74 thoughts on “Train Your MIND and BODY with the BEST Tony Robbins Exercises – #MentorMeTony

  1. That was packed with a lot of amazing points. I’m going to watch this a couple more times, but my fav was the incantations. #BTA800 #teammotivation #motivation

  2. I walked on fire that night (11-4-11, LA Convention Center) a few people behind Oprah. That feeling on the other side of the walk is euphoric. Such a powerful event. (UPW)

  3. Tony Robbins is such an inspiring speaker! Thanks for sharing! Your heart knows the answer. Quiet the monkey mind and listen. #Voice #Heart #Love #AuthenticAction

  4. All steps really pays off to better life
    I believe in myself and I promise to be What I admire greatly to be 🙂
    Continue to believe ☆,♡

  5. Great Video! I just love your videos and I think you're doing an amazing job!! THANK YOU for these amazing videos that I watch over and over again!!

  6. Liked All the exercises… The fire walking took me back to my personal experience of fire walking… That's a feeling I wish for everyone….

  7. Thank you. Great video. Stay blessed. I believe that the world is not divided between winners and losers; that all of us are learners. And that the purpose of every human organization should be to do meaningful work, build contagious energy, and create acceleration in their life and work.

    Life goals:
    Serve 1 billion people
    Create 10 million jobs
    Earn $1b by 2040.

  8. I've cried on the 3rd exercise! So many beautiful people with their's souls exposed and enjoying life in the most desirable form: by being themselves! GREAT!

  9. Evan.. your too good.. only suggestion I have for you is could you make 15mins videos..
    Love +Respect
    Deepu Abraham,

  10. Tony robbins thank you so much you have changed my life. I AM FREE from my fears deppression and anxiety. 😊 😊 👍.. You are an instrument of God. 👆

  11. Starting my day with these principals sets my day on fire! Tony Robbins has been one of my greatest mentors for over three decades – I do reserve the Fire Walk for special occasions! Thanks for this video, Lauralouise Blatt

  12. Yessss Evan 👍You have found the focus here with Tony🎁Great if you and your team to share xKeep up the great work ☕️

  13. I believe in god, and all the energy come from him.so exercise make it perfect.and energy will come automatically in our body.and body will work so we forget what we do but that energy is working in our body. everything in this world is working on this base.THNKS ALL OF YOU.

  14. Hi Evan, I love this one!
    I’m in so much gratitude that I have found you!
    I keep my earbuds with your videos most of the day, your videos became like the supplements I take daily, vitamin E, A, k D3 …….
    Your videos are my Vitamins SUCCESS, MINDSET, POSITIVE, GRATITUD, PASSION, SELF-DISCIPLINE and on and on.
    I’m creating everyday full defenses in my mind, my thoughts are super happy.
    I don’t accept any bad thoughts in my mind, my production has raised so much with your videos,

  15. What a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing this and you totally do this for FREE which I so appreciate.

  16. This is my favorite video from you ( which is hard to say because you have so many, many great ones). My favorite takeaway from this video is #1 and the last one. It truly is mind over matter, train your brain.

  17. Hi bro you took it out of the stadium. I think walking on fire was mad, it made want do it. Your video is fantastic. Thank for inspiring people. Well done

  18. Thank you so much Evan. You are such a great men to help and change our beliefs to become more and more every single day. God bless you.

  19. Tony Robbins: Millions of people impacted positively – he is a source of good and gets results, no matter what it takes!!!

  20. 1-4 are my favourite! But love all 5! How he applies the research from the Heart Math institute is mind-blowing. I am going to practice his incantation and heart meditation every day from now on. I used to do something similar to his heart meditation, but his is even more profound. This is my favorite video from you so far Evan — just magical.

  21. outstanding execise is it for me gets me into the mental state even when i don't feel like going , keep up great work

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