– [Tracy] Jeez is it ever cold out. – [Martina] Oh my god,
I’m terrified though. – [Tracy] Yeah, if I
don’t see nothing today I’m probably not gonna go back. – [Martina] See, I don’t mind
not eatin’ or anything, like. – [Tracy] Yeah I know,
but we barely eat anyway. – [Martina] I’m fine with skipping meals. (lively electronic music) – I’m not leaving my
purse in that room there. – Oh no, I don’t trust it. – No, I just got scratch
tickets in it, right. I didn’t check them. – So I know what you’re
thinking right now, and before you start going
onto us with like your talk and all that, I don’t want to look bulky. – But you want to work out. – I just wanna get smaller, like, I don’t care about health or nothing. I just want to get smaller. – Like, I don’t care if guys
are watching me work out, but it’s just this one over
here gets right nervous. – Okay let’s just do it then, Tracy. No, I don’t even care, let’s just do it. (upbeat electronic music) Good job, Tracy. (bleep) killing it. – What do you got there? – I’m just doing what Tara told me. – You’re on (bleep) HGH. – We’re just gonna come right
down as far as you can go and we’re gonna come right back up. – She’s a tank. – Do you want me to try it? – That was really good Tracy. Look at this one go,
Tara, she’s a natural. – [Tara] Do you wanna hear
about our customized meal plans? – No, I’m good. It’s hurting me. Jesus Christ. – Tracy, get a video. Juice cleanses. I’m seeing ’em all over
Facebook, and if people are drinking peach juice and
just like dropping weight, like, sign me up for that. – Like, the jug of peach juice I got. It’s 99 cents. I get them every Wednesday,
they’re on special. And I love this. – [Martina] What do you
think about this, Tara? – I’m not stopping drinking this. – [Tara] They’re really high in sugar. – I’m not stopping. – I wouldn’t recommend that, especially if you’re trying to drop
weight to go down south. What if you got on some water? – Go faster. – Give me it. Slow, Tracy. I need a break. I need a break. (upbeat electronic music) (distorted groaning) – [Tracy] I can’t feel my legs right now. – I’m mortified, Tracy. – Why are you mortified? I am hurt. – She’s looking for a paycheck,
she does this everywhere. – Help me up! – Come on, come on, get up. – Won’t be coming back here. – I was just gonna say that Tracy, you read my mind.
– Won’t be coming back. – No, I’m glad we didn’t
get the month pass. – I definitely pulled something. – Do you know what though? Do you know what I’m thinking? I still got minutes down
at the tanning place. So it’d be good to get a good
base before we go down south. – Well you know what they
say about tanning, too. – What’s that? – It makes you look
like you lost 10 pounds. – Yes, oh my god Tracy. – Get ourselves a tan pass,
and I’m getting a slice. – Forget the slice, I’m getting
a whole pizza, we earned it. – Come on, let’s go.
– All right. Nice to meet you, Tara.
– Yeah.

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