TWIN TELEPATHY CHALLENGE! Who Knows Me Better RZ Twin or Best Friend? (Game Master Battle Royale)

– [Matt] We’re searching
for Daniel right now. – [RZ Twin] And where’s Daniel? – [Q] Alice has been guarding him in a secure location
for the last 24 hours. – [Rebecca] We need to
find that treasure chest. We need to rescue Daniel. Ahh. – [Matt] Oh, my gosh. – Daniel. – [Daniel] Hey. – We need to go. – Okay let’s go. – [Rebecca] Before Alice gets back. We got, whoa. – [Daniel] Whoa. – [Alice] You guys aren’t going anywhere. You guys can’t leave. I need to finish this game and that means that Daniel has to stay. – Why are you doing this, Alice? I thought you were my best friend. – Rebecca, I am your best friend. I know you better than anybody. I’m a good person. I even went and got Daniel coffee. – Thank you. – How did you? What? – Wow. – Alice, if you are my best friend then tell us what the
mirror initiative is. – I have no idea what you
guys are talking about. I just know it has something
to do with twin telepathy or– – [RZ Twin] There’s only one
person with twin telepathy and that’s me. – You guys, you can’t trust her. She’s the one who put the
tracker on your Tesla. – You’re a liar. Don’t believe her, Game Master Network. This is all part of the game. – Ugh. – Battle royale for the truth. Let me go, let me go. – Matt, help. – [Matt] Rebecca, take the camera. – [Rebecca] Okay, okay. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no. Okay, what do we do? Rebecca, what do you want to do? – [Rebecca] Here, let
me put the camera down. So, I think we need to take
them back to the safe house and do the twin telepathy challenge, who knows me better? To find out the truth, RZ Twin or my best friend Alice? – I trust you, RZ Twin, you’ll be fine. – Okay, over here guys. Sit down right here. – Have a seat. – [Matt] Here you go. Here, Rebecca, I’ll take the camera. – Hey Zamfam, as you
saw, things got heated between RZ Twin and my best friend Alice. So, we’re now here in the safe house and we’re going to have them
do a twin telepathy challenge to reveal who is telling the
truth and who knows me better. Before we get started, make
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and who you trust RZ Twin or Alice, my best friend. – I trust RZ Twin. – I don’t trust RZ Twin after
what she did to my Tesla. – Okay, well, we’re going to do this twin telepathy challenge and we’re going to be able to figure out who’s telling the truth. Also, I might trick them with
some rapid fire questions at the end if I don’t think
they’re telling the truth. Hopefully, that doesn’t
happen, but let’s go. – Hey, Rebecca, can I have
a word with you real quick? – [Rebecca] Yeah. – Just back here. – [Rebecca] Before we start? – Before we start, you know, just– can I talk to you real quick? – [Rebecca] Yeah, yeah. Matt,
keep an eye on them, okay? – [Matt] You picked the
right person for the job. I got this. – [Rebecca] Okay. Hey, what’s up?
– [Daniel] Hey. Can you– do you mind
just shutting the door? – Shutting the door? – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just shut the door real quick. – Yeah, of course.
– [Matt] Hey– – Well, we just don’t want them to hear. – [Matt] What? – Well, it’ll be quick. What’s up? – Okay, I wanted to know, when you did your cerebral analysis, like, well, how would that feel? Like, how did you know that you had the cerebral analysis, besides them like– – The machine? – The machine. Like, how
did you feel afterwards? – Oh, when I was in disguise
at the GMI Headquarters. You see all these colors.
– Colors. – Like, it’s like different colors and then it just goes
black and it goes dark. – Black, huh? – Yeah. – Guys, hurry up, please. Come on. What are they talking about in there? – Okay, and then, like, how
did your body feel after? Like, your head, like
did your neck hurt, or– – My neck? No, I don’t remember my neck hurting, why? No. It was fine.
– Yeah, well, Rebecca. – RZ Twin don’t eat the chocolate yet. It’s for the twin telepathy challenge. – I’m afraid that they did
some cerebral analysis on me when I was taken by the GMI. – What? Did you you remember anything? Do you remember the machine? It’s the thing that goes on your head. – I don’t know, you know. Like, they kept taking
me all over Big Bear. – Yeah. – And then they just, like,
and there was a moment where I just– I can’t remember stuff. Like, I’m having some sort
of like weird memory gap. – Maybe, you know what, you were trapped for like 24 hours,
maybe you’re just tired. – Maybe, maybe you’re right.
– Okay, yeah. – I guess, it’s just, like, I’m just– So, and I kind of overheard some stuff that I’m really afraid that– because the clones are
so important to them. – The clones? – Yeah, they were talking about the clones being, like, important with the mirror and like, this mirror
– the the mirror initiative. Yeah.
– Yeah, so, I– So, you’re talking about
that I have a clone, right? Like, everybody–
– Yeah. – I mean, the Game Master Network and– – I mean, Zamfam, you guys all said that there was definitely
someone that looked like you especially at the hacker mansion. – [Rebecca] Daniel. Daniel, I thought you
were staying in the van while I snuck inside. – [Daniel Clone] I don’t know
what you’re talking about. – Right, I just– I’m starting to believe you because I had this feeling
that they might like, try to use a clone– if I have a clone, they might
try to use a clone against me. I don’t know. – Okay
– It’s just so weird. Like, I don’t remember a lot of things. – Okay.
– And my neck– – Your neck? – Has been really, really hurting, yeah. – Okay, do you want me to– – Yeah, can you just see.
– [Rebecca] Okay, Yeah. Maybe, I don’t know. – [Daniel] Do you see, like–
– [Rebecca] I don’t know. – [Daniel] Anything, like–
– [Rebecca] Just a neck. Daniel! – What? What’s wrong? – [Rebecca] Okay, um… – Did they hurt my neck? – [Rebecca] Daniel, wait. Turn around again. I’m sorry, I, uh, Daniel… – [Daniel] What’s wrong? – [Rebecca] Daniel, look. Look in the mirror. Look. – What? – [Rebecca] Look. – Oh no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! – [Rebecca] What do we do? We have to tell Matt! – What does that even mean?
No, no, no, no, wait. Hold on, hold on, hold on.
– [Rebecca] That means you’re part of the GMI.
– We can’t tell Matt. – No, no, no.
Hold on, hold on. – [Rebecca] You’re part– you’re stuck. – No, no, no.
We can’t, we can’t. – You’re stuck in the game.
– No, hold on, hold on. Wait, wait.
– We have to tell Matt. – We can’t tell Matt. – We can’t tell Matt.
– Why? Why? – I think that we shouldn’t tell him. It’s going to freak him out. Like, let’s just hold on. – Yeah, because that’s a huge deal. – Well it– does this mean
that I had cerebral analysis? – I don’t know. I mean, it must. You have the tattoo. I can figure out how to
get into the GMI’s Network. I can hack in. I can eliminate myself from the game. Like, I can figure it out. – Daniel, this is huge, what do we do? – I just need a moment. At some point, I need
you guys to buy me time where I can just spend some
time hacking into their network and figure it all out, but I’m really, really worried now. – Okay, so, you don’t
want me to tell Matt. – Don’t– just please, please
keep this from Matt right now. – Okay, okay. We need to go, RZ Twin and Alice are going to get into
a battle royale again. We gotta go out there and do
the twin telepathy challenge. – Okay, you’re right.
Matt’s out there on his own. – Zamfam, keep this a secret right now. We’re going to tell Matt at some point, but just not yet. Like, let– we gotta think about this. Comment below what you think we should do. I mean, Daniel. This is crazy, you have a barcode. – I’m in the game now. – Okay, come on. Let’s go. – Okay RZ Twin and Alice, before we start the twin
telepathy challenge, I’m going to ask you a series of questions to decide who knows me better. – Easy. – Oh, I am so going to win this. – All right, I guess we’ll find out. The first question is, “Where was I born?” And, Zamfam, I want you
guys to comment below, too, and play along with them. RZ Twin, Alice, show your answers. You both got it right. If you guys in the
Zamfam got it right, too, make sure to thumbs-up your comment. Next question is, “What
is my favorite color?” RZ Twin and Alice both got it right. Zamfam, did you comment below pink too? Because that is my favorite color. The next question is,
“How many kids do I want?” – Of course I know that,
I’m her best friend. – For a week. – [Rebecca] RZ Twin guessed
two and Alice guessed three but, I guess they’re both right, ’cause I kind of want two or three. – Can I add that Rebecca
would also like twins? – RZ Twin, how did you know that? I mean, okay, moving on. The next question, which I keep getting, is, “Am I pregnant?” – Like a true best friend, I would never reveal Rebecca’s secret. – I didn’t reveal it either. – Moving on… Is the Game Master real? – Before I reveal my answer,
I have to let you know that you must trust me. Please don’t let Alice see this, but what I wrote is
true and he’ll be coming with a new mask. – The Game Master has a new mask? Okay, RZ Twin can you
explain your answer more? – No. – Okay. Now for the next– What? Wait, what? – Come here. – [Rebecca] What about Daniel? – Hey, Daniel, we’ll be right back, okay? – [Rebecca] Okay– – [Daniel] Okay. – Okay. – [Matt] Shut the door, shut the door. – Matt, we’re in the middle of
the twin telepathy challenge. – I know.
– Okay. Rebecca, What were you
and Daniel talking about? – It was–
– That was so weird, you guys were gone for like five minutes. – Yeah, no. He was just talking about
all the stuff that went on. About the mirror initiative. – And? – He thinks that it’s coming up. – Well, we know it’s coming up
– I know, uh… – We already have that information. What else did he say?
– Yeah, he thinks that Alice might know more than she said. – Obviously. She works with the GMI.
– Well, I don’t know, that’s what he said. – That’s like a 3 second conversation. You guys were in here for 5 minutes. What happened?
– I know, he was just explaining to me–
– Daniel, Daniel. We’ll be right out, okay? Just one second, okay? – [Daniel] Okay. – Sorry. – Okay.
– He’s– okay, we can’t leave him out there
with RZ Twin and Alice. – I feel like you’re hiding something. Are you telling me the truth? – Yeah, no. I mean
– Yeah, no? – Yeah, I mean, I– Matt, we
need to finish this challenge. They have the information
about the mirror initiative. We need to figure it out. We need to figure out
who we can trust, okay? – Okay.
– Okay. Let’s just go out. Come on. The next round is twin telepathy. So the way this works is
we will have three items and I will choose one and you guys will have to
decide which one I picked. So if you guys could
both look under your seat and grab the three
balls from our ball pit. – All right, Rebecca, so pick your ball. – Okay. – Good? Let’s see what everyone else got. – RZ Twin, she got it right. – [Matt] Alice, you didn’t get it right. – [Rebecca] Sorry. – What? They said it– – I guess computer programs
don’t always work out, do they? – Wait, what?
– That was weird. – Moving on, next is the candy round. There are three candies
under your, RZ Twin seat, and your, Alice seat. Pick them up and you
guys are going to decide which one I would choose. – Rainbow, she likes rainbows. We like rainbows. – She likes chocolate more, though. – She’s right. I mean, she’s right. RZ Twin got it. For the next portion of this
twin telepathy challenge, you guys have to decide what spy gadget I am thinking of. And I’ll give you a clue, it’s one I kind of use all the time. Guys…
– Oh. What is going on? – Well, yep. You guys are both right.
– Yep. – You guys both got one right.
– Both got it. – Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Now it is time to move into
the rapid fire questions. – Daniel… – Yeah, yeah. Go over there. – Now it’s time for rapid fire questions and we are starting with RZ Twin. RZ Twin, did you put a tracking
device on Matt’s Tesla? – No. – Are you telling the truth?
– No. – Do you work for the GMI? – Yes. – RZ Twin, do you work
for the Game Master? – Yes. – RZ Twin, what? Um… I am going to move on now to Alice. – Hey Alice, now it’s your
turn to reveal the truth. Alice, why do you think
you’re Rebecca’s best friend? – Because I’m nice and
I’ve been so generous and we like all the same things. We like rainbows and shopping. – We do, yeah. Okay. When we rescued Daniel in your room, we saw a Belle doll there. Why was that there? – I don’t know. I didn’t decorate it. The GMI did. I mean, they decorated the whole thing. – So, when we were trying to rescue you during cerebral analysis, you chased us. If you had tracked us in that escape room, what would you have done to us? – I would have used cerebral
analysis to wipe your brain. – What? – Well, they did cerebral analysis to me, so I had to do it to you guys. – Okay, Alice, should we trust you? – Yes. – Then what is the mirror initiative? – I don’t know, ask her. She’s your mirror. – What? – I shouldn’t have said that. I should– My mirror? What was that? – [Robotic Voice] Alice has
been deactivated from the game. Please return. – Did you hear a voice? What?
– [Daniel] What’s going on? – Alice, Alice, Alice! Guys, what’s going on right now? Where is she going? – [Daniel] What? – Daniel– Alice, Alice! Where is she going? You guys… Alice, she just left. She was like a robot, did you see that? – Yeah, it was crazy. – Okay, what do you
think happened, you guys? It’s like she said something wrong and it triggered something. I heard something like “deactivated”
or something like that. – Yeah, like, return back? – [Matt] Her voice sounded weird, though. – Yeah.
– Yeah. You guys, let us know
what you think happened. Shout out to you guys that have worn my merch and tagged me on Instagram. And check out the video right here where we rescued Daniel
and went in Alice’s room. Maybe there are some clues in that video. Wait, what? – The the mirror initiative
is happening soon, but you need to first figure out the date. The only way to beat the GMI
is to play by their rules. – Okay, well then, game on.

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