Total Body Yoga | Hands Free Yoga Workout | 16 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel as requested I have put together a hands-free yoga
practice for you guys so if you have any discomfort in your wrists or your hands
anything like that you’re probably gonna really like this I’m also looking
forward to doing an entirely hands-free yoga practice that means no chaturanga
today so if that sounds good to you find some space let’s get started and just
remember to leave a thumbs up after you watch this video if you enjoy it a
comment and even subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already all righty you guys let’s start at the
top of the mat bringing your feet about hip-width apart checking that your toes
are pointing straight forward so we want to be really nice and balanced here now
you’re just gonna take a nice big shoulder roll rolling your shoulders up
to your ears and back and down and you can do about three nice slow shoulder
rolls and then just letting your arms rest at your sides and we’re just gonna
start by shifting our weight forwards and backwards a little bit so bringing
the weight into the heels if you’re in the toes up shifting the weight into the
ball of the feet maybe lifting the heels up a little bit but just kind of feeling
your feet feeling all four corners of them so you’ve got a corner behind the
big two behind the baby two and then one or you could say to in the heel so just
shifting your weight forwards and backwards starting to find your balance
starting to notice your breath and then we’re just gonna start to slow down that
rock and if you feel comfortable closing your eyes feel free to do so I want you
to just turn your palms to face forward and spread your fingers nice and wide so
why that you actually feel stretch through your palms through your fingers
and then you can hold them there and just taking a few more breath finding
that balance standing nice and tall and just slowing things down so we’ve got a
hands-free yoga practice today so our hands will never be on the mat we won’t
be putting any weight into our wrists so should be good you guys should be fun so
let’s take one more inhale and exhale as soon as you can release those fingers
just let them hang nice and heavier arms are at your sides and take another big
shoulder roll bring the shoulders up to the ears roll them all the way back in
so you’re gonna bring your hands together at heart center and start to
bend your knees we’re gonna tip forward from the hip and fold all the way down
so as you start to fold you might be feeling a stretch to the back of your
legs that’s perfect you can go as far as feels good but don’t don’t rush this
your hands can lightly touch the floor I said they wouldn’t touch the floor today
but they’re very lightly touching the floor with your next inhale you guys
we’re gonna lift up halfway so bring that chest back up so it’s in line with
your hips and think about kind of arching your back but not not really
arching the back but think about arching the back if you’re rounding so we’re
going for a nice flat back here hands can rest on your on your shins take one
more inhale and exhale let’s fold for it again this time your fingertips can
lightly touch the floor they can maybe hang onto the back of your legs and
inhale halfway lift again thinking about maybe sticking your butt out a little
bit more feeling a little bit more stretch those hamstrings take another
breath and exhale fold last one breathe just holding it here in the forward fold
for just a another moment let your head be extra heavy start to draw your
bellybutton back towards your spine and then with your next breath in we’re
gonna roll ourself up to standing so like a rag doll one vertebra at a time
letting your head be the last thing to reach the top once you get there taking
another nice big shoulder roll bring your hands to your side standing up nice
and tall here breathe awesome you guys so we’re gonna start to bend our knees
again coming into ketosis and our chair pose
so just sending those hips backwards and we’re just gonna kind of flow with our
arms a little bit here so I want your hands by your sides you’re nice
nice and deep into that knee bend you’re thinking about sitting in a chair and
then you’re gonna take your arms in you’re in
them up above your head and as you exhale bring them back down inhale reach
up and exhale lower your arms inhale lift up and exhale really stay nice and
deep in that chair nice strong legs and just moving with your breath all that’s
moving are your arms your hands and then everything else is nice and strong and
steady hopefully you’re feeling a little bit of keep building in those quads in
those legs let’s do one more inhale and exhale starting to straighten those legs
as you inhale and exhale some work you guys were in take that left foot and
step it all the way to the back of your mat I should say all the way part of the
way back but keep a nice bend in that back knee so we’re just gonna drop the
hips a little bit bend that knee thinking about tucking your tailbone
underneath as you bend that knee maybe feeling a stretch to that left hip
flexor arms are gonna come to the sides if you feel really wobbly in this maybe
reach your arms out to either side maybe adjust your stance or you know find what
works for if you ever need to take a break just take a break come out of this
lunge because we’re gonna hold it here just just for a few breaths
we got this bring your arms to your sides and have reach the move above your
head exhale bring them back down inhale reach up and exhale lower last one one
more inhale reach on up and exhale releasing your arms to your side so
start to straighten that back leg actually both legs and then drop your
back heel down so spin your back heel the front foot is still facing forward
we’re going to straighten that front leg reach you want arm in front one arm
behind so both of our legs are pretty straight and we’re just going to start
to reach forward for the front of the see if you can reach past that front big
toe and then your hand is very very lightly gonna rest on your shin you
could even just hover it close to your leg but it’s kind of coming in that
direction and then taking that left arm and raising it up above your up above
you or taking that hand and resting it on the hip so just notice what the
shoulders are doing right now if your left shoulder is collapsing towards the
floor see if you can just pull it back a little bit imagine you’re shining your
chest to the left side of your room awesome you guys nice and strong through
those legs breathe triangle tricking us enough some job take one more inhale and
exhale start to stand or lift yourself back up we’re gonna take our back foot
and bring it all the way to the top of our mat again so bring those feet about
hip width apart we’re gonna find our chair pose one more time so send those
hips backwards bending your knees looking down maybe you can see those
toes and then those arms are gonna come beside us inhale reach up exhale lower
them down inhale and exhale awesome you guys inhale reach up and exhale bring
them down nice and strong through those legs just moving your arms with your
breath also thinking about drawing the belly button back towards the spine just
keeping that core nice and strong let’s take one more inhale and exhale starting
to stand up nice and tall shake it out if you need to shake it out and then
that right foot is gonna come back for our lunge so back a little ways from
that front foot but enough that you can bend that back knee quite a bit and that
you’re nice and balanced so take a second if you need to figure out your
stance and then bending that back knee tucking that tailbone up but underneath
those hips and then when you’re ready for it we’ve just got three nice strong
breath here so inhale reach up and exhale lower those arms inhale reach up
exhale release the only thing moving are your arms breathe inhale and exhale
awesome you guys straighten those legs spin your back heel down straighten the
legs again if they’re still bent and then taking one arm in front one arm
behind reaching forward past that front big toe
if you can and then gently gently placing that right hat or sorry left
hand you guys on that front leg or just hovering it around here but just try not
to put too much weight into your hands it’s all about that core I’ll both those
legs working here and then you can reach for the ceiling you could bring the hand
to the hip but thinking about what’s that right shoulder doing is it coming
towards the floor or can you open it up get a bit of a twist here maybe some
work you guys settle in breathe and stick one more inhale and exhale so
starting to lift yourself back up that back foots gonna come all the way up to
the top of your mat so bringing your feet about hip width apart rolling your
shoulders back and down turn your palms to face forward spread those fingers
nice and wide close your eyes if you’re feeling good or just looking down to the
floor in front of you just feeling your breath summer hey guys to start to open up the
eyes if you did close them release your or relax your hands to your sides take
another big shoulder roll shoulders up to the ears rolling them back and down
so we’re gonna step our left foot back one more time this time I want your foot
your heel to be planted so just turn your toes out to the side a little bit
but we’re facing forward here kind of like the lunge but our heels down so
again adjust your stance so you’re nice and balanced both of our legs are nice
and straight here hands are gonna find the hips take an inhale and as you
exhale start to tip forward as you tip forward you’re going to start to feel a
stretch for the back of that front leg so your hands can stay on your hips
start to draw your belly button back towards your spine that’s just gonna
help protect the low back and keep your back parallel to the mat think about
lifting that chest a little bit but looking down to your big toe and then
from here you guys if you want a little bit more through those shoulders you can
take your hands and clasp them behind your low back squeezing the palms
together squeezing the shoulder blades together waking up those legs especially
that back leg if you feel like you’re taking all of the weight in that front
foot beautiful you guys take one more breath in know that as you exhale
release your hands back to your hips and inhale stand all the way up back foots
coming to the top of your mat and that right foots coming back so setting up
straight legs feet are about hip width apart that back heels on the mat we’re
super balanced here hands to the hips to start and as you exhale tip forward this
is pyramid pose pyramid pose so aiming for a nice flat back that is parallel to
your mat or to the floor getting a nice hamstring stretch while we’re at it and
then in starting to engage the core if you forgot about that look to that front
big toe or somewhere near it and then if you wanted to clasp those hands together
feel free to clasp them squeeze them together opening
up the chest a little bit but still folding forward nice job you guys let’s
take one more inhale and exhale release your hands to your hips and take an
inhale as you stand back up and bring that back foot up to the top of your mat
so feet are hip-width apart again we’re standing up nice and tall rolling the
shoulders back and down hands to the sides turn the palms to face forwards
spread those fingers nice and wide a few times we’ve come into Tadasana
today so just working on that pose we rocked forwards and backwards from the
ball of the foot to the heel at the beginning of the practice but this time
I want you to rock side to side so if you’re able to keep some focus some
attention on those fingertips and keep spreading them wide to stretch through
your hands give it a try it’s not for you don’t worry about it I just want you
to rock your way side to side just a little movement just feeling those feet
you can even pick your toes up off the mat again closing the eyes if you’re
comfortable doing that or just looking out with a soft gaze finding your
balance feeling your breath so you guys so slowly start to bring your rocks back
to Center stop that rock if your fingers are still
spread really why don’t you two completely soft them arms are just
hanging hanging by your sides so taking another breath in here through
your nose and exhale out your mouth beautiful awesome practice today you
guys so that was our first hands-free yoga practice I intend to do more of
them in the near future so stick around again if you haven’t subscribed to my
channel already feel free to do so but until we meet again you guys have a
really awesome day namaste

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  1. 16 Minutes of Hand Free Yoga! Give your wrists a break today with this hands free yoga practice. I promise you will still get a workout even though we won't be doing any chaturanga's today 🤗🙏 Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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