Want Bigger Arms? Well then, you need bigger triceps. Pushdowns will definitely help.

hi friends it’s Victor Costa peace love
muscles hope you’re doing well I’ve been meaning to do a video on tricep
pushdowns and Here I am in the gym at a retro fitness in Wayne New Jersey
courtesy of the guys over there let me film a couple videos in there so shout
out to them but I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about why that’s the
problem with triceps and you know it’s typical to see if you go into any gym
you see the form that people are using and the positioning of the bar a lot of
times the bar is way too high I’m expressing here that often times we have
to sort of you know pull the bar down in order to get into the proper position
right so this is what you want to do you don’t want to reach too high for this
because you’ll end up engaging your abs you’ll start stressing the traps and
shoulders and really start focusing on everything but the area that you want to
focus on which is the triceps so that’s what we want to do we want to pull this
handle down into proper position and as you can see I’m standing about two feet
away or about a foot and a half away from the apparatus right and I want to
remain in that position in other words I don’t want my feet to stand so close to
that bar and I see a lot of guys using this dangerously in other words they’re
pushing down the tricep mechanism so close to their neck that that bar is all
but scraping the side of their neck so the first thing I want to do is put this
in a proper position that I’m not stressed with the ABS I’m not pulling
down with the traps and I’m able to just really focus on my triceps now when I
approach this bar I’m gonna put my hands in a relatively relaxed position I’m not
gonna squeeze the bar like my life depends on this I’m just gonna approach
this bar with light hands if you will and I’m explaining here that I don’t
want to pull this energy into anything other than my triceps and often times
when we’re using way too heavy weight we can actually do that right so we want to
start off with a relatively light or manageable weight now where we got our
hands relaxed and I’m expressing here that I don’t want you to do this I don’t
want you to stand so close to that mechanism I want you to kind of stay in
this fixed position right with the elbows
close to the body rather than this right here rather than punching over and
pushing down in a pressed position right so again
traps are relaxed in this exercise keep the elbows close to the body and stay in
this position kind of find your little groove here so that you can feel the
triceps actually stretching and that there’s resistance working against them
from the very beginning so once our hands are relaxed once our elbows are
fixed then we start pushing down you can see that the bar where the handle is it
is a pushing away from the body rather than having that cord swipe the side of
my neck and I can’t tell you guys how many injuries I’ve seen with that little
hook coming up catching guys on the side I mean the body building is is is really
about focus it’s not about trying to dive out of harm’s way
right and so when we’re in a better position to kind of work on our muscles
and we’re actually picking up the energy in the right area that we’d like to work
that’s what this is about it’s about using a light manageable weight I
shouldn’t have said light manageable weight that we can pick it up in the
area of our body that we want to work and that’s pretty much the scoop guys so
I wish you guys all the best remember approach this with light hands elbow in
a fixed position bring the bar down so that you aren’t struggling with your abs
and traps and everything like that so you’re able to focus on your triceps in
the very beginning with those light hands make sure that you could feel
almost the weights pulling against the triceps are sort of stretching them down
stretching them out and then as you push down with again with a light hand you’re
sort of pushing the bar away simultaneously that you’re pushing down
don’t have that cord scraping along the side of your neck so guys peace love and
muscles thanks so much for the likes the shares and the subs stay natural take
care yourselves bye bye

13 thoughts on “Want Bigger Arms? Well then, you need bigger triceps. Pushdowns will definitely help.

  1. Thanks for taking the time of doing this video ❤️
    Your the only few people I watch since you know what you talking about and the tip that you give are very useful. Thanks once again. Can’t wait for more tips 🙂

  2. Hey Vic, nice vid man! By the way, I am a natural bodybuilder, do you think I should work each muscle 3, 2 or 1 time per week? What is your split?

  3. You deserve way more attention brother!

    Btw i would be really curious that how you'd look if you started doing gear not that i think it's a good idea but with your knowledge and current physique you would turn into a monster. 😀

    Keep motivating us please and thank you for all the help you gave to e everybody watching your content!!, :DD

  4. I really liked how you narrated over the video and wondered if this would be an effective way to bring your teaching to a different level. Shoot clips of you performing different exercises then narrate them. Thanks for another great short clip.

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