Hey there and welcome back to a new video here at Run Fredrik Run! Now you may wonder why we are indoors instead of out running? I thought we should do a special intro to this video. Yesterday was the 30th of september and time for Hovfjället Trail Run 27km. But for you who follow me on other social media like Instagram and Facebook saw the news that the race didn’t go as planned. I had to throw in the towel and quit after 20km. But I guess stuff like that happens sometimes. I just have to learn from my mistakes. I learned A LOT yesterday. And I stumbled and sprained my foot a couple of times. That is why I choose not to finish the race. But lets watch a short recap of the race, or at least the part of the race that I ran. Ok, hello hello. I will try and run and speak at the same time. Welcome to Torsby. Hovfjället Trail Run. The wolf territory! We have just started the race. Running. All downhill. Feeling AWESOME! We arrived here yesterday. We went out for dinner. Didn’t sleep to good. But now we are stoked! LETS GO!! The race it 27km, give or take a couple of km. But so far it is just soo nice!! Well well. We got a bit lost and ran a couple of extra kilometers. That sign we missed was not super clear. We are now on the right track. Lets head down hill again. WHAT A VIEW!!! Oh my things are moving slow now. I am DONE. TOTALLY DONE!! I have tripped and sprained my ancle so many times that it feels like the foot is coming off. I didn’t think that running the wrong way would effect me so much. But clearly it has. (¤”#)”/) 😉 I am really dissapointed in my self. The way it feels now I have to stop at the next aid station. My foot is hurting soo much!! But I guess that success don’t taste as good with out some setbacks. So this is just a little bump in the road Just have pick my self up and do better in my next race. The Zombie Run at home 😀 I will keep on pushing some more and see what happens. But at the moment is doesn’t look good. Talk to you soon again!!

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