100 thoughts on “WHY Jake Paul Anxiety Backlash Is SO HUGE, “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett SWARMED By Protestors, & More

  1. I missed y'all yesterday. The office had President's day off, BUUUUT I was able to get 2 PAs in to shoot a new possible format for a Friday or Sunday show…
    Timecode: Jake (00:08), TIA (3:57), Gun Girl (5:40), DOJ (11:01)

  2. Are her beliefs questionable? Yes
    Do we need some kind of regulation for firearms? Yes
    Does that justify throwing things and acting like savages towards a person that is just expressing an opinion? Absolutely not

  3. I live in Sweden and I actually like the US gun laws. I understand there are a lot of problems surrounding them and the damage they can cause. However, I'd like to think that if there's ever some country with a blown-up ego that takes over half of the world in the future (or if the UN and organisations like it becomes too overpowered), that it'd be nice to have a country like the US who actually have guns (and with it the ability to defend themselves) and a hero complex. They might come to our aid with guns blazing, ending a tyranni or so.

    Of course I much prefer other means by which to secure a population from any potential tyranni of power or government. But in case those measures should come to fail one day, it would be nice to know there's at least one big country with a lot of gunpower who could potentially come to everyone's rescue. Not that I'm counting they will save anyone else but themselves if they don't see any win to it, but the Americans are often depicted as being "heroes" and such, so they might want to display that side if the opportunity arose.

    Don't take any of this too seriously, I'm half-joking. But am I alone in this feeling? xD

  4. So for real, what needs to be done about Gun Girl? I don't think "ignoring" her has worked to this point. I think it's damaging that she believes that "terrorists" are ppl who oppose her. This is is very damaging because it affects other ppl who just sees a bullied white girl.

  5. Gun girl has built an entire career off of trying to get a reaction out of people without saying anything of substance, she’s a troll. Now she’s dealing with the repercussions of trying to provoke outrage, SHOCKER it’s outrage. I think the bullying (chanting the diaper stuff) is awful and not okay, but understandable given what she does.

  6. I think She does it because she knows that the left does not want a conversation, or more that they lack the ability to defend their beliefs, and that inability to defend their beliefs creates conflict, an inner termoil with how they perceive themselves, so rather then question their deeply embedded beliefs, nurtured by decades of liberal teachers and professors the fall pray to their more primal instincts of fight or flight.

  7. I think that the first tweet of Jake Paul is poorly communicated, but genuine. Like, sometimes what I need during an anxiety attack really is just to realize it's something that's outside my character and I can fight it by staying calm, making tea, do some mindfulness.

    I'm clinically diagnosed with RSD and receive treatment for anxiety attacks.

    However, I heard this advice before I even had anxiety attacks and then the advice can do harm.

    So it's a matter of one person talking into the void with an audience in mind and a different audience receiving it.

    That's like, stupidly common. And something I'm guilty of punishing on social media. I'm glad it was covered in today's story, since it made me reflect on how I would have reacted.

    TLDR; First tweet should have been directed at a narrow audience, but it's an easy enough thing to forget for a social media post. Second tweet ideally would have come first. They're both out in the wild now, I'll call that even.

    The Paul bros can still go fuck themselves, but not because of this.

  8. What's amazing to me is that she doesn't think gun owners can also be liberals just on most college campuses guns are banned. That gets into a weird grey area with state and federal laws but.. It'll be weird to see where this goes.

    Would not be surprised if Trump jumps on this as a display for his love of women who, "Make this country great." 😂😂😂 Crap.

  9. If you take it just from the open carry photos of her with her graduation cap and gun at her school, going to a school that suffered a school shooting I completely understand their anger. They should not have thrown things, but it appears all other acts by the group were legal and in my opinion justified. If she really wanted to have a discussion she could have done some sort of official debate/talk in the school but she does not want a discussion. She wants to be a martyr and get more views.

  10. "this is what happens when a trump supporter goes to a college campus" no this is what happens when you keep harassing people including a child bc they don't agree with your views. she had it coming and karma did its.

  11. Never heard of “Gun Girl” before, but she’s obviously looking for attention. “Hey, I’m a hot blonde conservative, LOOK AT ME being attacked by the left, POOR LITTLE ME …”

  12. Dont See how 13 students getting shot by the Coast Guard at Kent State in the seventies for protesting War qualifies as a mere " shooting"

  13. Um, pretty sure the Kent State shooting was caused by the government, so her "come and take it" photoshoot is pretty spot on…. and throwing water and toilet paper at a person is not expressing free speech, its assault and battery. I personally don't like the girl, but your skew is kinda obvious at this point…

  14. Next time kids bully someone at school, i'll just remember that it is just them excercising their first ammendment rights. "Gun Girl" is an idiot, and a troll. But bullying is a huge issue. One that causes, you know… school shootings.

  15. I don’t think anyone wins in situations like this. The lack of respect that she has for people caused that reaction. The students at OU felt so compelled to speak out about it and that is their right. I feel for those students and going to college is stressful. Just this past weekend, my college campus had a active shooting situation and the entire campus was on lockdown for 4 hours. It was terrifying. She doesn’t realize the level of disrespect and damage she does by flaunting her gun (which she should not have access too) around campuses where Active Shootings on school campuses is a real fear. This country either lost respect for each other since Donald Trump came into office, or we never had respect for each other in the first place and it’s all coming to light.

  16. "Gun Girl" just wants attention. All the attention that she can get she thrives from it. So the solution should be to ignore her because obviously doing these things and stooping down to another level they'll use it against us. With the media that is so focused (Fox News) that the cult follows, it really doesn't matter what people who have common/logical sense does.

  17. There is a difference between exercising your first amendment right and forming a mob to shout down, and intimidate. Amazing how people change their views on free speech when it suits them.
    She would not have the attention she is getting if the morons at the college just ignored her, rather than make a show of themselves.

  18. “Kent State was once home to a tragic shooting”

    You forgot to mention it was the National Guard gunning down unarmed college students.

  19. Democracy is the fairest system we have come up with, but fair isn't always right and right is very often a matter of opinion.

  20. The protesters took it too far with the throwing of TP and liquids at her. Swarming the car as well was wrong. Remember 2 wrongs do not make it right.

  21. I actually get what Jake Paul was saying. Did it need more context and clarification sure but the intent and message were on point.

    Well maybe not the intent. This is Jake Paul after all.

  22. So a bunch of students using their right to protest is "terrorism" but threatening a bunch of gun carrying nutters to come to their campus isn't?

  23. It’s odd to always watch the left protest against violence, then always without fail do nonsense like this. She would like to have a gun rally but I’m sure the police won’t let that happen. But I will try to do it anyway. No side should ever be shut out. Respect others, even if you don’t like them.

  24. You may have disadvantages in life, but it is always your choice on how to respond to those circumstances. Jake Paul said nothing wrong.

  25. I prefer Bennett's videos where she is desperate to start an argument and continuously falls flat or gets owned. Giving her this much attention is giving her exactly what she craves. She probably touches herself to those videos daily.

  26. Since she loves guns so much and being a hateful ignorant person I truly love those things come back and bite her in the butt. She is horrible!

  27. People should not get physical in protests, but she asked for it. She asks provoking questions to people who obviously disagree with her. I’m disappointed in my fellow liberals, but she did tell a woman who was raped that abortion is still wrong.

  28. "Gun Girl" Kaitlin Bennett went there to get that specific reaction. It's a ploy of anyone who is controversial to gain attention.

  29. I wonder in 20yrs how his advertising will change? Will it be everyday spandex for those who need confidence when bathrooms aren’t close by..? I want to be filled in by old Philip DeFranco !! #oldmandefranco

  30. with Gun Girl…honestly if you truly want to make a difference fighting hatred and bullying with hatred and bullying isnt going to change a thing. If anything it will make someone double down on their beliefs and go down the rabbit hole further. Make a change with a real debate vs shunning people. Shunning wont fix anything.

  31. Bennett is just the latest in a line of conservative barbies seeking attention for money and some career opportunities with right wing "news" outlets. It's not a bad plan for making easy cash from trump supporters. Like so many before her, she will burn a bright silly flame for a few months and then vanish into obscurity when she inevitably does something to put her own foot so far down her mouth that even right wingers will laugh at her.

  32. The issue is the claim of throwing liquids and vandalism of the car. Regardless of you stating “she wants the confrontation “ doesn’t make it okay. I do have a question, she goes around to ask questions but you claim she wants the backlash. Are you sure you’re correct in your assumption?

  33. Flip the script and make Gun Girl a protected subclass of society and students met with same reaction and comments. Then imagine the resulting headlines net day.

  34. Bennett wants the attention/reaction. She knows it’s not what happens when a Trump supporter visits campus, there are plenty of conservative students. it’s what happens when SHE visits campus because she has a long history of being a public nuisance and antagonizing college students. She even fought with a cop like a whiny child at a pride parade that she was causing a scene at. The best way to deal with her is to straight up ignore her. She wants a reaction to fit her narrative.

  35. Kaitlin Bennet may be an idiot in many aspects, and it might be even kinda uplifting to see so many people come together to show a front against the things she says, but she's obviously being fed clout and relevance by those sorts of stunts, mostly just so the people involved can feel good about themselves and like they "did something relevant" even though it had very little use to it and might even be counterproductive.
    I also can't help but imagine if a liberal/progressive girl and her small entourage was surrounded by a rowdy crowd of conservatives like that, a lot of the people applauding it would feel like it was terrifying instead, irregardless of nothing happening.

  36. She chooses to put herself out there on extreme ways. She’s going to cause people to get mad. She has to accept the consequences to her speech. Like grow up? You ask for this attention, get it and then threaten them? Come on. As much as people need to stop playing into it but at some point, enough is enough. She’s doing this shit to piss people off. That’s it.

  37. Ms. Poopy Pants getting triggered looks for a safe space while claiming victim hood…sounds like republican conservatism run amok. Threatens to return with an army of gun nuts, how is not domestic terrorism???

  38. Lmao go back with an army of gun owners xD what are they going to do? Retaliate against water and toilet paper with fucking bullets?! And they call liberals snowflakes! Wtf is going on?!

  39. I used to like Kaitlyn Bennet because of her bold stance on gun rights, but her videos have devolved into little more than 'trigger the libs by saying stupid shit', which is neither entertaining or thought provoking. We get it, you're a pretty face with a controversial opinion, find a new dead horse to beat already. Additionally, 'liberty hangout' supports monarchy and other anti-liberty ideals, and I can't fucking abide by hypocrisy.

  40. yeah when you have anxiety attacks that last for days to the point you stop eating, constantly have to rush to relieve yourself and can't stop shaking, and you're muscles refuse to relax so you're tense the whole time, this while being medicated… we're a little passed anxiety is created by you… my most recent episode lasted for 3 days and took another 3-4 days for my abdomen to recover from being tense for so long and my ability to stomach foods… its a very real issue and is not just in our heads

  41. i just wanna say that gun gitl actually shat herself at a party, they're not just jokes and rumours there are pics and vids all over twitter but i doubt you can put them in a youtube video cuz that girl literally emptied herself from a weeks worth of lunch and dinner

  42. I am conflicted on the Kaitlin Bennett situation in all honesty.

    On one hand, She has said some horrific stuff JUST to get reactions from people. And she can say "Oh no, I'm just doing journalism", but you can tell from her face in the videos and the types of things she asks that it's not about that at all. She want's to piss people off, and then have this high and mighty attitude of "Look how [whatever group she's going against] acts! So childish!".

    If you punch somebody in the face, they get angry, then go "look at this asshole who's getting angry at me smdh", I have little sympathy.

    I kind of think she got what she deserved when she went to Ohio. Not the death threats (supposedly), But she wanted a reaction and she got it. Her whole life is centered around pushing people's buttons to get them annoyed, and she doesn't comprehend the fact this isn't okay. I would have hoped a situation like this would have perhaps made her think "Hm, maybe I am being an asshole doing this?" but apparently not. Apparently she thinks doing some kind of rally with a bunch of gun-owners is the appropriate response to a situation like this.

    On the other hand, yeah, the students really did go above and beyond. And in any other situation I would go "What the hell are those students doing" – but here I feel like a bit of a hypocrite because I'm kind of glad this happened to her.

  43. I'm a libertarian, what took place in Ohio is disgusting…now that being said. I do not advocate for Bennett. I never really like her approach to these "convo" I think she just get click bait bs… which leads to no productivity. Also, when a crowd is receiving you with such animosity….why would you stay there or even try. You put yourself at risk and for what? For more clickbait propaganda.

  44. Blagojevich is the fourth Illinois governor to serve federal time. He was proceded by Otto Kerner, Dan Walker and George Ryan. Four of the last nine Illinois Governors have served prison time. Good ole corruption in my home state. Nothing like it 😉

  45. How hard is it to say this. “You don’t have the right to assault people, this isn’t acceptable” but of course you wont

  46. The police will get involved if she brings her gun people Lol
    Shouldn't she find a proper job instead of going to school and bother the students for a YouTube video?

  47. 7:27 pretty sure I seen black and white footage similar to this once except one group of people had funny arm bands on and they were shoving an older man around a European street.

  48. Really don’t feel sorry for gun girl. She knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s true that she wants confrontation not conversation.

  49. Yeah, I agree Jake Paul was probably well-intentioned, but that original post was really dumb… it was a gross misunderstanding of anxiety and as a public personality he should probably try to know more about the nature of health conditions before giving his opinion on what people who have it should do. And if he suffers from that condition himself that makes his responsibility for that even greater if he actually cares about helping others. Knowledge is power. Seems like Phil's wife knows her stuff lol.

  50. She's q gun activist in a country where shootings happen on the regular and goes to campuses where there's probably at least a few who've experienced a shooting or lost someone close to them due to guns. I don't see how this reaction is wrong. I guess the only thing I take issue with is if they were actually throwing hot drinks, don't do that. Otherwise they were just greeting the clown the way she deserved.

  51. Man if only Philip had a sponsorship from a company that could give you therapy on your own time. Something that could better help?

  52. Bennette is an awful person and that's why she got shouted at an had drinks thrown at her. The fact conservatives will defend an awful person just because that person claims to also be conservative is the really telling thing. She's horrid regardless of political lean and she should be straight up banned from visiting campuses when she makes so many people feel so unsafe with her awful behavior. Real gun activists don't want others to feel so unsafe. One day someone with a bigger gun will teach her a lesson and I won't be surprised after all this hate she's created.

  53. Hey, Phil, any chance you're gonna talk about the stand-offs between the Wet'suwet'en and the RCMP over the pipeline that's to be constructed through their treaty-protected cultural heritage sites?

  54. Can we just stop people with zero medical training giving mental illnesses sufferers advice? If your not my dr then piss off.

  55. One side wants to show a group of people being unreasonable. They show that via silencing the person they disagree with and throwing stuff and being children with their choice of chants.

    If you want to win be adults about it. If someone has an opinion that is what you consider wrong. Let them voice it then debate it with them. Inform others about what you believe is right. If you are right then people will follow.

    All people did was what she wanted. GG

    (Left/Right is not the same, it's all extremes now. Can't be a reasonable human being anymore….)

  56. The JP tweet wasn't that bad IMO. I felt like he was talking about anxiety the emotion rather than the mental illness. If anyone else had tweeted that people would've been fine with it. It's a strong message. Will Smith posted that fear was imaginary and that received lots of likes but I've not seen people with crippling phobias (who obviously do exist) cry outrage.

    I felt like he was just trying to say "get out of your head, don't be anxious, nervous or fearful … these things will help" not that "anxiety disorder is NOT REAL, y'all do this to yourselves, go get help crazies!"

  57. Kent state was a tragic shooting but you forgot to mention the Ohio national guard was the one who shot 9 people killing 4…
    1st ammendment is to protect us and the second is if the first doesnt work out

  58. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel sorry for Kaitlin but then she tweets at the president to pull funding for this university that “harbors terrorists” and I’m like yeah I get why people strongly dislike you.

  59. I'm sick of hearing about Jake Paul. The kid is an easy target. Yes. Too easy. No one likes to come up against those who stand firm in their solidarity. Jake, stop responding to people who intentionally misunderstand your words.

  60. I mean she spends her life being a person begging for reactions to say look how crazy liberals are look they are insane with their beliefs and here is proof and sadly now she got the proof she needed but as a liberal my self I felt proud

    These people have spent their life being oppressed by people like her simply because of the color of their skin, their sexual Orientation, their gender and they are fed up with right winged people waving their guns around (because it’s their right)

    Further more, did she really just say she was going to go back to Ohio state with a bunch of guns? Like if a white boy who was bullied said that the fbi would swam in. You shouldn’t be able to say threats like that now a days and get away with it

  61. As a non-university resident of Athens, Oh I am disappointed but not surprised by the actions of the students. I am all for freedom of speech and having a conversation with those you oppose but shouting at people, bringing up personal and embarrassing incidents that are in no way relevant, and throwing things at someone accomplished nothing. The students rose to the bait and gave her more of a platform. If the students could have organized themselves better it would have been much more impactful to be silent. Not speak to her, father a crowd and turn their backs on her. Honesty, the mob mentality that occurred is frightening to me…if one or two people had decided to go further and be violent, I am not sure the crowd wouldn’t have followed. We have seen it happen here before with parties leading to furniture being burned in the streets at parties…it makes me sad for my town.

  62. So the other sides view is she got what she wanted when she came to voice her opinion on politics i.e she should of known they would of attacked her so its her fault and you phill say that's a perfectly good reason huh? Amayzes me how quickly you goto victim blaming when it's someone on the right…

  63. Whether you agree with someone's political standpoint or not, it's never okay to throw things at that person. Practicing your first amendment is cool, but I feel like that was too much. If hot coffee really was poured on her, that's intent of physical harm. Not cool. That goes for Kaitlin Bennet or any other person. Two wrongs don't make a right.

  64. I’m not a fan of gun girl. Her questions are pointed and she also drank the kool-aid thinking because someone says they believe something different they’re automatically the “other “ or “bad thing” and not someone also exercising their right to their opinions.
    But I don’t condone the throwing of toilet paper and drinks at her. Just because someone you don’t agree doesn’t mean we should act like toddlers. Toddlers literally lack the linguistic abilities to convey their thoughts so they get upset and throw things, college students at least have the ability to say what they’re thinking.

  65. Lol, if that "Gun Girl" was actually assaulted, I would have an issue. I saw no evidence of a credible assault, unless there is some in another clip. The hot coffee claim is ridiculous how in the fuck would the coffee still be hot outside in Ohio in February? It would have been a little warm at best. As far damage to the car that should be considered mere collateral damage from her "career" of inciting hatred.

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