Very Peaceful and Powerful Yoga Festival 2019 in Thailand

good morning “Xin chao” good
morning to Europe good morning around the world who are interested in yoga
today I’m going for yoga festival 2019 Art and Dance I was here in Krabi
(it was in Krabi) last year and I really enjoy that´s why I am here again how it is there are so many classes so much entertainment so many nice people so ok ready let’s go How long did it take you to do the split How many Years? Weeks? Days? To practice 30 hours but it takes in total 2 years I love Zumba Teacher Karo Because she reminds me how much I miss dancing cuz I’m not very good at Yoga But dancing OK! Why Chilean people have such warm hearth? Tell me why? You? Chilean, Brazil have such open energetic untouched everything I love it Tell me why? I think We just love to express! words are not enough for us I feel personally I can say from my side I just I just need that like way of expressing
dance feelings even when I dance a song that I don’t understand I still sing and I still act like I understand that´s why I love Zumba because Music moves so many different and you need you show how they wish you
love challenge yourself on the paddleboard, right? yes challenging You have to try, you have to try, you have to try! and I think I will tell you headstand on the sap it’s heaven! don´t you agree? it´s heaven, it´s bless! if you have a problem on the ground handstand, go on the sap! much better! it was very focusing like how you said focus on your pelvis two fingers two fingers below the navel if I focus there I have more power exactly I have to learn it before no? never? nobody has told me What is Odaka? Odaka is a mix of Martial arts my background is from Martial arts when I was 7 years old I spend all my life in Martial arts and Yoga of course and than two big love Yoga Martial arts becomes one became Odaka Odaka is Very peaceful Very Peaceful and Powerful The thing is, I wanna also show the man that they can do Yoga It’s inspiring So man, if you get powerful and peaceful So glad another day of yoga good morning I need
to get a shake Because they are the best here in Thailand Right? a good shake? a good shake? YES! my body is sore after 5 classes yesterday I felt I was like a hero but now you feel it! your body is saying no Lubomir you cannot! but my mind, YES!!! So let’s go for another video, let’s go! in the big terms Arial is the exercise for people who just
want to exercise a little adventurous and challenging up in the air for 360
degrees so it’s challenge your muscles challenge your grave and encourage
people to want to do the exercise it’s the other type of yoga I’m not
saying that the yoga is boring yoga is good but this is another option for you
to find out how beautiful you are so if you’re doing your for long time and you
wanna change I don’t want to change! Chacras are aligned our Central nervous system along our spine and they’re places that
need to have energy flowing and balanced way if not we can see the imbalance through our emotions or through physical manifistetion whatever it’s like sornie or maybe a cough or maybe you just feel
tightness in the chest things like that so it’s real? it’s real yes! western medicine has discovered that along with those same points and our spine our nerve clusters there are 7 nerve clusters these clusters gather together here at
the spine but the nerves attached out ones in our heart that touches out to
our arms up to our shoulders a bit down here we’re all are our diaphragms or
capacity for respiratory health life around there so ayurveda has always known that if your hearth chakra is not in balance that your hearth have a hard time to keep full deep breath but also feeling complete love for your life in every situation my best moment is want to teach on the
beach here this is my first time I love the festival there’s lots of
good people good people beautiful and graceful guideline allows me to know how I can
express myself without judging myself also Of course, I’ve come many time and every time. I hope I can come every time and classes very variety and shopping Yeeeee! Did you enjoy Yoga Festival? Yes, very much! oh that’s all what you can see this year
in Krabi 2019 I hope that you enjoy video and I hope that you learned
something one more hope if you come here
or maybe you start doing yoga beginner or something so now it’s time for me to
enjoy a breakfast and see you for another video right any comments
whatever Yoga means UNION! It can mean Union of your body and mind the most important thing Union means yourself

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