Perfect. Thank you so very much. Thank you. That was great. That looks really really cool on camera. I’m sure. Hit him with a chop like the Big Show. Are you crazy? You can hit on the core. Hit him on the chest. It will make a loud smack, it will be fun. I’m going to be 33 soon. Hit him. Hit him. Are you crazy? Let’s go. Why are you bringing this in between? Take it easy. Take it easy. I don’t want to. Okay, then let me hit you. I don’t trust you at all. Do you trust Nikhil then? So basically I’m on the upper floor now, this is a small section which contains the machine weights. There are a lot of people working out here. The actual gym is downstairs. I’ll show that to you as well. Here, people from all walks of life come to workout. No age restrictions. Men, women and various groups come here. I’ll give you a sneak peek, before starting the video. I had to take permission to film to ensure that people didn’t have any problems. You can’t do anything here without permission. You have to always ask, besides you have to really respect the privacy. Initially, we asked for permission from the gym owner, which was hard as the owner does not know English well. It took about a week to get the permission to shoot. Zee/Zeeshan was here as well so we scheduled a date. After that, we had to seek permission from the people working out to shoot them. The ones who didn’t agree allowed us to shoot from the back, so that we can show the gym as a reference. So it’s difficult to take proper holistic shots of the gym as a lot of people would come in the video. But this gym has 3-4 different sections. Let’s check them out. There’s a separate workout section upstairs where mostly personal trainers go. Downstairs, on one side are the machines, the free weight lifting section and a cardio zone. There’s also kickboxing. It’s a huge facility. Can I hit? Sure. I’m talking about your face, not the punching bag. Practicing “Noora” kushti with my childhood friend. I am Traveling Desi. In this video we will experience Canadian gymming culture. We have reached club ProForm. It’s just a 15 minutes drive from our current place of residence. Due to its facilities and close proximity, I joined this gym. It’s quite big, I’ll tell you about the fees and membership once we get inside. Since I have put on considerable weight, I started working out recently. I also brought a special trainer with me for workouts, he is sitting at the backseat. I’m your trainer? Really? I’ll train you how to vlog and you train me how to exercise. Okay, it’s a deal. There’s no shame in admitting what you don’t know. I have no clue how to perform exercises. We are going to the gym now. We also have our cameraman with us. I’ll make you meet him now. These guys started warming up and I picked up my camera. I ran into these people. They met a month ago through Tinder. As there’s gender equality here, the kicks and punches are in full force from both sides. In India, it often happens that when a girl and a guy go to the gym, it’s a little awkward. But here it’s quite common. As friends go together for workouts. There’s no concerns about safety or security, but still let’s ask them to make sure. There’s a guy and a girl here who are friends. The biggest challenge I faced here is that since this gym is in Quebec, people don’t speak English that well. It’s harder to find people to conduct longer interviews due to this. I found these to, let’s chat with them. Are we ready? Yeah. Perfect. So while here, I just happened to meet these two people, and I would want to ask.. First of all, your names. Pier Phillipe. Pier Phillipe? So it’s Pier. Yes. Oh perfect I got it. So Pier”, you said because the “r” sound is pronounced very differently here. Okay. And how about you? Catherine. Catherine? Did I pronounce your name correctly? Yeah it’s good. So basically it’s Catherine, in French you pronounce it as Catherine? kind of. Okay. So how long have you guys been friends? a month. 1 month? Nice. And when, uh how did you meet? Online app. Online app? Yeah. Okay, I won’t ask the app. Do you mind telling? What? Do you mind telling the app? Tinder. Yeah. Okay. Perfect. So you guys are like, you met on Tinder, but, so you are starting to be friends and now, working out together. Yeah. I wish I could find workout partners on Tinder. That’s a very sweet deal. Perfect. So these people are 20 years old, they met through an online app and became gym buddies. There was another couple who was complementing and helping each other quite well. Since French is the first language in the Quebec province, here the “R” sound in English is pronounced “aah”. So the people with “R” in their name pronounce it quite differently. Like this madam’s name was Alexandra, how would you say that in French? So it can be like “Alexjandra” ? Right. “Alexjandra”, did I pronounce it correctly? Yeah, it’s okay. Lovely. So “Oui” is yes in French? Right? Oui. Yes. Ok perfect. So how have you guys been gymming together? Uh, it’s been about 6 months. 6 months? And how long have you guys been seeing each other? 3 years. 3 years? And what made you start gymming together, like 2 and a half years after starting your relationship? He was going at the gym first, then he convinced me to go. Okay, and do you find it good? Yeah, at first I didn’t like gym but now I like it. But you are very fit yourself, so when you didn’t go to gym, did you do any other physical activities for workout? I was before but I stopped with this too, but now I’m trying to go back, find the time. Okay. Am I giving you a difficult time talking in English because French is your first language? Well, it’s not that difficult because, we are quite immersed in the English language. With Montreal being near from here. Yeah, right. And we had classes at school since we were 8 years old. Okay. Alright. So since you were 8, otherwise your education was like primarily in French but after 8 years of age, you have English as a subject in school. Yeah. Okay. Alright. And how is it to be like because you know when men go to the gym, and they have their girlfriend along, they cannot check out women, right? So, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Have you ever seen him checkout any woman in the gym? No. He has got a beautiful girlfriend already. So how about you? Advantages and disadvantages. I think that, it’s more of an advantage because there’s a lot of motivation factor being too. So for example, today, I was not going to the gym but she said to me. Do we go to the gym today? Okay, maybe, yeah. So it’s a second voice basically. Yeah. When someone pumps you up. Talking about second voice, if your girlfriend is motivating you, you can easily push out at least a couple a extra reps. So, who is more interested in going to gym and who is more lazy? I’m more lazy. You are more lazy? Okay. That’s why he’s the one who is pushing you more to come to the gym. Yes. Perfect. And as a, I mean you guys come here as a couple, do you find it awkward or unsafe, for any reason, for being in the gym, you have to come by yourself? No. Not at all. No. Okay, so its absolutely safe? Yeah. Nothing awkward about it? No. Do you have like people, checking out your girlfriend working out, anytime you feel awkward? Yeah, maybe it happens sometime but that’s not something that is bothering me because we are just checking out each other like boys and boys and girls and. Yeah. That’s just normal. So basically you coming together as a couple is not a safety concern, but it is more of an interest. Yes. Definitely. She could come all alone and it won’t cause any problems. Oh it’s safe. There’s a lot of girls going to the gym. Yes. Absolutely, all the time. In India, actually its getting more and more modern and safe now. Nowadays, couples going to gym is gaining popularity in India. It’s no longer the case that you need to constantly worry about partner policing. But it’s been quite some time since I last visited an Indian gym. So is it the case or not, do let me know in the comments. What’s your good name? Andre. Andre? Ok, so its Andre in English but pronounced as “Andre” in French. Yeah. Exactly. And, what’s your workout today? Leg workout. Legs? Oh, okay. And are you guys friends? Yeah. Okay. And how about you? Do you speak a little English? Just a little bit. Okay. Vous ne parlez pas Anglais (you don’t speak English?) No. She speaks only a little English. But yeah. And you have your legs workout as well? Yeah. Perfect. So, is it okay if I take a few shots? Yes. Lovely. Thank you. I noticed most of the ladies focusing on legs workout. Including these people. The legs.. for me and he does arms. And the arms for me. You are doing arms, she is doing legs. Okay. Very typical I would say that women are always about legs and men are mostly about arms. Right? Yeah. Okay and what are your ages, if you don’t mind. 20. 20. Both of you are 20? Wow. Fairly young. How old do I look by the way? I don’t know, maybe 30? 25. 40? Not 40. I’m 32. Wow. Okay. Perfect. You were pretty close actually. But if a lady guesses my age less than what I am, I am really happy. Maybe I’ll spend more time in the gym and probably I’ll come close to looking like I’m 25. Perfect. Lovely. Thank you so very much. I’ll let you work out now. Thanks a lot for your time. Enjoy your workout. Thank you. So apart from the heavy workout section, here’s the cardio area. Now you might not be able to tell, but this gym is easily around 10,000 square feet in area. After taking a break, when these guys started working out, I noticed this gentleman in the mirror. Sir how old are you? 80 years old. 80 years old! Yeah. Being 80 years old and having gone through a spine surgery 3 years back did not stop this elderly gentleman from working out. And how long do you workout for when you come? Oh, I don’t know, until I could make it. So he works out until he is exhausted. I did seem him in the gym for about 1.5 hours. You are an inspiration Sir. Carry on. Everybody should do it. On one side this elderly gentleman was working out with his cane. And on the other side.. Are you here to exercise or have fun? Give it here. Yeah. This is Zeeshan’s elder brother. You are an honest person. In your own words, what are your thoughts on his beard? It looks good. You would say that. Get it trimmed a bit. I won’t trim it, rather I’ll grow it longer. This is your elder brother’s way of politely saying that your beard looks really bad. This isn’t a big deal. He’s my elder brother so I too know how to do this. This is hereditary. Hereditary? What kind of logic is this? In that case, I’d known how to skate and engineering as well. This is hereditary. And it’s not as if only couples come here. You’d find quite a few guys too. Majority of these people are quite friendly. You might be thinking that this is a really good and spacious gym. Back in India, I’ve been to Fitness First and Sports Fit gym by M.S. Doni. They are around the same size as this one, really huge. There’s a gallery over here, in the middle you have the common area, washroom, changing room and over there you have another gallery, where the cycling studio resides. And on this side is the full-fledged weight lifting area. Now I’ll enquire and tell you about the fees these guys pay for their gyms. How much do you pay? I go to Crunch Fitness that charges $10 a month. Rs. 500 per month! How big is the gym? It’s a bit smaller than this one, but has all the amenities and facilities. It’s located in Hamilton, Ontario. Crunch Fitness is open 24 hours except on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. What are the timings for these days then? On Fridays, it’s open til 10pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s open from 7am to 7pm. On remaining days it stay open 24 hours. Rs. 500 a month. What about you Mr. Younis? You go the gym in Montral, how is that like? I go to the World Gym, which was his previous gym. I pay $22 per month. Rs.1100 per month in Montreal. An added bonus is that I can work out at any World Gym outlet across Canada. Actually, all over the world. Okay. How big is the gym? It’s huge, quite a bit bigger than this one. All that for just $22 a month, or Rs. 1100. I’ll enquire and tell you how much this gym costs. But before that I’ll try to talk to the gym owner as he speaks only a little English. I had asked about this gym outside. How much is it? $292 a year. $292 a year. So it comes to about $20 a month. A little over $20, about $20-$22 or Rs. 1100 for this gym. Now before people start asking in the comments if I worked out or not. Consider that if I had worked out, who would be shooting the footage and conducting the interviews? If you found this video to be interesting, please share it on your social media. For more such videos and timely updates, please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon. Okay then. Done with your workout. Yes, but it’s been over 3-4 weeks since I last worked out, so I’m exhausted now. How long since you worked out last? Myself? About 1500 weeks. They say that the size of the equipment does not matter in the gym. What matters is how you use them and what you do. Then there’s the ambiance and the environment. Which is quite pleasant here. In Canadian gyms, you don’t have DJ-esque music blowing on full volume. This is because almost everyone brings their own headphones to listen to their own music. There’s mild music playing in the background and this is why I was able to record this video. I hope my video does not get a copyright strike. Songs like “ Aashiq Banaya”. Yeah. (Himesh) Reshammiya. They used to play his songs. That was fun as well. Yeah. I want to give a “short out”, shout out. Short out? what do you want to short. Come here. I’m out of breath. I want to give a shoutout to someone. Om Kumar Mavai. Om Kumar Mavai. Sounds like one of our Gujjar brothers. He’s a good guy, he used to run Healthcare gym in lane number 3. He might own at least a couple of gyms even today. It was at his gym that we started our bodybuilding journey and learned the basics. And that’s the place where he got the name “Jee-saun”. Jee-saun!


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