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– So, I got some big fans of
the Total Body Yoga workout. Some of you guys love those videos. So I’m putting together another one today, especially for my friend
Luto in San Francisco. He said that those are
his favorite videos. So let’s do one of those today. Hope you enjoy. (guitar melody) Alright, let’s get started. Come onto your knees for virasana. Your knees are gonna be hip socket distance apart, they’re like a narrow hip socket distance. Feet wide enough for your
butt to fit in between. Press your calves down. Sit back in between your heels. I’m using a block. You should always have a couple blocks and a strap handy for class. So, sit up straight and
tall, hands on your thighs. Roll your chest open. Improve your posture so at least if things start to sink
throughout the class, at least you have this memory of where you should be, where
the shoulders should be, where the head should
be on top of the spine. Close your eyes, draw your awareness in. And just take a few moments
to connect to the breath. Watch your breath move steady
in and out through your nose. Then open your eyes. Move the block to the side and lie down onto your back. Alright, so on your back,
we’re gonna do a few things to warm up the joints before we start working the core. Take your arms into a cactus position, the feet the width of the mat. Inhale, your right knee over
towards your left big toe and slide your right arm up overhead like you’re reaching for something. Exhale, bring it all back to center. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, all back to center. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, bring it all back. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, bring it all back to center. Alright, good. Now bring your fingers behind your ears, and as you exhale, crunch
up towards your left knee. Inhale, lower back down. Exhale, crunch up to your right knee. Inhale, lower back down. Exhale, crunch up in the middle. Inhale, lower yourself back down. Then bring the legs
into tabletop position. Squeezing with your legs, pretend like you’re
balancing a hot cup of tea on your shins, don’t let it spill. Crunch up to your left knee. Inhale, lower down. Crunch up to your right knee. Inhale, lower down. Crunch up in the middle. Hold. Now stretch your right leg forward. Lower it half way. Left leg out to meet it. Re-bend your knees, lower your head down, open your elbows. Set your feet down and
crunch to your right. As you inhale, hold there,
let the elbows spread. The left side body start to open. And exhale, back to center, then all the way over to the left. Crunch your left side. Inhale, open up the right side body. And back to center. Then take the arms straight up. Legs in tabletop. Squeezing with your knees, naval in. Send your left leg
forward and lower it down as the right arm reaches back. Engage your core so that
you don’t let your spine lift or twist. Exhale, back to center. Inhale, change sides. That hot cup of tea is gonna
be balancing on this bent knee. And exhale, back up. Inhale, change sides. Keep your naval in,
don’t let your tea spill. Exhale, back up. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, back up. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, back up. Alright, now tuck up to your knees. And reach for your outer heels. Keep your shoulders off the mat. Inhale, reach open. Exhale, tuck up. Inhale, reach open. Exhale, tuck up. Inhale, reach open. Exhale, tuck up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, tuck up. Roll all the way up. Boat pose, navasana. And step back, downward dog. Stretch your toes down even into the mat. Root your knuckles, stretch your fingers down even into the mat. Lift your hips and stretch back. Then shift into plank pose. Open up across your chest. Naval in, lift your right
leg up just an inch. Feel the heat starting to build. Legs strong, core engaged. Reach your chest forward. Change legs, lift the
left leg up just an inch. Good, set that foot down. Lie on your belly. I’m using a strap today. Hands behind the back. Taking the hands into the strap. Shoulder distance apart. I think I already have a
loop, shoulder distance. It’s like on the cooking channel when they have it already made. The process, I’m not gonna show it though. Okay, so take your hands in the loop, turn your shoulders,
reach back with your arms. Press your toe nails down
and lift your inner knees. So you’re engaging your quads,
strengthening your legs, but the belly wants to hang on the mat. So draw your naval up as you lengthen through the front of the spine. Strong upper back, plug
the blades down the back. Stretch the big toe
nails back along the mat. And release. Lower yourself down. Take a breath. Come right back up. Pull on that strap. Toe nails down, inner knees up. Engage your glutes,
from the middle buttock to the back of the knees,
then lift your legs just an inch without the knees bending. Keep the legs straight. Good, now hands to your side. Roll your chest through and to updog. And stretch back, down dog. Walk your feet all the way
up to the front of the mat. Inhale, reach the chest forward. And exhale, fold. Inhale, come all the way up. And exhale, your arms to the side. Stand tall in mountain pose. Let’s do a couple sun salutations. Inhale, your arms up. Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, flat back. Step to plank pose. Set your knees down, lie on your belly. Inhale, into cobra. You can always do
chaturanga updog instead. Then lower the middle chest. Press up. Down dog, stretch back. And walk your feet all the way forward to the front of the mat. And inhale, stretch your chest. Exhale, fold. Inhale, come all the
way up, reach your arms. Exhale, samasthiti. Inhale, your arms up. Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, flat back. Step back. And lower down. Inhale, cobra or updog. Exhale, downward dog. Look in between your hands. Walk your feet all the way forward. And inhale, reach forward. Exhale, fold. Reach into your feet. Come all the way up to stand. Exhale, arms to your side. Then bring your right leg up
for vrikshasana, in tree pose. Place the heel way up onto
the inside of the thigh. Turn your ribs to point forward. Interlock your fingers with
the right index finger on top and raise the arms. Bring your arms back down. Change sides. Bring the left heel into the
inside of the right thigh. Interlock the fingers, the
left index finger on top. Turn your palms and reach up. Bring your arms back down. Release that leg and
separate the feet wide apart. Have a block handy for triangle pose. Spread your arms, turn the
left toes in, right leg out. Inhale, open your chest. Exhale, reach out over your right leg and put your hand down. Stretch down evenly into your feet. Roll your chest open. And expand the chest to
the reach of the arms. Inhale, come back up. Turn the legs to the other side. And reach out over your leg. Put your hand down on the block if you used it on the other side. All the block does is help to keep your chest open. And I like the hand flat instead of putting
finger tips on the floor. So I use this little block to give me the distance of finger tips on the floor. Roll the chest open, spin your ribs. Keep stretching down evenly into your feet and pin your left hip in
as you open your chest. Inhale, come back up. And let’s practice ardha chandrasana. Reach out over your right
leg again, trikonasana. Then I’m gonna scoop my foot closer ’cause otherwise I’m gonna bump a wall, but you don’t have to. Bend your knee, hand on your hip. Put the hand a foot in
front of the pinky toe and step up. So lengthen through your trunk straight out through the
line of your right big toe. Hug your right outer
hip in over your ankle. Stretch your leg, open your chest again. And spread the chest as you reach the arms just like in triangle pose. Then bend your knee. Big step back. Triangle pose. Come up to stand. And turn your feet to the other side. Then reach out over your left leg. Put your hand down. Bend your knee. Plant your hand and step up to balance. Pin hip in over the ankle. Open your chest. So the difference between the… One of the big differences
in the Total Body videos is that I tend to practice more of these balancing postures,
one-legged balancing postures to help to challenge your strength and flexibility through balance. I don’t know if that’s
true in all of them. I just made that up today. Bend your knee, big step
back, triangle pose. Open up. In this video at least. Come back up to stand. And step to the front of the mat. Mountain pose. Alright, so now let’s see if we can do those similar shapes but balancing on an arm. Inhale, your arms up. Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, flat back. Step back into plank pose. Find your plank. Then, with your feet together, roll onto the outside
edge of your left foot. Take your right arm up. Turn your right big toe up and slide the heel up the inseam of the leg. Challenging the balance. Keep your right hip stacked,
and open your chest. If you have the hamstring flexibility, take your big toe and reach it up. Back to plank pose. Hold there. Roll onto the outside
edge of your right foot. Left arm up. Turn the left big toe up, slide the heel up the inseam of the leg. Hold there, or if you have
the hamstring flexibility, take the big toe, raise it up. Come back to plank pose. Stretch back to dog pose. Good, then step your right
foot up to your right thumb. Hold here. Come up into crescent. Let me just clean up this area a little. So, let’s actually do the
crescent lunge variation with the arms back and the chest forward. The right hip hugs in, the chest is open. Then set your left finger tips down. Spin your chest, take your right arm up. Put your left hand a foot
in front of your foot, then step up to balance. Create a long line through your spine, reaching straight out. If the chest is sinking, you can put the block underneath your hand to help open your chest. Then fold forward at
the front of your mat. Let your head drop. Inhale, flat back. Step back. Downward dog. Step your left foot up. Come up on your finger tips. Hug your left outer hip in. Pin your hips. Draw your naval up and reach your chest. Then float your arms back
without the hips twisting. Blades on the back like
when you were holding that strap and pulling it back. Set the right finger tips down. Turn your chest and take your arm up. Then slide your hand a
foot in front of your foot. Step up, pin your hip in
over your ankle again and lengthen straight out through
your spine as you’re twisting. If your chest collapses, use the block to help lift your chest. Back leg up, in line with your hip. Then bend your knee, and fold forward. Feet together, let your head drop. Alright, it wouldn’t be
a Total Body sequence, a proper one, without
a little arm balance. So today, let’s practice working on crow. So come up onto your block. With your toe mounds on the block, lift the heels up and
squat down, malasana. Then hook the knees into
the outer upper arms. Lift your heels up. We’re just gonna practice
with straight arms today, pulling up and engaging the core. So think of your spine
now like when you do cat pose and cat-cow. Spread the upper back, the neck and start to lean all your
weight into your hands. Keep the arms super straight. And then release. Downward dog, stretch back. Alright, then we’re gonna practice balancing all the weight
up over the arms like in a handstand. And if you haven’t seen
the handstand courses out, if you want to learn the best techniques to practice handstand and
to make all your dreams come true in life… No, that’s not gonna happen. But you’ll be able to do a handstand. It feels really cool to
be able to do a handstand. You can learn some really good techniques in the handstand course. But let’s try one of the preparations that you learn how to do
more in-depth in the course. So, measure yourself a leg’s
distance away from the wall. Turn yourself around. Somebody told me, in the comments, that they don’t have
a wall in their house, so they can’t practice this. You can trip on that on
your own for a second, but I’m wondering what kind of
house they’re living in. Step one, foot up at hip height, and then the other. The inner arms turn forward. Probably a tipi house. Then lift the hips up. A house has to have walls. Okay, then set yourself down. And rest in child’s pose. Alright. Come on up. And lie down onto your back. Let’s do a few bridge holds to help to strengthen your hamstrings and your leg muscles. So, head comes down. I’m gonna use the strap underneath me to help to rotate my upper arms. So I palm the strap and (whoosh) upper arms turn. And then I press my feet, I lift my hips. Strong backs to the legs, I engage and I contract the hamstrings. The buttocks rolls towards
the backs of the knees, but the groin’s released down. And then lower back down, take a breath. Exhale, curl up again. Squeeze the hamstrings,
turn the shoulders. Open your chest. And lower back down. One more time. Lift up. Squeeze the hamstrings,
turn your shoulders. Open your chest. And lower back down. Good. Hug the knees into your chest gently. Take happy baby, reach down
to the insides of the knees, grab the outsides of the feet. Hug your knees into your chest. Roll up to siddha. Cross your left heel to the
outside of your right heel. Right ankle on the outside of your knee. I’m gonna strongly suggest a block so that the sacrum tips upward. Hook your arm around your knee and twist, ardha matsyendrasana. Come back to center. Change sides. Right heel to the outside of the hip. Left foot to the outside of the knee. Sit up tall. Arm behind you, and twist. Come back to center. Move the block to the side. And we’re gonna practice upside down paschimottanasana. So, the seated forward stretch
but on your back, basically. Roll onto your back. Hug your knees in. Then take your legs straight up. Take your outer feet. And let the butt start to lift. So you’re balancing in
between your blades. Let the space in between the blades spread as you stretch the back to the legs and stretch the feet back
towards the wall behind you, unless your house doesn’t have walls. Then bend your knees
and roll yourself out. And take corpse pose, shavasana. Just let the body drop into the mat. Relax, let go. Practice watching your breath
for the next few minutes. And gently bend your knees. Roll over to your right side. Press yourself up to siddha. And sit up tall. Notice how good your body feels when you practice intelligently. Thanks, namaste. Hey, I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I hope you feel strong and balanced. Make sure to hit the like button, leave a comment if you
want to say something, and subscribe to the channel. I really appreciate your support and your subscription. Also, you can donate on the
YouTube page, Yoga With Tim, or on my website,, same name. Check it out.

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