Why There Are Empty Trains Running Every Day

An empty train that travels between two small
towns every single day. Sounds like something out of the Twilight
Zone… unless you live in the UK, where ghost trains have been running for years… “All aboard! We’ll be departing shortly – enjoy your
ride!” From Monday through Saturday, at 5:16 P.M.,
a train takes off from Leeds and heads for the small English town of Snaith. At first, the cars will be jam-packed with
people – the usual rush hour of a decent-sized city like Leeds. But with each stop along the way, you’ll
notice fewer and fewer passengers on the train. Once you get to the final stop 55 minutes
later, there will be no one else besides you. You get off the train at a station that’s
equally as deserted. There are no vending machines or ticket offices,
no parking lots, no taxies. It’s as if time has stood still. It’s quiet…and eerie. You need to buy a return ticket in advance
since you can’t get one in a station without personnel. But you can only go back to Leeds at 7:01
P.M or 7:16 A.M the next day! Looks like you had two choices when you booked
this exciting journey to Snaith: spend a mere 50 minutes hanging out in town and make the
7:01 train…or stay for the night and leave in the morning. Hope you found a motel here… – How many ghost trains are there in the
UK? First, let’s establish one thing: the term
“ghost train” doesn’t officially exist. It’s not like you can go on some website
and type in “Two tickets for a ghost train.” And “ghost” doesn’t mean they’re haunted
or anything. (Although, stick around till the end, and
I’ll tell you about a REAL ghost train!) Anyway, these empty trains are listed in all
documents as ordinary trains, so there’s no way to know how many there are. To find them, you need to search timetables
for routes that trains travel no more than twice a day. And their schedule is almost always incredibly
inconvenient: departure just before dawn and sometimes no return train at all! And unlike the daily (albeit infrequent) Leeds-Snaith
journey, some ghost trains run only once a week! Not all ticket sellers are even aware of such
routes! If you find a ghost train full of people,
they’re most likely adventure-seekers like you! That, or they’re… – The Ghost Station Hunters! Doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it
as “Ghostbusters” but still an interesting way to spend your time! Tim Hall-Smith and Liz Morali are passionate
about ghost trains. Over the past 25+ years, they’ve been to
almost 50 ghost stations. Is that an impressive number or just a drop
in the bucket? Again, hard to say! We don’t know how many there are. Still, the dynamic duo takes pictures at each
of the stations and gets a kick out of surprising the train guard each time they ask to get
off at some station that probably hasn’t seen a traveler in months or even years! Does ghost train hunting sound like something
you’d be interested in? Let me know down in the comments! – Why are the trains empty? The use of passenger trains has almost doubled
since 1995. More travelers are riding longer distances,
yet the number of trains hasn’t gone up that much. What does that mean? There should be a ton of congestion! You know, riding elbow-to-elbow and stepping
on people’s feet! “Sorry!” So, how is it possible that ghost trains exist? Well, most of the final-stop stations are
far from town. For example, the one where Tim the Ghost Station
Man celebrated his 50th birthday was more than 3 miles from a road, and the nearest
building was an old mill. In other words, ghost stations are primarily
in ghost towns. Most passengers have already hopped off by
the time the train gets to the final stop because, well, nobody lives there! Then… – Why keep them running? Surprisingly, it’s more profitable for rail
companies to keep ghost trains running than to close them. To shut down any route, they’d first have
to figure out how this closure will affect passengers, the transport environment, and
the economy. They send the results of this research to
the Department for Transport and the media 6 months before the proposed closure! Add to all that a bunch of bureaucracy, public
events, hearings, voting consultations, and other complicated procedures that require
a lot of time and effort. Why do that when you can safely run a train
(even if it’s usually empty) once a week and have nothing to worry about? Makes sense. – Hope for the future? There is a more positive reason why these
trains continue to run – the hope that these lines will get busier. Just imagine that you’re a major rail company,
and you’ve spent all this time and effort closing a route. But then, some faraway town or village starts
building houses, malls, infrastructure, and other facilities not far from your ghost station! What then? Again, examinations, reports, training new
staff, and updating the tracks since you stopped using them and they most likely need a remodel. It’s just not worth the risk! Especially when you have cities getting overcrowded
and people looking to move further away from the hustle and bustle. Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to leave
things as they are than to start all over from scratch. – Rebirth! So, is that hope for a revival of old ghost
lines worth keeping? Sure! Some routes are already seeing increased activity. For example, there’s the Halton Curve, a
tiny stretch connecting the two tracks with regular trains between North Wales and Liverpool. The route was never closed, but it did need
some restoration… about ten and a half million pounds-worth, to be precise! And the Halton Curve is just the beginning. The number of passengers will increase, and
ghost trains will likely become fewer and fewer. – In other countries
Yes, ghost trains are a common thing for UK residents, much more so than most other countries. Elsewhere, an empty train can seriously scare
passengers. That’s exactly what happened in 2016 in Belgium. Travelers waiting on the platform witnessed
a train without a driver and passengers slowly passing through stations. Rumors about a real ghost train instantly
began to spread, but the truth was far from the paranormal. Not long after an empty train departed for
the city of Louvain, the driver noticed a malfunction. He stopped the train and got out of the cab
to investigate. But, for some reason, the train took off on
its own, something that’s unprecedented without the driver! He couldn’t get back in the cabin, and the
machine just kept going! Fortunately, it all ended well despite being
pretty cinematic! The driver warned his coworkers about the
runaway train, so the passengers at upcoming stations were evacuated. The train rode 7 and a half miles until another
driver jumped into the moving cab and was able to stop it. Happy ending! – The Real Ghost Train
And now, as promised, the most famous and mysterious legend about a ghost train. It happened in the summer of 1911. An Italian rail company called Zanetti sent
a small tourist train with about 100 passengers to travel around the country. The trip was going fine until the train drove
into a mountain tunnel in Lombardy, a northern region in Italy. It entered the tunnel but never made it out
the other side! Apparently, as the train approached the mountain,
a thick white fog suddenly surrounded it. Panic started in the car, and that’s when
2 quick-thinking passengers decided to jump out at the last minute. The tunnel was thoroughly investigated. There weren’t any signs of a crash, there
wasn’t a shred of evidence a train had entered it. It’s as if it just disappeared right there
at the entrance! After that, the tunnel was closed off and
then completely destroyed. But it doesn’t end there… The mysterious disappearance of the Zanetti
train was almost forgotten when 30 years later, new evidence surfaced….on the other side
of the planet! Apparently, 100 Italian citizens showed up
out of nowhere in Mexico City and were admitted to a hospital for shock. They were strangely dressed…as if they were
from the past. Not only that, people from different parts
of the world reported that they’d seen the ghost train. Of course, all these rumors aren’t confirmed,
and it could simply be an urban legend. I guess we’ll never know… Of COURSE we know, it is an urban legend – but
it is a cool story. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
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on the Bright Side of life!

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  1. UK is not that big that you have a possibility of finding any faraway place(out of human settlement) and a so called Ghost station..The Country is too small to have such a hidden place anymore and you worry about london…. Londonistaan is coming….

  2. Oh yess ive heard the italian one about the mountain rumour says they they time traveled and drived into another dimension

  3. I come from the UK get the train to work and it's very busy but it does get less busy but there isn't a ghost train ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Or there proper term is parlemenery train and you have got half of this totaly wrong, snaith is a small town so not in middle of nowhere there is a carpark , gosts trains are a route that cant shut down without going through parliament, so run a limited service per the guidelines , look for Geoff Marshall on YouTube for a 100% accuret assesment

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  8. When I heard about the ghost train, i thought of the plane that landed 37 years after it took off. Reply if you thought and like if you dont know what I am talking about! Thx

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    0.1% will not like this.(Karma is waving ๐Ÿ‘‹)

  10. Some Sri Lankan Government deleted off the Colombo Ratnapura route. I don't know why they didn't observe the specifics of this video. They stopped it at Awissawella. Half the distance. Now Ratnapura is a vastly busy district without railway transport in action.

  11. The train runs every day for local people and you can get you ticket on the train no call for a full time running timetable the line is used lots for heavyweight running from Goole and Hull its also a 2nd line if the main line is down from Hull to east main line

  12. People who travel during peak hours pay for these half empty trains. My journey from Leeds involved being squashed together with at least 15 people by the entrance, on a crowded train packed like sardines after a long 10hours at work, welcome to the U.K!!

  13. Wait if you look closely the polar express has a flux capacitor and the ghost train time traveled are the polar express and ghost train THE SAME TRAIN WHAT

  14. Well, it's very simple, it's cheaper to run a limited service on a line with less used stations than to close the station/line since it takes time, and money to close a station and a line.

  15. Did you deliberately lie in this video to try to make it more interesting or are you just bad at research? The train you talk about as running empty does not run empty. It does not terminate at Snaith it continues 2 more stops to Goole. You state there is no parking lot at Snaith but there is. You state you have to buy your return ticket in advance but you do not because you can buy it on the train. You mention about no vending mentions while showing an image depicting the station as being in the middle of nowhere when in fact it is in a town with multiple shops and restaurants a short walk from the station. You say the station is eerie, despite it being next to a main road with buses and plenty of traffic and surrounded by houses.

  16. I'm in the uk and never in my life time have I seen an empty train ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ some trains look empty but that's only because of the type of windows

  17. In the UK there called parliamentary trains not ghost trains if you're going to make a video with facts make sure you get your facts correct

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