What self care really looks like

You know what I love? that all episodes of your show Youth and Consequences is coming to YouTube Red on March 7th? You know me, but do you know what else I love? shameless self-promotion? Youth and Consequences YouTube Red March 7th oh girl thank you for the plug but seriously i also really love practising self-care by getting tattoos with my best friend on valentine’s day -off screen- happy valentine’s dayyy, oh it looks great -off screen- getting there it’s happening I’m trying so hard not to look like I’m in pain does it hurt? yeah, I mean it feels good but it hurts one thing I really wanted to do this year was to take care of myself but when i was like sitting down and thinking like okay what does this actually look like All i could come up with was like go get a massage once a month and take yourself out to dinner and a movie once a week or something, but as I’ve been living out the year i’m trying to be very mindful of like okay actually like take care of yourself and treat yourself like your own child i’ve noticed that self-care is about so much more than just taking myself out on a date Self-care is doing things that people don’t necessarily agree with like one thing I do now is I don’t go out if I don’t want to even if I’ve clicked attending on Facebook, even if I told the person I would be there I know I have a tendency towards being a workaholic and if i’m exhausted and my body knows it, I listen to that and I bail because sometimes i just need to stay at home and recharge by like journaling or drawing or just vegging out in front of the tv (ahh, I needed this) I’ve also been forcing myself, to be really healthy to a very annoying degree like by going to the gym and eating healthy vegan meals all year and even if it’s not really fun you force yourself to do it because you know what’s gonna help in the long term manage all of your anxieties and depression I’ve cut out unhealthy people who don’t give a shit about my well-being I’ve quit stand-up and improv all together to focus on other artistic pursuits and when people ask me how I am, I tell them terrible – Okay – how are you? – not terrible – oh that’s cool I don’t necessarily tell them all the details but i also don’t feel the need to lie for the sake of making regular chitchat, if you’re gonna ask me how I am you’re gonna know how i am And I’ve come to accept things about myself like that I’m hella extra that I’m assertive with the capability to be aggressive and I will always love Harassing my friends for their opinions on my scripts and my songs and my art even if it’s 1am and they just got home hell i even come to love things about myself that normally i agonize about daaaaammmnnn girl yo boobs looking hella smart today and self-care for your life may look completely different, maybe you’re the kind of person who needs to force yourself to go to parties or social events because you know that’s what you need or it means taking a day or two off of the gym to completely rest or adopting a couple of cats because you’re a responsible mature adult who’s ready to give love and receive love with beautiful furry children Whatever self-care means to you incorporate it into your daily life not just as like a once a month or once a week occasion Really come from the mindset that you’re going to take care of yourself because if we don’t who will I’m Anna Akana stay right here for a sponsored message Thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring today’s episode. Squarespace has beautiful award-winning templates not to mention their all-in-one platform so there’s no installs, patches or upgrades ever they also have 24-hour customer service so if you really want to tell someone about all your great qualities they’ll be there to listen, they offer a simple and unique set of experience if you don’t have a domain name and they’re good for any kind of website whether you’re an artist, a photographer or you just want to make a fan tribute website of yourself. Go to Squarespace.com to start your free trial today and use the offer code ANNA for 10% off at checkout

100 thoughts on “What self care really looks like

  1. I find Anna hellla pretty and you say you recently started going gym but like how did you get those abs??

  2. Do you have a clone somewhere in the Czech republic? I love your humor, opinions and personality. And of course you are so beautiful : )

  3. I honestly can't think of someone I love more than you right now 😂 You're literally me right especially at 2:31 when you talk about accepting things about yourself, because yes I am hella extra and assertive and harass my friends for their opinion (personally because I'm a baby that needs attention). Ok thats all for now. Definitely Subscribing. Oh and AMAZING JOB ON YOUTH & CONSEQUENCES. Absolutely love what you did with your character.

  4. What if your self care consumes your time so much that it's getting in the way of your productivity?

    I'm lazy. I know I am. But that's not what I mean. I have a lot of trouble dealing with my mental issues that I know others manage way more easily. Meaning I'm at least a little anxious all the time. So it doesn't feel like it's enough when I'm taking a day off once a week and studying at home, or when I decide to spend an evening watching Netflix, or when I eat good food whenever I can afford it, etc.

    I have a lot of stuff I want to do and a lot more I have to do. And I mostly don't have the motivation to do either. I've tried making things routine which only led to them feeling like chores or to having to take a break from them eventually. I've tried to focus on one thing specifically but lost sight of other things that were high priority for me in the process.

    I'm at my wit's end here so if any of you have struggled with their time management and mental health / work balance in a similar way I'd be really happy if you could give me advice.

    Thank you!

  5. Yea sometimes I don’t feel like going to school, so I miss 😂 thus giving me an attendance issue, which means loss of credit, which means XXTRA STRESS.

  6. Ooo..ooo…You don't have kids.It's nice to have shameless rest/relax…eeee….I don't know what that means any more 😋

  7. I want to be Anna friend so bad. She seems like she would be fun to hang with and have nice conversations

  8. I’m currently on the rowing and swimming team at my highschool. I’m made the giant mistake of forcing myself to go to practice even though I was really sick because I felt like I had to or I would be letting down my friends, coaches and self. Now I’m going to be sick for nationals. God dammit past me.

  9. i don’t read. i just got your book in the mail. i ordered your book literally just because i love you so much. i can’t wait to read it. ❤️

  10. Damn right girl. Self care is so important! Literally everything that i want to do for my self care, i cant because im trapped in household with no freedom haha yeah life is great.

  11. I love that you put classical music in your videos, this symphony is actually one of my favourites by Beethoven.

  12. Love Anna, thank you for broadcasting all of your helpful n funny videos. Those videos r short n less than 5min —> easy n brief infor to watch ♥️

  13. This is exactly what Ive started doing recently. Took a month long break from work. And I just got my ear pierced today . I feel good.

  14. Whenever people ask me, 'how are you?' I usually answer with: I'm alive.
    It's funny how people assume that for saying that I'm like, really really bad?
    But a few listen to that response and think that it's good to be alive, so she must be ok.
    But for me, being alive just means that. Being alive, throu the good and the bad.

  15. SO u saying i have to jerking two or three times a day and actually have sex ? or actually exist . fk i so tired of jerking ma booody is dyiiing but i'm ADDICTED !!!

  16. I love the fact that you are getting better and your videos show it. I got over depression and I enjoy watching your new videos

  17. You seem successful and well rounded but for real you need to drop the Cat thing. They will eat you if you die. Zero loyalty. Dogs won't, they will protect the dead you. Now that is loyalty.

  18. I’m 26, and I’ve honestly felt that I would mentally benefit from adopting a (senior) cat for YEARS. . . I have TONS of love to give a fur-baby, but I keep renting fricken places that don’t allow pets. . . . Maybe it’s actually the boyfriend pus blocking me.

  19. Hella Extra-me
    Assertive bordering aggressive-me
    Loves harassing friends for their opinions-me
    Socialise-no no no no no

  20. Something that is good for self care is imagine you and your body are instead a separate person, someone you love like your best friend. You wouldn’t stop your best friend from eating, you wouldn’t tell them they were fat or ugly.
    You would want to do what you could to make them feel happy and loved. So do those same practises for yourself!

  21. OMGGG I don’t know if you’re going to notice this or not.. BUT HOnestly Anna you are so relatable, the points you make always ponder in my head!!!

  22. when someone asks you "how are you" in eastern europe, you're telling them how you are, that's the rule, i like it

  23. With tears in my eyes let me just say how blessed I am that I stubbled upon your channel and how big of an impact your making on my life.

  24. As someone who has never gotten a tattoo before: are they supposed to look smudged like that? Love your videos

  25. Im on such a bing of her. I love how she takes all the muddy jargon out of things and makes it so comprehensive. Like sje osys for tharapy so we don't have too. Love what shes doing!

  26. Nice! I needed this. Was feeling a little bad about canceling plans tonight but like you said "I needed it." Thanks for the extra confirmation love! <3

  27. thank you for existing, Anna!! I'm going through a break up rn and I've been feeling sad about not being loved back. I'm binging your videos to make myself feel better, and it's really working!

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