Why Do Women Get into Bodybuilding?

Why do women get into bodybuilding? That seems
like something only men would be interested in. For some women, it is a desire to be fit and
attractive. For a few, it is a rivalry with the men. Many of those female body builders look like
men, so that kills the attractive issue. Some of the so called top female body builders
look like guys with bras. That’s only the women who use testosterone
and steroids to look that way. The testosterone explains why they look like
guys with boobs. Some women go into body building so that they
can break the stereotypical weak woman image. I thought Xena Warrior Princess did that.
Or maybe it was Fiona in Shrek. The warrior princess myth goes back to the
Amazons of Greek mythology. Though I won’t say that female body builders aren’t trying
to emulate that example. What’s the need to be able to bench press
200 pounds? A desire to be as strong as the guys. Or to
be able to defend yourself against them. I wonder how many female body builders ended
up body building in an effort to lose the fat. An odd form of anorexia. Female body builders are rare. It’s rare enough that they don’t know
how dangerous it is. The drugs many of them take to look like the guys could leave them
sterile or worse. Not all female body builders look like guys. Those who grace Shape or Fit Pregnancy look
like healthy, trim women. The female body builders look like freaks. It’s a subculture, not unlike Trekkies or
whatever science fiction show today has a cult following. Yeah, but that weirdness is usually limited
to Comic-Con weekend. For bodybuilders, it’s an all day every day freak show.

2 thoughts on “Why Do Women Get into Bodybuilding?

  1. If women want to be strong take martial arts not bodybuilding or weightlifting! That kind of stuff is for men not women!

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