Pilates Teacher Training England Pilates Vs Yoga
So this is a question I get asked erm all the time And also what is the difference?
So i thought ive just been responding to an email from someone who wasnt sure if they
should do pilates or yoga And I actually thought oh I will do a video on that for you
So in an ideal world doing both of them is the best because, the thing that Pilates doesnt
give you, yoga gives you and the thing that you dont get in yoga pilates gives you. But
my first question to any body that I speak to is , what are your goals? So for me if
you have like back issues, suffering with you know from sitting at a desk all day. My
first port of call is always.pilates.If we can build a strong foundation and strong centyre
to work from then its going to make your so I always try and encourage people to do pilates
first, So the difference between pilates and yoga, they are both done on the mat there
is far more standing and movement and freedom of movement in yoga. There tends to be more
ballancing , sun slautations which you can do a routine if you can call it that. Pilates
is like fixed exercises, and you are generally on your back, side lying, front there is standing
Pilates and chair pilates aswell. But your pilates is mainly focussed around key

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