– Right, brace yourselves. I’m gonna put a quite
controversial case to you. Why cyclists should run. – Run? No, I mean, I know I’m
dressed for the occasion but surely you’ve heard the old saying, never run if you can walk,
never walk if you can stand, never stand if you can sit,
never sit if you can lay down and if you’re laying
down, why not have a nap? – Yeah, okay I agree. So traditionally, running is
seen as chief evil to cyclists. But there are plenty of
good reasons why you should, just occasionally go running and I’m gonna try and convince you, Chris and you guys
– I’m not sure. It’s gonna take a lot of convincing. – Okay, well I’m gonna try. – Let’s go! I guess the main reason
cyclists don’t run is a bad experience. – Yeah, I think a lot of
cyclists maybe in the off season or to try something
different, they try one run and then they hobble around
with their legs in agony for weeks afterwards cause
their muscles just ache so much and trust me, I know how
much your legs ache if you go for a run after months and
months of just cycling. But I also know that that
feeling, does not last forever. Running gives you sore legs
if you’re not used to it because the muscles are
loaded eccentrically, ie while extending. Now, cycling uses the same
muscles but they’re almost entirely loaded only while
contracting which is called concentric loading. Now when a muscle works during extension, it causes much more damage
to the muscle fibers, the muscles do adapt and get used to it but it takes a little time. So if you only ever ride
a bike and never ever run, then the first run you try
is going to make your legs hurt like crazy afterwards. – Running is really great
for balancing out your muscle groups, cycling is a great
sport that’s very specific. And by working these other muscle groups, you help build your long terms fitness that’s great for other
aspects of your life. – [Emma] Cycling is not weight
bearing so if it’s the only sport you do than it can lead
to decreased bone density. Calorie restriction
can contribute to this. If you’re super strict with
keeping your weight low, and why is low bone density a problem? Well because it means your
bones are weaker and you’re at higher risk of
fractures when you crash. Now, supplementing your
cycling with any weight bearing sport will help to
increase your bone density. Now that could be weight
training, or running, or any sport involving running
to avoid these problems. If you hit a low spot with
cycling and you’re fed up with training or even simply riding your bike, it might be that you’re
in need of a mental break. Doubling in a different
sport can be really fun and refreshing. – The off season is a classic
time to try a different sport. But even if you’re in the middle of season working scores are ready to go, it can be beneficial to try
something a little bit different – Yeah, I used to take a week
off mid season most years, normally after the Giro in July. And I always used to go for a few runs that we can, even though
I did feel pretty slow running and my legs hurt
like hell afterwards, I really enjoyed it and then afterwards, second half of the season,
I’ve come back feeling really mentally fresh and much more enthusiastic about racing. – I hope I’m gonna feel the
same after this run, Emma. Cause my legs are killing me! – Yeah, you’re gonna feel
great for the mariturner. – If you have to travel for work, or you’re going on holiday
with family or friends, it’s not always possible
to take a bike with you. – In fact, it’s often really hard, especially on those short business trips where maybe your hotel doesn’t
have a bike high scheme or your gym isn’t state of
the art and doesn’t have those really cool spinning bikes. – Yeah, and time is often
really short in that kind of trip as well, whereas running,
is a really time efficient way to maintain your
cardiovascular fitness and run shoes and a running kit, they just don’t take up very
much space in your luggage. So it’s perfect really. – [Chris] Yeah, and you
can take two or three sets, you can run three times. – [Emma] And no stink – [Chris] Come on, we better get going. – If the only exercise you
do is cycling and lots of it. You might have noticed that
when you get stronger at cycling, you don’t
necessarily get any better at day to day activity. – Absolutely, when I was
training and racing full time, I used to find it absolutely
exhausting taking the dog and the kids out for a walk. – Yeah and when I was racing full time, that was a sacrifice I had to make, but nowadays, not pro anymore, I want to be able to be
sociable I want to you know, go for a hike with my
parents or go for a run with my boy friend or you
know, if you’ve got kids you might want to learn to run
so you can run alongside them so if you can run, you
can do all those things and be sociable! – Makes good sense to me, Emma. – It does.
– How bout we get going? – Oh man, I’m knockered, we’re running– – It’s your idea! Let’s talk about the weather. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan
of cycling in the rain, especially now it’s not my job. Even with the best kit,
I still don’t fancy getting a wet bum. – No, it’s true. Riding in the rain really does suck but running in the rain is strangely fine. I mean, don’t even get me
started on cycling in the snow or worst of all in my opinion, sleet. – Uch!
– Uch! But now it’s not really my job
to try to be fast on a bike, I actually love the fact that
when the weather’s crappy, not like today. – I don’t know, there
were clouds over there. – Yeah, I’m not too
worried about those clouds but anyway, when the weather’s bad, I don’t have to go out and
freeze my backside off, on a bike, I can go running and stay warm, and enjoy it! – [Chris] Yeah, that kinda
makes good sense to me. – Did I fail to mention
already that running is just really fun! – But it hurts! It hurts like mad! – Yeah, that only lasts
a few weeks, Chris. Then you’ll feel fine and
you’ll be so much stronger! – A few weeks, Emma? – I need to get him
tired for the maratona. – A few words of caution
though if you’re starting out running for the first time and you’re a pure cyclist. Your cardiovascular fitness
will be of low limit to you but your joints and muscles
will need time to adapt. So, start small and build up gently. – Yep, in fact I would advise against starting running in the middle of your season or before a target event because that muscle soreness will really tip the top end off your cycling pace so maybe try starting
off in the off season, as cross training or in
your mid season break. And if you come and keep
running like maybe once a week during the cycling season, you won’t ever get that
muscle soreness again. But just taper off before any big events. – Sensible advice, Emma. Hopefully this video will
inspire you to try and mix up your training just a little
bit more than normal. – Yep, let us know in the
comments if you love running like I clearly do. Or if you like any other
kind of cross training. And if you like seeing
cool videos on how to run and how to get into running,
click down here for some of GCN’s really good content.

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