I broke my eye socket. I went home, I was embarrassed…I went to
my mom’s makeup closet and I covered it up ’cause I didn’t want her to see. But then she saw my eye was bloodshot, made
me wash my face and she saw the eye and took me to the emergency room. Yeah, I mean, it’s better now, but it sucked
at the time. Things kind of cooled down. Then I had one of my surgeries and I went
to school after after being off for two months, being on the couch trying to heal. I went back to school. My first day after being back at school, I
got home and had a voicemail on my cell phone and it said “we’re going to kill you tomorrow.” And I was on crutches, I wouldn’t even have
been able to defend myself. So that night, I didn’t know what to do. I was in a lot of pain, and I had a ton of
painkillers from that surgery. So I took 20 Oxycodone and a ton of Tylenol. I just smooshed it all up and drank it. So that was my way out. But it didn’t work, obviously. Right after I did that, I tried to fall asleep,
but I got scared, so I called my mom. She ran in the room, she immediately knew
I had done something bad. ‘Cause she could tell by my voice, we’re just
that close. And that’s kind of what began the healing
process for me because it was kind like I hit the wall. I told my mom everything that happened. I opened up because my goal was that I’m never
going to be a snitch, I’m never going to tell what happened because that’s not a man does. But I finally opened up and I talked to doctors
and things like that. They told me it’s okay to be you. That’s when I learned that I’m Fabian, and
that’s fucking awesome. I’ve always been passionate about bodybuilding,
but that’s when I realized that I wanted to use it not only to have fun in the gym, but I wanted to build up an armor. I wanted to be a big, bad motherfucker, you know? So no one could hurt me again. So every morning, first things first I’ll pop out of bed I think this is the most important thing to do is I take a multi vitamin just to start my day. I also start my day with Clear Muscle and L-carnitine to fall out of that catabolic state that I’m in when I wake up so I’ll hop on the treadmill – 20 -25 minutes of cardio. Even in the off season. Because to me cardio is not only to shred out It’s just a way to get focused, kind of rewind whatever happened yesterday and what I need to do today, and a way for me to get the blood going and I’ve noticed that I’m less sore after incorporating cardio daily, My morning breakfast routine usually consists of 10 egg whites, and oatmeal. The amount of oatmeal varies depending on how I looked. My second meal consists of chicken breasts And again the amount varies depending on how I looked Pre-workout, I’ll usually do some NITRO-TECH whey with a banana, I’ll blend it with some ice and it turns into this ice cream-tasting smoothie which is awesome – it’s happiness of the day. Post-workout meal – again, chicken, rice and veggies. The meal after that – again, chicken and oats and the final meal is usually a good steak with a lot of veggies There’s definitely a difference between eating for competitions and off season. The food themselves don’t change for me because I like to always to look in shape – I never really go crazy in the off season, but the amount of food changes so the amount of oatmeal is obviously higher in the off season so that I have more carbs to get more energy in the gym and get heavier lifts in. The fats go a little lower the closer I get to a competition It really just varies day by day depending on how I look But there’s no crazy difference between off season and contest diet I just kind of keep it year round. I’ve come to finding the right way to eat after years and years of trial and error. I don’t work with a coach, because I don’t like people telling me what to do. So obviously it started with me reading bodybuilding magazines and kind of understanding what a bodybuilding diet should look like, and then from there I just kept incorporating those tools I learned from YouTube videos from bodybuilding magazines and what other friends have told me and I’ve just kind of learned to see what does what for my body So it might no work for anyone else out there but I know it works for me And that just takes years and years – but that’s bodybuilding. Bodybuilding takes years and years. So to me living in Vegas is the perfect environment for bodybuilding. Not only is it extremely low cost of living, but the fitness community is huge here. I mean there’s so many top bodybuilders the Olympia is here, the WBFF World’s Championships is gonna be here this year as well so, yeah, Vegas is definitely, in my opinion, as good as Venice. My favorite part of Vegas? Is the heat! I love the desert heat. I don’t really like Vegas that much in the winter but in the summer when it’s nice and hot, I love it it gives me alot of energy and it’s – I love it. My bodybuilding journey started with my friends and I. We’d take our little 2 kilogram dumbbells, we’d take them to school in our book sack – in our school bag and during breaks we do curl off competitions – who can curl the most amount of weight and I would always win there was not a single time I lost because I would just keep going with that 2 kilograms – 100 reps! So that’s where bodybuilding started for me. And then I moved to America and you know and I didn’t have much to do, so my mom decided hey let’s sign up for a gym because you need to develop that! And then I would just start following around these bodybuilders and at first I thought it was kind of silly that they’re posing in these little skimpy bikinis and I was like “why is this guy doing this?” but then I learned to appreciate the beauty behind it all and that’s when I started looking into bodybuilding and reading about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates and athletes like that. And what fascinated me iss how they were able to turn something that was given to them – like a normal body into something so super-natural. And I wanted to create that for myself. Kind of push past what’s humanly possible in every sense – mentally, physically to create this this, statue. And I wanted to do that with my body. But then, that changed. You know, as I got more and more into the sport It really went away from that. because I started getting more and more confident in myself you know? I started seeing the way that girls looked at me as my deltoids started growing and it started the way that guys looked at me now I don’t bodybuild for that anymore. I did heal me, but now but now it’s become a passion and I don’t need to be the biggest guy in the room I do it because I love bodybuilding itself. What I love about training at the gym is that is that it’s You vs. You. First of all, if you win a competition – no one did that you for – you did that. If you lose a competition – you can’t say that “My teammate passed me the ball incorrectly. No, it’s you were lazy – you messed up on your diet you weren’t good enough. And that’s what why I love the gym, you’re in there alone and you’re doing it for yourself. No one else. I would never, never stop working out. No matter what life throws my way bodybuilding will always be a part of it. I mean, I might lose a leg one day, but I would find away around that. It might not always be to compete, but i will always be in the gym and push myself. And I’m not doing it for anyone I’m not doing it for Instagram or even you guys. I’m doing it for me because I love doing it. My proudest moment to date is … I went to University, I graduated 3.98, I got a good job. I’ve accomplished, in my opinion, I’ve really pushed myself and accomplished alot but all that really doesn’t matter to me the proudest moment that I’ve had is being able to talk to my mother and seeing that she’s proud of where I’ve come. The first time that she opened up to me that’s when I knew that I had done something right because making my mom proud that’s very difficult to do. and making her proud is, yeah, ever since then that was amazing. I think that finding your passion is what’s going to help you overcome whatever obstacles are in front of you. And this is whether you’re young or old. I believe that finding that thing that you were put on this earth for that thing that just takes you away from reality for a minute or two. It can be bodybuilding, it can be playing the violin it can be anything that one thing that just makes you, you. I think that finding that and developing that further and further is what’s in turn going to build your self confidence The more confident you are, the more likely it will be that anything that comes up on you will just be shattered like nothing can stand in your way.

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