Total Body Yoga Workout (Glowing Transformation) 30-min Flow

– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where you don’t have to be perfect. It’s not just about the pose. Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster. This total yoga body workout
targets every part of you, making you feel great inside and out. Begin sitting up nice and tall, focus on your Ujjayi breath. In and out through the nose. Bring your hands together. Transformation begins on your mat. Carry it with you today
into everything you do. Releasing your hands, make
your way onto your back, setting up for bridge pose. So, line up your heels under your knees. Feet parallel, toes pointed just a little. As you inhale, slowly
lift low back, mid back. As you exhale, lower
one vertebra at a time And again as you inhale, lifting up. Lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees. As you exhale, lower down. Again inhale, lifting up, spiral your inner thighs down. Exhale and lower. We’ll add the arms. So, thumbs face the sky. Inhale as you lift, reach
your arms up and over, just a gentle bridge still. Exhale, lower down. And again heels under knees. Inhale, lift up, draw your
lower belly in and up. Exhale, lower, take the arms down. Inhale, again reaching
arms lift up into bridge. Lift your pelvic floor muscles, exhale and lower. And then we’ll add on a little bit. So, inhale lift, reach the
arms up and over again. As you exhale, lower down. Draw your belly in and up, lift your head and shoulders, reach your fingertips
forward and then release. Again heels under knees, inhale, reach the arms, bridge pose. Exhale, lower down, lift
the head and shoulders. Hold your head if your
neck doesn’t like it. And release, last one. Inhale, as you lift into bridge, lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees. Exhale, lower, draw the belly in and up, pelvic floor muscles as you take your head and shoulders up and then release. Walk your feet as wide as your mat. On your exhale, knees to the right, look over the left shoulder. Inhale center, exhale knees
to the left looking right. Inhale knees to center, exhale again to the right, looking left. Inhale knees to center, exhale to the left, turn
the head to the right. Inhale knees to center, again exhale to the right. We’ll stay here for a little bit. If you’d like, you can
pick up your right foot and rest it just around
the side of the left knee. Looking to the left, turn your belly up toward
the sky as you breath. Come back to center, inhale. Exhale take the knees to
the left looking right. If you’d like, left foot above right knee. Deep Ujjayi breaths, inhales
and exhales equal in length. Relax your shoulders and jaw. And release, make your way back to center. Hug your knees in, rock a little side to side. Your lower back a nice little massage. Now you can roll all the way to the right, pressing up with the left hand. Or you can roll back and forth using those belly muscles. Two or three rocks, come up to seated, and then crossing at the shines, you’re gonna step all the
way back into Down Dog. Now make sure you step back far enough, and then just start to bicycle the legs. Arms, shoulders distance, feet, hips width. Spread your fingers, press
into the base of the fingers, lift your forearms and turn your outer upper
arms back toward your feet. Draw in through the lower belly, and then start to
stretch back for a moment in your Down Dog. Straightening the knees as much as they will without locking. Inhale, lift your right
leg up with level hips and then exhale bend the knee and open up that hip. Press back evenly through
the arms and shoulders, reaching left heel toward the Earth. Square off our hips, looking forward. Draw knee to belly,
shoulders are over the wrist and then lightly step the right foot out. I’m having some hood trouble. Inhale, pull your right hip back, draw your belly in, stretch the arms up. Lengthen through your lower back and lift your hip points
toward the low ribs. As you exhale, take the
hands down, step to plank. Knees can be up or down here. Holding a moment, then shift forward, lower slowly to the belly. Bring your hands by your lower ribs, inhale Cobra, press all 10 toe nails down onto the Earth. Release, tuck the toes,
knees can be up or down. On an exhale press to plank, and then lift your hips
again to Downward Dog. Inhale and lift your left leg back and up with level hips, and then
exhale, bend the knee and open up your hip. Again pressing evenly through
the arms and shoulders, draw your lower belly in and up. Square off your hips, engage your pelvic floor, thigh to belly. Shoulders above the wrists, keep breathing and then step it up. Pulling the left hip
back, sinking forward, draw your lower ribs in and
lift up through your back body. Through the upper ribs and spine. Exhale, sweep the hands down, come back to plank. Again knees up or down is your choice. Shift shoulders forward about an inch, lower Chaturanga then
inhale into Upward Dog, thighs and knees up or stick with Cobra. And then exhale, Downward Dog. Taking in a few breaths here. Make sure your arms and ears are in line. Gazing between knees and feet. And always checking in with the breath. Exhale everything out, step or hop forward, inhale, come halfway up lengthen, and then exhale and fold. As you inhale, rise up, circle the arms, look up lengthen and exhale to Samasthiti. Feet, hip socket distance apart, or big toes touching, heels sightly apart as I make a little adjustment to my jacket so it doesn’t go over my head. Make sure you’re firm in your legs, draw your belly in and up. As you inhale, circle the arms up, and then exhale, hinge from
the hip creases and fold. Inhale, come half way up lengthen. As you exhale, step into plank pose. Little Chaturanga,
knees can be up or down. Inhale, Up Dog or Cobra,
always your choice. And exhale to Down Dog. Inhale right leg lifts, exhale thigh to belly, shoulders above your wrist and breath. Step your right foot up. Inhale, Warrior two. Make sure the knee’s over the ankle, pointed over the middle toes. Reach out through the arms. Press the weight into the front heel as you lean forward. Right forearm to right thigh, reach the left arm up and over. You can take the right hand to the pinky toe side
of the foot or a block, or grab your ankle. Spin your left tricep down and notice how strong you are holding this side angle. Press into the front heel, back to Warrior two. And then left hand behind, reverse your Warrior, exhale. Holding a breath, keep reversing, slowly
straighten the right leg. Inhale, set up for Triangle, shorter stance if you like to. Hinge from the hip crease, reach out, and take the right hand to the shin, the foot, a block or the Earth. If you’re taking it down to the floor, put it on little toe side. Stretch out through your top arm, and then looking down, bend the front knee and step to Plank. Lower Chaturanga, shoulders
no lower than elbows please. Inhale Upward Dog or cobra, exhale Downward Dog. As you inhale, left leg lifts, level hips. Exhale, thigh to belly, engage lower belly
pelvic floor and breath. And then step it right in
the middle of the hands. Spin the back heel down, Warrior two. Again make sure knee is over ankle, pointed over the middle toes. Stretch out through your arms, but soften around your shoulders and neck. Press your back thigh back and lift your back inner thigh
up gently toward the sky. Lean forward, left forearm to left thigh. You can also take it down to the little toe side of the foot, onto a block or hold on to your ankle. Reach your right arm up and over, stretch a long line of energy from your top fingertips through the outer edge of your back foot. And breath. Press into the front
heel to come up, inhale. Exhale, take your right
hand behind your back and reverse stretching the side body. Keep reversing as you slowly
straighten the left leg, and then inhale come up. Set up for Triangle, shorter
stance if you like it. Make sure you’re still heel to arch. Hinge from your hip crease. Get really long and
then take your hand down wherever it reaches. Shin, foot, floor, block. Stretch up through the right finger tips, maybe looking toward the
sky or toward your hand. As long as that doesn’t bother your neck. Lengthen your side body, especially from the left hip
crease through the armpits. Bend your front knee, take the hands down, lower exhale, Chaturanga. Inhaling Upward Dog, exhale stretch back Downward-Facing Dog. Even out your breath. Remember you can always take a rest whenever you’d like. Hit the pause button, take a Child’s Pose. It’s your practice. Take another breath here and then inhale onto the toes. Exhale everything out. Bend the knees look up. Step or hop. Inhale, lengthen the spine half lift Fold on your exhale. Bend your knees as needed inhale, sweep your arms up, keep the ribs and belly in. Exhale, Samasthiti steady balance. And inhale, bend the knees, drop the hips into chair pose, Utkatasana. Exhale, belly to thighs forward fold. Inhale, lengthen, exhale, step or float Chaturanga. If you float, land with bent elbows. Inhale, shoulders above wrists. And exhale, plank pose. Hold here, knees up or down or another Chaturanga halfway down, press up and back, down or dock. Right leg lifts, inhale. As you exhale, knee to belly, shoulders, upper breaths, step it up by the hand, stay on the ball of your back foot. Bend your back knee, little tilt your pelvis forward, pull your right hip back then Straighten out that leg, you can stay right here or exhale, bend the back knee and straightens. Inhale bend, exhale, straighten your knee as you just stay up. Inhale bends, exhale straighten. Now. face your palms forward and help bend the elbows, open the chest, exhale, circle them around. Reach up, and now bend the outwards open, exhale circle, reach up, inhale, exhale, bend and open, circle the arms around. We’re going to do it together. So, inhale, exhale, bend the elbows, bend the back knee, circle around, straighten the leg, reach up. Exhale, bend, Open, reach, Inhale, exhale, bend the back knee, open the chest, circle around. Inhale up, exhale bring your right hand. Sorry, your left hand to the mat. Turn to the right, stretch up through the right arm, pull your right hip back and twist. Breathe here, Keeping that
front knee over the ankle, and then release down. Step two plank, Exhale through Chaturanga. Inhale Upward Dog, and exhale, stretching back Down Dog. Left leg up, Inhale with level hips. Exhale, knee to belly. Shoulders above wrists. Hold here, but keep breathing. Set the left foot up. Stay on the ball, the back foot, make sure left knees over ankle. bend the back knee, pull the belly in, lifting hip points to low ribs. Again stay here or exhale, bend the back knee and Inhale, straighten. Exhale, bend, Inhale, straighten, try and keep your hips low. Exhale, bend the knee, Keep pressing the front heel down. Inhale, straighten, Face
your palms to the front. Exhale, open the chest
bending elbows, sweep around. Inhale, reach up, Exhale, bend the elbows like you’re scraping them on the back wall Inhale, sweeping up Exhale,
bend to open up the chest, reaching up, we’re going
to put them together. So, inhale, exhale, bend the back knee, bend the elbows, Inhale,
sweep the arms around, straighten the leg. Exhale, bend and open
Inhale, straighten and reach, Exhale, bend the back knee or not, bend the elbows, reach up tall inhale. Now, taking right hand down, pull the left hip back, turning to the left to reach up. When you twist, twist
from above your waist, so, you try to keep your hips level. So, turning through the rib cage mostly and through the chest. Releasing the hand come to plank. Exhale, chatter and inhale, press through the hands and feet. And exhale to Downward Dog, stretching back, even
out your Ujjayi breath. Notice the difference of how you feel. Exhale everything out, bend the knees, step or hop, Inhale, lengthen, exhale and fold, bend your knees, drop your hips, Utkatasana inhale, sit back, hands to heart, Lean forward, get some
length through the spine and then hook your right arm across. As you hook it across, make sure your knees are level. So, you need to pull that right hip back. If you’d like, take the right hand down, left arm up or stay with the prior pose. And then keeping your
Utkatasana come back to center reach the arms, straighten the heels, inner thighs down, hands to heart, lean forward take the left elbow across and twist. Pull the left hip back. Make sure your knees are still in line. You can stay right here or left hand to the earth right arm reaches to the sky. Keep sinking the weight into the heels, pressure shins back, Notice your mind is getting quieter. Come back to center and then fold. Feel the energy moving through the body. Inhale, lengthen halfway up. Fold as you exhale at your head hang. Bend your knees again, drop
your hips come to chair and then Samasthiti heel, feet together or hip
socket distance apart, outer edges of feet parallel, inhale bend the knees again, sit back chair, not as long this time. Exhale, belly to thighs and then straighten the
knees as much as you can. Halfway up, inhale, exhale, either step or float to find Chaturanga. As you inhale, shoulders above, wrists Up Dog as you exhale, Downward-Facing Dog. Right leg lifts, Inhale, level hips. Exhale, step it up with the right hand spin the back heel down, line up heel to heel, or wider to shore or your one knee above ankle. And now straight in the front leg. Walk the back foot in. Both legs straight, heel to heel or wider. Take the hands behind, you press fists or palms together, roll the shoulder heads back, look up, inhale, make sure
hips and shoulders square to the front of the mat. Exhale, hinge from hip
creases to come forward. Parsvottanasa, keep
pulling the right hip back, keeping the hips level and then roll your shoulder
heads away from the earth. See if you can do that without lifting your elbows up toward the sky. Press into the Big Chill mound of your right foot, calf presses to shin. Now, keep your right
hand on your low back, take your left hand to the big toe side, the shin or the little
toe side of the foot. Pull that right hip back, turn and reach twisted triangle. As you inhale, create
length through your spine as you exhale remember, twist from above your waist. and look back, down, take the hand back down, come on to the ball, the back foot. As you slowly lift your right leg, take it to the sky come onto your forearms for three-legged dolphin. If you have a wall nearby and you wanna come up to pinch, you can play with that, for as long as you like. Otherwise, take your foot down, walk your feet back, come to dolphin plank. Make sure your shoulders
are above your elbows. Pull your belly and crown of the head reaching forward, tailbone reaching to heels. Then walk your feet in, lift your hips back into dolphins, take the knees down to come to Down Dog or press your forearms away. Coming up that way. It’s a little tricky first time. Inhale, left leg lifts level hips. Exhale, step up by the hands, all the way up spinning back heel down. Line heel to heel or come a little wider
if your hips are tight, just a short warrior, one knee over ankle. Begin to straighten the front leg. Walk the back foot in, line up heel to heel or wider. Take your hands behind your
fists or palms touching. Open the chest, look up, lengthen, inhale, hinge from your hip creases spine as long as you come forward. Pull your left hip back. So, your hips stay level. Press on to the big toe,
mound to the left foot, calf, pressing to shin. Pull in your low belly and lift your pelvic
forward as you breathe here. We’re rolling the shoulder
heads away from the earth. Now, taking your left hand to the earth, keep your right hand at your low back making sure your hips are level. Left hand can be big toe side Shin or little toe side of the foot turning and reaching up
through the right arm. Is that your left? Yeah, your left hand is up, sorry. as you inhale, lengthen as you exhale, twist, turning your ribcage and your chest and then release it down. Come on to the ball of your back foot. So, as you sweep that left leg up, come on to your forearms, making sure your elbows are
not wider than shoulders. They have a wall near you you wanna practice kicking up into Pinchatidha. Otherwise, taking both
feet down to the earth and then step back, ripple your spine forward for Dolphine Plank. Make sure those elbows didn’t get wider than shoulders, chest moves forward, and lift the backs of the
knees up toward the sky. Try and keep your shoulders and hips in line if you can. Now, taking right forearm, keep it down, roll to the little toe side of the right foot lift left arm up, you can take your right palm toward the center of the map. Raise your left arm forward, stretch out the side body, Inhale center, left palm towards center, so it will be easier, for you together roll
to the little toe side of your left foot. Stack in the hip. Stretch your right arm up. Take that top hip a little bit forward, and then reach your right arm forward. Engage your low belly, lift your pelvic floor
muscles to help you stabilize. Take the forearm back down. walk your feet in, lift your hips again to dolphin and then you can take your knees down for Child’s Pose or just knees down to come into Down Dog or lift your forearms all the way up. With your knees up too, again, it’s tricky at first, a little practice, You can do it. Inhale onto the balls of the feet, exhale everything out. Step or hop and sit and then make our way again, onto our backs for bridge. Heels under knees. And then inhale, lift into a bit low back, mid back, maybe upper back now. roll the shoulders under, grab the sides of the mat and pull or interlace the fingers If you can, reach your knuckles toward
the front of your mat, lengthen your neck, spin your inner thighs down and reach your sitting bones to backs of knees as you breathe. Slowly lower, slows if you together, knees apart, hand on belly, hand on heart center. And notice there’s some more space not only in your body, but it’s in your mind. come back to setting up for bridge heels under knees and come onto bridge or if you take utthita, bring the hands up by the ears, elbow straight up, come to the crown of the head, line up your wrists and elbows and then press up. Make sure the elbows don’t
splay out to the sides and also make sure the knees don’t. So, toes point in a little inner thighs spinning down a lot. Lengthen sitting bones, two packs of knees, pressure shoulder blades
towards your chest. If you’re all the way up,
Chinon first and then lower and now we’ll hug the knees and rock a little side to side. When you practice regularly, your whole life begins to change because you’re changing. Either roll to the right and come up or rock back and forth. I mean all the way up to seat it and make you ready table or center Shoulders, Knees under hips. Now, bring your right knee forward in between your hands, bring your left knee behind it and sit your bottom down for Gomukhasana. If that doesn’t work for you, that extend your right leg
straight in front of you. If you can line up knee over knee. Reach up through your left arm, bend the elbow, spin the
tricep in toward your face. You can keep the right
hand on the left elbow or bring up behind you to clasp or hold on to your shirt. Inhale, lengthen, stab or hinge from the hip creases. Folding with a nice long spine. So, instead of thinking head to the earth think belly to thighs and keep your spine nice that long, just like you did in Pyramid pose. Roll the shoulders away from the earth. Inhale, come on up. Take your right foot to the earth. You can extend your left
leg in front of you, if you like, for little twist. Bring your left arm up, inhale, exhale, take it across and twist as you inhale, lengthen toe. As you exhale, roll
the right shoulder open with the right hand behind you and twist. Bight breathe, Steady breath. Come back to center. Now, go over to the left, twisting the other way. And then roll yourself forward to come back into table
for the other side. From table, bring your left knee right between your hands kind of like pigeon, and then bring your right knee behind it. Then sit your bottom down
in between your heels. If that’s too much, extend your right foot forward, pull the toes back, keep the heel down, if it’s forward. If you can knee on top of knee, right arm up in the air, face the palm back, take your left hand spin the tricep in towards your face. You can keep your left hand on your elbow or bring it behind and
hold your shirt or clasp. Roll the left shoulder
back inhale, so tall, Stay here or exhale, hinge
and lengthen forward. Keep your spine long and let your neck lengthen. So, the crown of the
head lengthens forward instead of letting the head drop. That’s a flow of energy
from the crown of the head to the base of the spine
and we want that to flow inhale kamana, Take your left foot flat onto the earth, the right foot can come forward. Either way is great. Right hand behind or sorry, left hand behind right arm across, twist as you inhale, so tall, Exhale, roll the left shoulder back and twist. Remember both sitting bones onto the earth as much as possible so that you’re twisting
from above the waist. I want the hips to stay
level, when it twist. Had to center turn to the right, twist the other way. And then both legs forward, pull the toes back, press the heels down, reach arms up, inhale, hinge from the hips forward. Lengthen on your inhale. Exhale to extend. Again, instead of thinking head to knees, think belly to thighs and lengthen the crown of the head gently forwards your heads
in line with your neck at long line of energy. It’s called Shoshana Nadi. And that is the energy channel. The main one we want to keep it. Unblocked, Inhale, komono. Bend your knees. Make your way slowly onto your back. Lengthen sitting bones toward the mat hug the knees in just for a moment. And then feet to the earth. extend the legs, shoulder blades toward waist, which are feet flap open. Allow yourself to relax. A quote from Robin Sharma who says “yes” your transformation will be hard. Yes, you will feel frightened, messed up and knocked down. Yes, you will want to stop. Yes, it is the best work he will ever do. Quiet minds, quiet body Shavasana, Rest. (water bubbling) where we are, take a tip of rafin, exhale, move your fingers,
toes, wrists and ankles. Reach over head a long stretch, inhale. And then exhale, bend the knees and roll to your right side and thank yourself for showing up for your practice today, great work. Make your way up, Sit nice and tall. Bring Your Hands together. Hands to your forehead reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to your hearts, reminding you to have
clear and loving intentions and hands to your mouth
reminding you to have clear and loving communication, sending this positive energy out to all beings everywhere. nama stay, practising yoga, you need a strong core. I have a free class for you. There is a link right
down in the description or it’s pinned to the top of the comments. Go there and get your class and more total body
this one people love it. So Practice this one,
save it or do it now.

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  1. Amazing… tomorrow i will do this..i really love..chakrasan.. gamukhasan.. twisted triangle..thank you mam ❀️..i will try my best..❀️ u… namaste..πŸ™πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™…

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  4. Great video as usual! It’s been a while since I have actually followed your flows other than digging for inspiration. You got me into Yoga several years ago and now I am a teacher. And I have been wanting to let you know that you have been one of my biggest influences. Keep up the amazing work!! Namaste

  5. Lesley, good luck! May this change bring better days, good people around you and your family!! I read your e-mail,..sending good thoughts, faith! Lots of health!!
    Namaste for all that you are doing for us!

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