Which Gyms Are In London Streatham?

Being close to the outdoor adventures can sweeten the appeal of your neighbourhood. Being super close (or within a reasonable
distance) to places to jog, or do outdoor activities are also important. Proximity and
access to gyms and sports centres are qualities that together with schools and community centres
complete a neighbourhood. Hi, guys and welcome back to Anothershowtube.
Today we are back in Streatham. Streatham is a neighbourhood in South London
which thanks to its cinemas, theatres and ballroom was once known as the West End of
South London. Unfortunately the 80s and part of the 90s saw a decline of the area. This
was for many reasons. However, the Huge efforts made to reverse
the reputation Streatham attracted in the 80s, brought this area back to life. The
multi-million-pound regeneration scheme encouraged many private investments in the area. With
the growing number of people moving in the area many new trendy restaurants, cafes and
bars are now open also new hi-tech gyms, and sports halls opened in Streatham. And in this
video, I am going to talk about all the options available.
Streatham Gyms offer a flexible way to keep fit and enables you to choose the one that
suits you the most. The variety of gyms and sports centres now available in Streatham
makes it easy for you to find places to work out and get fit no matter how busy you are
with work, family or travel, wherein Streatham you live and budgets. Streatham is well serviced for Gyms. We have
four large chains (Fitness First, Virgin Active, the Better Ice and Leisure Centre and the
Gym Group) as well as the independent Squats Gym, yoga classes and outdoors boot camp on
Streatham common. Streatham Hill Gyms
The two biggest chains, Fitness First and Virgin Active, are right by Streatham Hill
train station. In fact, Both are a walkable distance to Streatham Hill station which makes
them handy for people who like to exercise before or after work. Fitness first opening
hrs are from 6. am till 10 pm weekday, closing an hr earlier at the weekend. It has a swimming
pool, many fitness classes and their monthly membership start at 40£. Virgin active open
from 7 am till 10.30pm, reduced at the weekend of course also has a swimming pool. Offer
indoor and outdoor group activities they have single gender sauna and steam rooms. Their
membership starts at 44£ per month. There’s a new gym in town – going up the
high street, The building that used to be the Morrisons supermarket next to Streatham
station has now got new residents. M&S Aldis supermarket and a 24 hrs gym by The Gym Group.
Across the country, The Gym group has now opened. And now this value flexible gym is
also in Streatham. Why do I say that? Well, it is Open 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week, with free parking, The Gym is full of high-spec equipment and hold
loads of free classes during the day. You can join from just £19.99 a month with a
£20 joining fee and NO contract. in the price for the basic membership is included No contract
Free WiFi Free Parking Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre sits in the
heart of Streatham and is a hub for the local community. It has the only Olympic sized ice
skating rink in London and is a multi-facility Leisure Centre with a 100 station fully equipped
state-of-the-art gym, fitness class studios, two swimming pools, a 25m 6 lane pool and
a 13m teaching pool and a multi-sport sports hall. Streatham leisure centre offers a wide range
of memberships with options to suit different budget. Everything from Pay and Play, to monthly
or annual Prepaid memberships. Also, they won’t tie you into a long-term contract on Mitcham lane, there is an independent Old
school Bodybuilding, Strength and fitness gym called Squats gym.
Opened in 1989. They are a Bodybuilding and Strength facility
or as they like to think, an old-school free weights gym.
Squats has everything you will need for a good workout. If you don’t want to join a gym, you could
try a boot camp on Streatham Common. Boot camps are where personal trainers lead groups
of people through various strength and fitness exercises. These classes are usually on a
pay as you go basis. Because you exercise in a group you pay a
lot less than one-to-one personal training. You also get the benefit of exercising outside
in the fresh air, in’ the beautiful Streatham Common! Thats it for today guys.
let me know if i have missed anything in the comments below. thank you so muck for watching and I ‘ll speak
to you soon. Bye

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  1. I used to live in Streatham but not so many gyms were there. It looks very different. And the leisure centre looks really cool.

  2. Virgin prices are £67 – £73 unless your a kid the gym give you a ticket in the car park so it is not free at all I live in streatham I know

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