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hey guys it’s Shehnezi welcome back
to my channel Nezzle and today I thought it would be
fun to do one of Yoga by Adriene’s most popular yoga flows. Now I’m not really
big on yoga. I’ve actually not that much ever before. I usually perform really
high impact, high intensity workouts but as I mentioned in my last video I’ve
been feeling really like weak and run down and tired lately and so, Shurland
suggest me that I try doing some yoga and when I googled Yoga, Yoga by Adriene
was like the highest um… ranking person I found so I figured I would try one of
her is for you guys. It’s literally like my first time doing
yoga in a long time so don’t laugh too much but if you enjoy it, hit the
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let me stop rambling. Let’s get into this yoga! So, the video that I’ll be doing today is one of her morning yoga flows. It’s called Morning Yoga: Yoga to Start Your Day. So what I’ll do is I’ll leave a link in the description bar in case you’re interested in checking it out. take a look at your hands maybe give
yourself a little massage here, massaging now to the wrists, maybe the forearms and (I don’t know what I’m doing!)
take just this awareness of the hands, the knuckles, the fingers, the wrists, the forearms, and bring that awareness with you into a tabletop position. Wrists underneath
shoulders knees directly underneath the hip points you know what to do here take
a second to really find integrity through the spine but anything to make
sure that the neck is not collapsing so chances are you’re looking at the
video here which is great so when you feel like okay I know what we’re doing bring
your gaze down straight maybe just slightly imprint on it exhale press into
the tops of the feet press into all ten toes if you can, just try it and then
lift your knees up so we can engage our center, our core hovering table
here. Shoulders draw away from the ears. We start to shake, we start to panic
and use your breath baby, calm it down, (yes!) (Cashew!) I can hear sirens. (Mama’s shaking!) It’s kind of perfect for this pose. Body starts to oooooh shoot. And then we’ll slow the movement here. Awesome. Curl the toes under here and send your sit bones to your
heels reach the fingertips forward access that ever sweet surrender Then we’ll open the floodgates whenever
you’re ready using the breath to explore a little movement of the spine. we call this cat cow say hello to your joints not those kind
of joints please, just kidding, that might have been inappropriate. I’m sorry. And then whenever you’re ready Walk into downward dog. But nice and slow. So with the same mindfulness of waking up the body no pressing no (record scratch!) So guys this is sort of like take two, I literally did the, like entire thing, and then when I looked at the GoPro, it
was off so I’m gonna try to resume from the GoPro cut off and hopefully I still have energy because I’m so hungry you know
guess it’s part of the struggle. I actually did quite enjoyed it though so I guess it can’t hurt to do it twice. Right, so I think it was around here. So, let’s do this thing And then, whenever you’re ready, we’ll go for a nice slow walk up towards the front edge of your mat over. Toes pointed forward, lots of
space between the feet here hello good morning and we’re going to release over froggy elbows feel that nice beautiful
stretch in the legs beautiful stretch in the back body, relax aaaah Life is good Yes, this does feel good. Inhale, sloooow, lift up to a nice flat back position kind of recreating where we were in that hovering tabletop. And then we’ll step the right foot up into the lunge leaving a nice, just beautiful slow check in with the legs. (Wow, that was a slam!) And press into plank, big breath in, big breath out, downward facing dog Awesome everyone! Pedal it up here if it feels good, and then find our stomachs. Pressing into all ten knuckles, melting your heart back. No need to straighten the legs. If you wanna keep then bent as you stretch it out. It is nice in the morning to give yourself that space repeat that slow walk up towards the front edge
take your time. Keep breathing (What am I doing? Oye. Ooooh! Okay) Inhale, halfway lift, flat position, long beautiful neck, (alright) exhale, bow Maybe you are able to walk the palm back and in line with the arches of the feet. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Maybe you’re able to bring the crown of your head to the back. Everyone hug the elbows in you able to…. (No, I can’t do that girl!) Uhhh, the heels might want to come up. You wanna go ahead and let them. Okay. Alright, come into a nice low squat. wherever you are, just take one more breath. You’re not gonna be here long. (Oooh I’m falling!) Awesome! And then we’ll release. (Okay) Come into seated….. back and forth and then lift the shins parallel to the ceiling. You might just stay here or you might reach the fingertips forward. Inhale in. Find a big breath out. Don’t forget to breathe.
They we’ll bring the palms together at the heart. Again we can just be here. (Ooooh!) Bring the palms together at the heart and then we’re gonna extend the right leg out long. Keep a … (I’m shaking people! Shaking!) legs and be here. Or here. Switch. Right knee in. Left (Oooooh! Can you guys see this!) and switch. (Like) Keep moving as if you pressing an imaginary (Is this normal? I didn’t shake this much the first time. But I guess my body is already tired. Aaaah!) We’re gonna do one more on each side. Ooooh yes! Now bring the hands behind the thighs and begin to roll them down for yogi bicycles. So (okay) You can take a second (I still have to do the bicycle) the chest. We need to interlace the fingertips behind the head when you’re ready…. extend your elbows left to right. So open up through the chest and then…. scoop the tailbone up so ….. (Nice!) We roll back…. and here we go Right leg goes out. This time we kiss right elbow to left knee (this) and then we go smoothly in through centre So no need get all crunched. Soft and easy (this) and then take it to the right. (Really Cashew! When did you pee?!) Slowly move through centre. You just peed! And then you came kissing me with your pee self! Cashew! I’m very disappointed in you. I thought she was done. She is not. Let’s do one more on each side. You’re doing awesome. You gotta stick with it. Bring on the heat. And then we’ll release. Awesome. Cashew And we’ll seal the deal by once again bowing the head to the heart, bowing to ourselves to one another Thank you so much. Namaste. (Namaste) Alright guys, so that was morning yoga, yoga to start your day with Yoga with Adriene, which I ended up having to do almost twice
because as you know the camera cut out but anyway such is life. These things happen. But I did enjoy it. I really liked those kind of roll back things and it’s amazing how much you feel it in your
core when you slow down like the bicycles and stuff. So I think I’m gonna keep doing yoga for awhile. I haven’t done yoga in a long time because as I said I prefer to jump and leap and you know all that but sometimes that
body just seems to de-stress and relax and I think that this video was pretty
good for that so I enjoyed it I hope you guys did too if you did please thumbs it
up that really helps me to know what you you guys like so I know what to keep making
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the next video which will be next Friday at 2 p.m.
Atlantic Standard Time. Bye!

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  1. I started doing yoga this year and someone told me to try her channel – that it was the best. I’ve been procrastinating watching her so this was great! I got a chance to see one of her routines and hear her voice and see her pace.

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