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in the comments below. Hit the like button. And also subscribe to the channel. Let’s get started. (calm relaxing music) Alright, let’s get
started in child’s pose. Big toes together, take your knees wide enough for your ribs to slide in between, and stretch out. And just take a few conscious breaths, in and out through your nose. And let yourself settle in, preparing the mind and
the body for the practice, smooth steady breathing, smooth steady movements. Inhale, come up on to
your hands and your knees, slide your hands under your shoulders, knees under your hips, and as you exhale, round your
spine, tuck your buttocks, sit bones towards the backs of the knees. As you inhale take the
spine into a back bend, lift through the sit bones,
roll your chest open. Exhale round out, tuck
through the sit bones, round the spine. Inhale, arch back. Exhale, round out. Inhale, arch back. Exhale, neutral. Hold the neutral, curl your toes under, lift your knees up just an inch. But, let’s be a little more subtle. Set the knees down, broaden evenly across the back of the neck, and
lengthen the whole spine, especially the spine
between the shoulder blades. Now, without losing the space
across the back of the neck or the length of the
spine, now lift the knees. Feel the difference, how
much more muscles you use, how the core turns on. So in each pose, we can
practice looking for the little nuances so
that we get stronger, more stable, and more open. Then slowly start to
stretch your hips back, into bent knee down dog, wiggle your feet back
just a couple inches. Inhale, come back to
that original position, open up the chest,
lengthen through the spine, and evenly across the tops
of the shoulder blades. Stretch back to down dog, we’ll just warm up the shoulders here. Inhale, modified plank. Exhale, down dog. Inhale, modified plank. Exhale, down dog. Inhale, modified plank. Set the knees down, turn
your fingers out half way, shift forward and lower
slowly to elbow height, chest open, back of the
neck broad, spine long. Lift back up, modified down dog. Knees a little bent as you like them. Inhale, knees down, open
your chest and lower slowly, exhale lift back up,
stretch back, modified dog. Inhale, knees down, open up your chest, exhale, navel in, spine long,
lower slowly to elbow height, back up, downward facing dog. Inhale, glide forward, set knees down, lower all the way down onto your belly, inhale into low cobra. Now turn the fingers to
point all the way back. When you turn your fingers back, your shoulders are
gonna want to drop down. Instead, roll the shoulder
heads away from the floor. So you’re strengthening your back muscles to help to open your chest. Press the tops of the feet, lift on the inner thighs, breathe the spine long. Turn your hands around, roll yourself up into your first up dog, and stretch back to down dog. Looking between your hands, walk your feet up to the front of the mat, little bend in your knees, inhale hard at flat back, exhale, fold forward. Bring your hands onto your hips, come all the way up to stand. Alright. Let’s do a few sun salutations. First stand up straight and tall, feel what it is to be upright, for the chest to be open,
for the head to be balanced back up on top of the spine
instead of hanging forward, breathe into your open tall body. When we think of the body,
we usually tend to think of a more contracted, smaller,
narrower view of the body. So as you stand here for
a moment, close your eyes, and expand past what you
think the physical body is. How much space that you take up, and allow the body to
spread into this new space that you’re feeling with your eyes closed. So all the contracted areas
that you normally feel, allow those to expand and
spread into their new space. Then open your eyes, take
your arms up to the side, up and overhead, look up. Exhale fold forward,
expanding as you fold forward, Inhale, flat back, step your left foot back into
a lunge, lower your knee down, inhale, arms up, exhale downward facing dog. Inhale, raise the left leg
up from the inner thigh, shift into plank, pull your knee up, step your foot up in between your hands, lower your right knee down, inhale, raise your arms up, exhale, step back, downward facing dog. Walk your feet all the way
up to the top of the mat, inhale, flat back, exhale fold forward, inhale come all the way
up, raise your arms, exhale fold forward, inhale flat back, lengthen out, step your right back and
lower your knee down. Inhale raise your arms up, exhale downward facing dog. Inhale raise the right leg
up from the inner thigh, shift into plank, pull your knee up, step your foot all the
way in between your hands, lower your back knee,
inhale raise your arms up, exhale downward facing dog. Bend your knees looking
between your hands, step walk or hop all
the way up to the top, inhale flat back, exhale fold forward, inhale come all the way
up, raise your arms up, exhale fold, inhale flat back, step back to plank pose this time, open your chest, hold in plank, knees down or not, lower
slowly to chaturanga, lift back up to plank pose, stretch back to dog. Inhale glide forward plank pose, open your chest. Again, spread across your collar bones, across the tops of the
blades, and lengthen the spine in between the blades. Then without your hips twisting, lift your right leg up one inch. Keep the neck long, the head will wanna fall forward towards the floor, don’t let it, keep the head
up in line with the spine. Change legs, lift the
left leg up one inch. Strong core, spine long. Set that foot down. Set your left knee down,
open up into side plank. Holding your side plank,
stretch your left foot out behind your right. Then hips up, externally
rotate your right arm, stretch the arm all the way over head. Downward facing dog. Take three breaths. Stretch into your full dog, stretch the legs, stretch the arms, lengthen your spine. Inhale come back into plank pose, set right knee down, open up, left arm up, then keeping your right inner
shoulder turned forward, slide the right foot back behind the left. Don’t let the shoulder roll in. Keep the chest open, broad
across the tops of blades and the chest, spine long
in between the blades, firm your hips towards your heels. Then hips up, rotate the arm, reach all the way over. Downward dog, stretch back. Take three breaths,
stretch into your full dog. Then keep your toes curled
under, set the knees down, modified child, stretch the
hips back towards the heels, open up the soles of the feet and stretch your toes towards your knees. Inhale come back up, step walk or hop up to
the front of the mat, inhale flat back, exhale fold all the way forward. Reach down into your feet,
inhale come up to stand, raise your arms up, and exhale bring your arms to your side. One last sun salute. Inhale to arms up, exhale fold forward, inhale flat back, step back to plank, lower chaturanga, press back up to plank, stretch back to dog. Step your right foot up
in between your hands, set your back knee down onto the floor, swivel the back foot in half way, and then bring your right
forearm to your thigh, open up your chest, as your stretch down
through your left shin, lift through the sides of the chest, take your left arm up and over. This is like, very modified side angle. Then bend the elbow, and stretch
your hand behind your head, so you’re opening up your armpit chest like you would for gomukhasa. Breathe into the stretch
through the left side body, and through the left armpit chest. Then bring your hands back down and step back to down dog. Step your left foot, lower your back knee down, swivel your foot over to the side, then come up, forearm goes
down onto your left thigh, take your right arm up. So actively stretch
through your right hip, down into your knee, draw your navel up, take your arm up. Rotate the arm, bend your elbow, and slide your hand behind your head. So the tightness in your armpit chest will wanna pull your head foreword. Lean your head back into
your arm to help open it up. So look for the spine to lengthen, and feel the deep stretch
through the right side body. Maybe you can lunge a little
bit deeper without losing the stretch in the right side
body, down through the knee. Then bring your hands down, and step back to down dog. Good, then from down dog, I’m gonna use my block for the next pose. From down dog, step your right foot up in between your hands. Put your right hand down
on the inside of your foot. Modified side angle, turn your back heel down, take
your left hand behind you, to your outer right hip. Now, pull that outer
right hip back and in, until if you look down, you
could see that the center of your hip is aligned with
the center of your ankle. Heck, let’s just go up onto the tall block for this first one. The feet are lined up
like heel to heel-ish, a little more open for
this first standing pose. As you track the hip back in, lift through the sides of your chest. So if you just watch for
a second, the upper body in these folded over poses
is gonna want to do this, it’s gonna try to go back
to fetal position so that the spine muscles don’t have
to lengthen or strengthen, but instead I want you to find tadasana like spine from your back ankle, all the way out through the upper spine, through the neck and through the head. It’s like if I were to all of a sudden tip your body back upright,
from the back left to the head, you’d be doing mountain pose. So breathe in to that, open up. Good, then press down into your feet, strong through your
legs, come up to stand. Spread your arms as you inhale, bend your right knee, put your right hand down on
the outside of your foot. Take your left arm all
the way over your ear, extended side angle. So in this pose, same idea, mountain pose from your back ankle
out through your head, and the arm goes all the way over. It’s trying to find the line
of the back leg as well, so the side angle, the
reason this pose is called extended side angle, is ’cause
there’s this straight line from your back ankle out
through your fingertips. Bring your hand down, and
step back to down dog. Step your left foot up
in between your hands, turn your back heel down, feet
lined up heel to heel-ish. Put your left hand onto
the inside of your foot, wrap your right arm behind your back. Now check out this left hip, track it in with your left heel. Stretch the back leg, but
also lift through the sides of the lumbar spine, as you stretch through your back leg down into your heel. Plug the navel up towards
your heart, turn your chest. Stretch that back leg, from the
side hip down into the heel, elongate your spine. Then reach into your feet,
strong through your legs, come up to stand. Spread your arms, inhale, exhale bend your knee, warrior two. Put your hand down onto
the outside of your foot. Take your top arm all the way overhead. As you look at your foundation
leg, your front leg, make sure that you’re still tracking your ankle, knee, center hip. Stretch through the back
leg, past your fingertips. Then bring your hand down, and step back to down dog. Looking between your hands, hop to seated, and come into boat pose. Open up through the toe
mounds, stretch your legs. Plug your low abs in and up, draw the shoulders back into position, then without sinking back, see if you can start to lift
the feet, open the toe mounds. Bend your knees, round your sacrum, lower back down onto the floor. Crunch up to your knees, pull the abs in, stretch one leg out at a 45 degree angle, slowly change legs
without the hips twisting, keeping the belly in, slowly change legs, slowly change legs, now stretch both legs straight out. Squeeze your abs and crunch up, come back up into boat pose, hold there. One more time, bend your knees, lower into low boat, hold, pull abs in, stretch both legs out. Take your right leg straight up, and bring your left hand towards
the outside of the ankle. Change sides. Come back to center, both legs up, crunch up to your ankles,
cross your right ankle over your left, squeeze your hips up. Lower your head, change
the cross of your ankles, crunch up to your knees, and squeeze your hips up. Lower your head, set your feet down, feet the width of the mat. Open up your elbows out to the side, let your right knee drop over
towards your left big toe. Knees back to center, let your left knee drop over towards your right big toe. Bring your knees back to center, hug both knees into your chest. Rock yourself back up to seated, and sit for baddha konasa. Bring the soles of the feet
together, the knees wide apart. We you sit in bound angle pose, most of us have a lot of tension, and kind of like postural misalignment from all the sitting in
the chair or at the desk, where instead of being
seated on the sit bones, we’re sitting more on the
butt, the buttock flesh. So instead, I want you to
adjust your buttock flesh so you can feel your sit bones, and for me then, the knees come
up and it’s quite a strain, so let’s all just sit on a block. I mean, let’s all I mean me and you, there’s nobody else with you, is there? Okay, there might be a
few people, I don’t know. Anyways, let’s sit on a block
so we can find the sit bones. So feel, use your hand,
adjust the buttock flesh, feel that little bone
down there at the bottom, feel the center sit bones
stretch straight down into the block. Got it, okay. Now lift through the back of your pelvis, through your sacrum like it’s
flat up against a wall here, and then open your chest as you stretch from your groins to your knees, keep ascending the spine as
you let the knees descend. Stretching center sit bones, center sit bones straight,
straight into the floor. Then twist to your right,
bring your left hand towards the top of the right
foot, right hand behind you, quite a lot of tension
here on the inner legs, sit up tall as you twist, breathe. And twist to the other side, uh oh, are you letting your
butt start to sink under? Don’t let it, lift through the sacrum, turn your chest, grow tall as you’re twisting,
don’t let the spine shrink. Breathe into the tension
you’re feeling, let it release. Okay, finally. And come back to center. So it takes, you know,
maybe like 30 seconds, for the body to start
to release in the pose, so we wanna spend that amount of time when we’re doing these hip openers. Okay, now the knees are
finding the inner legs, groins are starting to release, okay now, scoot your heels
forward just like an inch or two, and then tip forward half way, but feel how the groins
want to tense back in and wants to tuck you under, don’t let yourself tuck under. You’ll, de-evolve back to a fetal position if you keep doing yoga like that, so as you stretch the sit bones down, breathe the spine tall, stretch the legs. Okay then finally, let
the spine flex evenly. Most of us, like me if
you just check it out, I just wanna round from the upper back, so much easier, but see
if you can flex instead, the whole spine evenly. Come back up. What an inner leg experience. Okay, and now stretch the legs
out, sit with the sit bones straight down again, sit up tall. Feel that opening in your
hips now, all the fresh blood rushing through, feels like new life and energy in the pelvis. Keep your chest open as
you raise your arms up. Lift up tall over your sit bones. Good, so this is great core work to do. If you can keep yourself
upright like this, with the legs straight,
it’s pretty darn good. Externally rotate your arms,
reach through your fingers, your back could be flush up
against a wall right now. Head in position, and bring your arms back down,
sit in front of the block, move it to the side, and hug
your knees into your chest. And set your feet down,
stretch the legs out, shavasana, corpse pose. So again, just like we started class, as you breathe, feel that
yourself release into your space. Now also observe that at
the end of your practice, because there isn’t as much sensation when we’re going through the poses, you’re pulled in to the body, you’re more present because
you can feel sensation. But as soon as the strong
sensation goes away in the body, the mind starts to wander. So instead, I want you
to tune into the subtlety of sensation that’s still
happening as you’re lying still. Even though you’re still,
there’s still a tremendous amount of movement going on in
the body, and sensation. Practice observing how the
breath influences that, as you breathe in and out, observe the sensation of the body. Then gently bend your knees, roll over to your right side, press yourself up to seated. Namaste. Alright, so I hope you
feel like you were able to get some more opening in your hips. When we first start
practicing, one of the areas that we’re most interested in opening is the front of the pelvis. It tends to get trapped,
and tucks you under. And when we can get the thighs
and the front of the pelvis to open, then the spine can
be upward in more postures. If you’re really tight
there, it’s gonna pull you in and under, so we call
this area the trikona, in yoga-speak. And when we get the trikona to open, it starts to unlock energy
for the rest of the spine so that it can move up. Just a little thing for
you to trip out on there. So, I hope you felt that today, and also, hey I wanna give a real big
thanks, a shout out to everyone who donated to support the
30 day challenge last month, that was really helpful,
I really appreciate it. Thanks for showing up, being
a part of the community, and supporting the challenge. If you wanna help to support
the channel in this new year, you can do so by clicking
on the PayPal link, which is on the YouTube site,
on the Yoga With Tim banner, at the bottom right hand corner. Thanks for your support, and see you next week.

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