Use Case 7 Frozen Lake Running

Ohhhhhh That is Cold But Beautiful In six days I am doing the Miami half marathon So I live in Massachusetts it’s expected to be 70 degrees in Miami Right now it’s 4 degrees and I still have to train For those of you not in the US four degrees is 28 degrees fahrenheit below freezing So in some case this is Use Case 7 If I go run on the street with the snow banks and the cars slipping around That’s more like HALT testing You get hit by a car So normal cycle testing would be running in warm weather This is Use Case 7 because it’s freezing cold Probably going to freeze some skin a little bit Might even have some tendons that won’t stretch out and get a little pulled But you gotta train Gotta do at least two miles just to stay good
enough for the weekend Definitely…. The tendons and muscles definitely say it’s Use Case 7 I’m gonna have to do a really hot bath after The Kayaks look like they are out of commision for a bit

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