We Tried 5 Weeks of Ballet Fitness (Cardio Barre) • The Test Friends

– [Voiceover] Lift
those heels like you got six-inch stilettos on! – I’ve never worn stilettos! (upbeat electronic music) – I’m interested in Cardio Barre because everyone says it’s super intense and super crazy and it’s
kind of like dancing. I just want to be fucking
like taut like a string, You know, I want to tighten up. – I love to dance. And it’s just dancing and exercising. So, it’s like the best combination for me. I’m interested in losing
some of the weight that I have gained since P90X (laughs). – I’m not terribly
interested in Cardio Barre. I’m just here because this
is the stuff they make us do. I guess my goal is to
just be kind of lean. Lose the gravy! – I have no ballet experience. So, this is just gonna be an adventure. We’ll see what happens. After we did P90X, I
got a little skinny fat. I just want to get rid
of the little mid-section I’ve developed now. – It seems like it’s a really
fun way of working out. So, hopefully it will
make me work out more. My goal is I would love
to lose a little weight. I would love to tighten up
my stomach a little bit. (electronic bell music) – What is Cardio Barre? What are we getting ourselves into? – Okay, Cardio Barre is a ballet-based, fitness, exercise workout. It’s dancing in some aspects but it’s actually very difficult. We tone the muscles. So, it’s a lot more
looking for that length and that ballet body, the dancer’s body… – Yes! – That everybody wants (laughter) now. Did you guys bring towels and water? – We’re completely unprepared. – Let’s do it. (fast piano music) Swing those hands! In, out, in, out. – What is this, a little pony trot? – Ow! – Ooh, my butt checks! – [Voiceover] Oh, you’re an evil woman. – [Voiceover] Oh, you like it. – [Voiceover] No! – Oh! Oh! Oh! – My body’s just not built for this. My leg won’t stop shaking. – That was actually miserable for me. I didn’t understand any of the exercises. What are we doing? – It was a lot harder than I expected. Ryan was groaning the whole time. – Ah, god. Ah, god. Ahh, (laughter). – Fucking up my focus. So, that was a little bit hard, but… – If you had the focus of a champion, that wouldn’t bother you. – You know what, you’re done! – I mean I think I probably
looked a lot stupider than I felt, but I felt
like it went pretty well. – I had a great time with this. At one point, she did compliment my legs. – [Kaylee] Look at this leg! (laughter) (fast piano music) – All right. So, I’m skateboarding back from
my first Cardio Barre class on my own. I was the only guy there. And I was clearly the
worst one in the class. – I’m not very good. My movements are awkward
and uncoordinated, and I feel very ashamed of my… It’s actually very discouraging. – It’s been pretty great. – I’m loving every single second. – I’m also really loving it. – I’m bad at it. – (laughter) Yeah, you can say that again. I’m trying my darndest, but it’s just not working out for me. – That’s the thing, though,
you’ve just got to stop trying and just give yourself to it. – Shut up, Shane (laughs). (upbeat orchestra music) – [Ryan] I called the
Cardio Barre place up to see how much everyone’s actually gone. At the top, Daysha with 10. (cash register ring) – [Shane] Daysha, holy… – [ Voiceover] Damn girl (clapping). – [Shane] Holy shit Daysha! – In second place, me, with seven. (cash register ring) – No (laughs). I’ll clap for myself. Tied for third place is Shane and Macie with five apiece. – You have to understand,
out of town and then sick. – And in last place, in glorious
fashion, is Jen with two. – [Daysha] Two?
(cash register ring) – Big old chopsticks (laughter) again. – I will say I have like
committed to going a lot more to catch up. We have two weeks left, right? – {Shane] (laughter) So you’re gonna do… – What are you gonna
go, seven days a week? – [Shane] Twice a day for… – This is our last week of Cardio Barre, and it has been going amazing. My butt has gotten like
exponentially bigger which, you know, can’t complain, at all. Look at that, look at that! Definitely helped a homey out. – Hi guys. I’m Richard Giorla and I’m the creator of Cardio Barre. I’m really looking forward to taking you through your last class. Test Friends, ready? All right, let’s do it! (laughter) (upbeat electronic music) – Good job Shane, one. – Nice Ryan, good Daysha. Beautiful Macie. Straighten your right leg Jen. Other right leg Jen. Keep an eye on her for me. (upbeat electronic music) Now, don’t bounce up, just press up. Remember exercise just maintains you. Uncomfortable resistance will change you. So, take yourself a little further. (upbeat electronic music) ♫It’s time to break now.♫ (upbeat music) – I loved Cardio Barre. This has been one of the
best things we’ve done. I feel slightly more, I guess, taut. Every single session ended with me just floating out of
there, feeling incredible. – It’s not really about
what the scale says. It’s about how I feel and I always feel fantastic
after these classes. So, I don’t really give a fuck (laughter). But, let me tell ya’ all. My butt, like, Cardio Barre! – It just simply isn’t for me, but I could see why people would do this. It was a lot of fun. I continually embarrassed
myself week after week. Really put forth a good effort. Tried to eat better. So, if I didn’t lose any weight, I would have been a little
upset because that was my goal and the fact that I did means I could come out of this vindicated. – You’re supposed to
grasp what they’re doing just by seeing other people in a mirror. So, every time I went to
a class which, granted, was only three times, I was really, really embarrassed. Definitely gained weight, though, because I wasn’t exercising
but I was thinking, “Man, if I had exercised I would deserve “this extra sandwich.” – I feel like it was
like a really nice way to start my morning, or to end my night. I’m really sad that it’s over. I want to keep going. I got probably stronger
and better at doing it. I probably did not lose weight because I’ve just been eating
everything I want to eat like fried chicken sandwiches. – [Voiceover] Yeah, I
know it’s really weird. – [Macie] Oh!! – [Voiceover] Stop it! – [Shane] You got it, you got it great! – Wow! Okay (laughter). – I sounded… – [Shane] What? – [Ryan] Stop looking like you’re an alien that just landed on Earth, dude! (laughter) Stop it Prichard. (laughter) – [Shane] And flex! – [Ryan] This should be good,
this shot, huh (laughter)? – [Shane] Turn. – Do you see my butt? (laughter) – [Shane] Okay, come
on. Let’s start it over. Bring it back to the top. You guys are making this so
much harder than it has to be. (laughter)

100 thoughts on “We Tried 5 Weeks of Ballet Fitness (Cardio Barre) • The Test Friends

  1. I think it’s sad that most of them just didn’t do it. Isn’t the point to do so and see what happens? They need to get people who are committed to things.

  2. I think Jen did so much better than she thought. I feel bad that each time she tries something with everyone she doesn't feel as good

  3. I do most of that in a regular dance class not just ballet. So that is for times a week and on Tuesday twice within two hours.

  4. as a ballet dancer it is hilarious that the instructor said this is harder than ballet when this was basically a warm up for a ballet class… and their technique and control was pitiful but the video was hilarious and entertaining

  5. "i feel fantastic" but look the same day in day out, no progression in actually changing your physique though which is the point of training in any spectrum regarding fitness.

  6. This is a basic warm-up for ballet dancers.(This is not meant to be rude to them because I don’t know their experience with this kind of stuff. I was just making a comment I thought was funny.)

  7. Also as a ballet dancer I just find it hilarious that they couldn’t do the pliés without like saying it was hard and how they were complaining about the little relieves. I’m just sitting here like ‘they should go on pointe’(again no hate to them. Just making a comment. I don’t want to get yelled at for hate.)

  8. Maycie wants to lose weight? But she looks perfectly fine and super pretty. If it'll make her feel more confident than by all means but in my personal opinion she doesn't need it. She looks good.

  9. I’m 13 years old and have done ballet for maybe 4 years and I weigh the same as them before they started working out… should I be worried about myself?

  10. I'd like to watch these. But they ALWAYS fail to commit to the bit. Anyone can say I'm doing 5 weeks of something and film it twice and do it 4 times. Pretty lame.

  11. Sucks no one did the test except Daysha. Go Daysha, you look awesome. Hope
    You keep it up since you seemed to love it. 💕

  12. I feel like I’d try this it seems very similar to the exercises for my dance class at school we do a lot of stuff like that and even though I hate it and come away shaking and deaf (because of downward dog and planks rushing the blood to my head and ears) If I did it more often I’d get better at it other than just 20 minutes two days a week

  13. Instructor: Did you bring towels and water?
    Buzzfeed: we are completely unprepared
    Instructor: OKAY LETS DO THIS >:D)

  14. I noticed a difference in their postures the most which I think is really important. The other thing I like about this is that it shows how not everyone has the same strengths, some people a naturally adept at certain things. Like that one dude is a skateboarder so he’s cool with balance yet he completely sucked at this, maybe because of the flexibility aspect. Really interesting. I want to try it!

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