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hi friends Victor Costa peace love and
muscles hope you do it well hope you’re having an outstanding day I did a video
on this quite some time ago and I wanted to do it again it’s really about not
getting down on yourself and your body and the way that you look and your
genetic limitations that you feel and you know I talk to a lot of people who
wish they had it different you know they wish they had a different financially
they wish they had a different physically they wish they had it
whatever they’re challenged in some way and they wish that they had it different
and then you know I have people who tell me that they’re acting worse but they
wish they were mesomorphs than their genetics suck and their hard gainers and
they spend a lot of time with me either you know on skype or on the phone or
whatever in some of our sessions or conversations telling me about how
terrible things are and then you see some other people you know that are on
the internet people who are you know have overcome tremendous challenges and
and and really have either physical challenges or emotional challenges and
there’s they’re thriving and so what I wanted to talk to you today about was
you know focusing on getting out of the you know wish it could have been
different wish my genetics were different I’m a
hard gainer all that stuff to focusing on sort of the glass as half-full aspect
of that you know so going from I am a hardgainer to I work really hard or my
genetics going from my genetics to I do the best I can with what I’ve got I mean
there’s there’s a way to look at life there’s a way to look at your body
there’s a way to you know to look at the world in a very very different way and I
spend a lot of time with my clients really just get them bringing them into
the present moment you know instead of spending all this time telling me their
whole history of what wasn’t working and what sucks and what’s whatever I tried
to get them to drop that story so that we can kind of get working in the
present moment because none of that means anything to me I’m new to the
picture I see only possibilities and there’s not one person that I know
that can’t make things better by focusing in that direction you know you
can’t make your cabs any better by bitching about how crappy your genetics
are you just can’t do that it just doesn’t work that way the energy
has to be focused and you’re still wondering if Vic actually sent bitching
the energy has to be re-homed and focus sublimated and moved away from that now
can we can we overcome every genetic limitation
possible are you gonna turn a person who has the skinniest calves in the world
genetically into these monster cows right on there they’re right above their
ankles the answer is no but can they make progress which is really what they
want can they feel better about them can they get stronger yes and that’s pretty
much where we have to start from we can’t focus on all these genetic
limitations the history that I tried this and I tried that you start now at
because if you don’t you’re bringing that with you to every session you’re
bringing that with you to a new experience and I can tell you you can
start off with a tabula rasa right now you can just start off fresh you can
forget about the history you can forget about the genetic limitations you can
forget about that self-defeating talk and just take off from where you are I
mean the amount of hard drive space that you use up that we use up complaining
about where we’re at rather than just keeping focused on where we want to go
and you see it all the time you see it in successful people there’s people out
there in every area of sports and business and all these other things that
really haven’t spent a lot of time sitting around wondering why things
stink and it comes it’s the same with your body it’s the same I know people
think it’s different than that a situation or a relationship or a
business it’s not it’s identical and all of these things can can get better if
you focus on where you want to go what you want rather than what stinks and
what is it I mean you have the choice Esther Hicks calls it the contrast you
can wallow around in the contrast and it’s good to have things so that you you
that you don’t like so that you know what you do like but if you sit around
too much and the what you don’t like stuff you ain’t gonna get to the good
stuff I promise you most of the clients that I’ve had that have progressed
matically major transformations these were psychological transformations and
the body manifested that’s how everything happens it doesn’t happen the
other way around you cannot have one with you
without the other we cannot have a physical transformation you can’t get
there without the emotional and mental transformation first the mind has to be
fertile you have to be open to it and everything can change and you start to
forget about all the genetic limitations and all this because guess what some of
those things aren’t true we’ve told ourselves sometimes a story that just
isn’t true based upon I don’t know what information we got I don’t know who
taught you how to work out if it was you know what you learned in the magazines
if it was what you learned on YouTube you know but I think a lot of people
don’t spend enough time in understanding the psychology of this and everybody
that’s achieved anything it doesn’t matter what field had to get there first
emotionally mentally that’s the bottom line and you have to do the same thing
so whatever it is that you want to change and the body is just another one
of those things it’s just a physical manifestation that’s willing to play
with you it’s willing to change it’s willing to do all these things but you
got to be there first you have to bring yourself to the place before you can
bring your body along for the ride you understand okay so peace love and
muscles guys I wish you all the best please take care of yourselves I hope
this was a little fitness wisdom a little bodybuilding wisdom and I hope
you use it to your benefit love you all take care bye once again
friends my book peace love and muscles is now available for ebook distribution
this is what I’ve decided to do if you go to PayPal and you send any sum at all
to Vic’s natural at I will send you a copy of the book via PDF along
with a note of gratitude I’m allowing you to choose your own price and
regardless of what it is you’ve got my word that I will send that book over to
you with a note directly from me and I do each one of these individually and
that’s how I’m disseminating the book the book is about not only body building
but it’s about body building principles it’s about abandoning limiting behaviors
that are holding your body back and not allowing the body to manifest in
addition to about 50 to 60 pictures of me actually doing the
exercises and describing the exercises in clear detail along with posing I’ve
got workouts for the home I’ve got workouts for the gym I discussed diet I
talked about the mindset and the balanced way to approach bodybuilding I
talked about not counting repetitions I talked about steroids I talked about
abandoning things that are holding you back like toxic friends and the dangers
of various types of energies that are not really allowing your body to build
itself to be healthy to manifest and I think you would really like it thank you
very much for listening to my video peace love and muscles please take care
of yourself bye bye

18 thoughts on “Vicsnatural Bodybuilding and Fitness motivation

  1. Hey Victor Costa, very impressive physique and great video! Not being prejudice here just curious, have you been natural your entire life?

  2. Hi Vic , I have to admit that I trained for 20 years with this mindset ' if you look in the mirror and are satisfied- you are finished as a body builder' that caused stress !!
    I decided to find contentment – there followed 15 years of fun and gains ! Much better !! Thanks for your inspiration ,it all helps .

  3. You're a great inspiration for my son and I . We both thank you ! We've learned so much from your videos…most of all from your words….Peace Love and Muscles to you my friend ✌❤💪

  4. Excellent video! God created all men different. We all come in different shapes, sizes and colors and everyone is worthwhile.

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