Vinyasa Slow Flow Hip Opening Yoga ♥ Deep Yoga Stretches for Hips and Pelvis | 23 Minutes

hey Yogi’s today’s practice is all about
the hips it’s gonna be just a nice short sweet practice that really can get your
mojo moving down here and your hips and pelvis and hopefully will make you feel
a little bit freer as you’re moving through your day and through your life
so roll out your mat and let’s practice all right Yogi’s so let’s come over onto
our hands and knees we’re gonna start opening up those hips and I’m gonna have
you actually sit back onto your heels for a moment here and we’re just gonna
do a few breaths just to kind of Center in if if this doesn’t work for you to
sit on your shin bones maybe a pillow or two to boost up your hips you can always
do something else though if that doesn’t work either but otherwise here we are
sitting onto our heels palms down on your your thighs and eyes come to close
and I want you to let the warmth of your palms be felt by your thighs here and
begin to let your hands grow heavy so you’re gonna breathe out and just let
the weight of your arms release your shoulders resting down your back your
hands becoming heavy and then let your hands come all the way up towards your
hip joints and I want you to take your thumbs you didn’t of course open your
eyes if you need to see what I’m what I’m doing here but otherwise the eyes
can be closed I’m gonna take your thumbs and just kind of nuzzle your thumbs into
your hip joints and press down and let your mouth relax or your jaw is released
here the jaw and the the hips the job the pelvis are deeply connected so it’s
best if the jaw stays relaxed here as we’re opening those hips and kind of
move your thumbs around and just dig in you might find yourself taking some deep
breaths as those muscles receive the stimulation and start releasing and then
you can let your your like the heels of your hands kind of
press in towards your hip joints and you’re just gonna let the again the
warmth of the hands stimulate those thigh muscles and you can kind of walk
your hands down your thighs kind of pressing down towards your knees and
then let your elbows grow straight here and just rest your hands on your lower
thighs and lift your chest sit up tall lengthen up through your neck lift up
through the crown of your head let’s take three deep breaths breathing away
down into those hips connecting to your hip joints trying to relax your tailbone
and down towards the earth as you exhale and then let your eyes come to open and
shift yourself or we’re done to your hands and knees and we’re gonna loosen
up the pelvic joints the hip joints and they look and really the hosts mine with
some circles here and so I want you to think of moving actually from your hips
and pelvis and you can start by reaching your hips out towards the left and then
lift your tailbone up high through Center and then reach your hips sway
your hips out towards the right and then tuck your tail under scoop your pelvis
through Center you’re rounding your spine here and then back out to the left
so this doesn’t have to be done perfectly I want you to just think about
creating some movement creative movement full range of movement through your hips
and pelvis and then allow the rest of your back and spine to kind of stretch
with that movement of the hips your elbows might be bending and
straightening and then explore the opposite range of motion here or the
opposite direction for your circles you could close your eyes breathe deeply
here this is not about how you look it’s about how things are feeling in those
hips and we want the hips to feel as though they can really circle around
into their full range of motion take one more nice full breath in and out
come back through Center lengthen your spine and inhale arch your back look up
exhale round your spine push the floor away if your wrists get tired feel free
to drop down to your elbows inhale arch your back exhale round your spine inhale arch and exhale round one more
time breathe in arch your back lift that tailbone high
exhale round out your back tailbone tucks feel the Front’s of your hips
trying to stretch open good breathe and come through a neutral and then let’s
actually take child’s pose here so just stretch your hips back you could take
your knees out wide maybe mat width apart and then just rest your body
forehead forward and bring your forehead to your mat and breathe deep into your
belly let it stretch towards your thighs good and then when you’re ready we’re
gonna arrive so walk those knees back in and then tuck your toes lift your hips
and stretch up and back into a downward facing dog
and start to bend one knee press the opposite heel towards the floor go side
to side sway your hips from side to side and as you’re moving hips side to side
like this really feel a sense of fluidity coming into your movement into
the ankle joints the knee joints the hip joints let your spine sway a little side
to side hang your head heavy the hips relate to the first and second chakras
which are energetic centers in the body and these two chakras have a lot to do
with being present in your body connected to the earth grounded worthy
abundant secure stable and also playful and creative and fluid having an emotion
ality right being able to feel your emotions being sensual being sexual all
of those qualities come from the hip area the first and second chakras okay
let’s take one more breath here in your down dog breathe it out and then walk
your hands back towards your feet take your feet out wide maybe mat width apart
and just kind of sway your spine let your neck release hang your head deep
breath into the belly towards your hips breathe out release your spine more good
and then take a breath in lift your chest look forward turn your toes out a
little bit bend your knees sink your hips down into a yogi squat here and see
if you can get your elbows to press into your inner knees thumbs to the heart
sometimes it’s hard to get the heels to the floor depending on your body so
that’s okay if they’re lifted you might want to keep your hands on the floor
or you could grab a rolled-up blinkin or an extra yoga mat and slide it under
your heels so that your heels have some support and then rock a little here side
to side breathing deeply good and then let’s shift back forward
straighten up those legs forward fold adjust your feet in to about hip
distance take a breath and lengthen out your spine exhale fold one more time
breathe in lengthen and then walk your hands out downward facing dog
we’re going to take a little lungi and sequence here so when have you lift your
left leg up open up your left hip nice and wide you could bend your knee for a
moment here big breath breathe into the left thigh into the left hip and then
swing your left foot to the outside of your left hand and drop your right knee
down onto your mat here and then we’re just letting those hips soften forward
so a couple key things you want to make sure your left heel stays on your mat
it’s grounded so if you need to kind of wiggle it forward turn your left toes
out a little bit and you can always put a folded blanket underneath your right
knee for extra padding and you’re gonna either stay up here on your hands or
walk down to your elbows you’re here on your forearms and then bring in some of
that creative fluid movement that you’re your second chakra kind of elicits and
rock a little side to side or shift your weight slightly forward and back breathe
in through your nose and out through your mouth good and then we’re gonna come back up
to the hands if you’re down on those elbows and maybe turn your left toes in
tuck your right toes lift up your right knee and then begin to walk your hands
towards the left and come into a widespread forward fold and kind of turn
your toes and you might need to look at your feet and line up your toes a little
bit here take a breath in lengthen out your spine and then exhale release in
your body forward and we’re gonna do a little side to side stretching here so
you’re gonna bend your left knee and shift your hips over to the left and
then bend your right knee can shift your hips over and then you can keep working
from side to side all right kind of letting your hips drop
all the way down so this is the yoga ninja move and then you want to lightly
with some core strength shift to the other side and you can add a little
twist even here you could walk your hands towards the left when that left
leg is straight and kind of round your back over the leg and then shifting over
straightening out that right leg you know and if you can’t come all the way
down like this not a big deal maybe walking the hands towards that right leg
folding the torso towards the thigh and then come back through Center and bring
the the feet a little bit more parallel you can bend into your knees and bring
your hands up to your thighs and just push into your thighs and lift up your
chest here and then adjust your feet so if having the toes forward feels a
little off just turn the toes out slightly and press your hands kind of
down and away from each other pushing down those thighs and drop your right
shoulder towards the midline of your mat here and look up past your left shoulder
take a breath in and then exhale come through Center and drop your left
shoulder down look up past your right so you’re still pressing your hands down
and away from each other to open your inner thighs and hips come through
Center drop your right shoulder down look up past your left breathe in
exhale come through Center home twist to the right breathe into your upper back I
come through Center let your chest open here inhale look up exhale fold forward
and just release your body you can adjust your feet here turn your toes and
deep breath in and out breathe in lengthen good and then exhale
walk your hands to the right turn your right toes straight forward come into a
little lunge here take your right hand inside your right foot drop your left
knee walk your right foot out to the right side of your mat and turn your
toes out a little bit and then soften your hips forward and start to create a
little movement side to side forward back whatever feels good just make sure
your right heel stays connected to the earth maybe come down to your elbows
we’ll take a few more deep breaths softening through the front of your hips all right great take one more deep
inhale right down into the pelvis cleansing breath out then begin to walk
back up to your hands tuck those back toes lift your knee and you might want
to frame your foot here again and then plant your hands and step all the way
back into your downward facing dog take a deep breath in and out one more deep breath in breathe it out good so if it works for you just stay on
your mat facing this way right you’re the reverse direction then when you
started practice but if if that is not quite right for you just do a little
bear walk walk yourself around do a little circle here and then your back 15
forward and take up another breath in your down dog exhale it out we’re gonna
move into our pigeon pose on the right side another awesome awesome hip opener
so lift your right leg breathe in and then bring your right knee to your right
hand so it may be close to your right thumb and your left leg stretches
straight back behind you and you can prop up onto your fingertips here and
kind of let your hips begin to settle and pressing through those fingertips
nice tall pigeon here lifting open the chest a little bit so if this feels
really good for you maybe you stay here for some extra time or fold forward when
you’re ready come down onto your forearms take a few deep breaths again don’t worry about holding rigid
you might enjoy a little rocking from side to side let go through the jaw
maybe breathing out through the mouth every few breaths to support a little
bit more release kind of notice right if you can sink in as the tension starts to
release what do you feel underneath the muscles right what energy is swirling
around in those hips take one more deep breath breathe in and out it slowly
begin to walk back up onto your hands and lift up your chest alright great job
tuck your back toes lift up stretch yourself back through down dog and just
prepare him for side two he won’t want to pedal out your heels a little bit
sometimes you can feel a big shift after one side and then reach your left leg
way up breathe in bring your left knee to your left so your left foot kind of
lands probably close to your right hip sometimes people can you know bring the
foot further forward if your hips are ready for that I like to work about
right here though and sit up tall again lifting your chest big breath and you
might like this stretch you could stay right here and breathe or walk your
hands out fold yourself forward and again then this quieter pose it can be
really intense but sometimes the muscles do start to release a bit and really go
deep into the joints and just see what else is there the hips and the pelvis
both can kind of house a lot of old emotions and so as we start to open up
the joints and release the physical stress and tension we can go deeper and
begin to release some of that old emotional energy as well try breathing all the way down into the
hips and pelvis one more inhale one more exhale walk your hands back lift your
chest up we’re in a transition a little differently this time so I’m just gonna
have you roll onto that left hip swing your right leg around and we’re gonna
come down onto our backs so you can just roll yourself down bring your knees into
your chest for a moment and give yourself a nice little squeeze and then
let your feet come to your mat and take your feet about mat width apart and let
your arms reach out away from the body here and we’re gonna wind chill to wipe
our legs from side to side so just a nice gentle twist you can kind of move
at your own pace going side to side whatever feels good here you want to
keep your feet wide apart as your knees fall from side to side and then bring the knees back through
Center one more hug of the thighs to the belly take a deep breath in and out and
then stretch yourself out on your back I’ll take a little relaxation shavasana
arms resting out maybe on a 45 degree angle from the body turn your palms up
towards the sky and then rock your feet in and out a few times in the loose way
kind of a fluid way here deep breath in and as you exhale let that rocking of
the legs release and just let your legs relax and settle into the floor feel the
Front’s of your hips open soft the back of your pelvis heavy on your mat you
just feel all the muscles of the body starting to release and letting the
bones sink down heavy into the floor focus in on that soft flow of your
breath so it could be nice to just let yourself
keep rusty if you’re able to you have time and space in your schedule but if
you’re ready to move into the rest of your day just start to circle out your
wrist Circle out your ankles not your a body stretch and then rolling off to one
side and easing yourself up into a seated position and you can just cross
your ankles sit comfortably let your eyes close for a moment rest your hands notice how it feels to sit here maybe
your hips feel just you know a bit more open tune in to your breath and inhale
deeply through the nose exhale out through your mouth yeah then your own way just silently
thinking your hips thinking your body thinking your breath yeah it’s bringing the palms of the
hands together at the front of the chest it was such a joy to practice with you
today and I would love to keep practicing with you so please subscribe
to my channel and if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and in the
comments I’d love to hear from you let me know how your hips are doing and let
me know what you liked about the practice and let me know what other
types of practices you could use to feel more balanced and healthy in your body
in mind thanks again for practicing with me namaste

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